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Bernie Sanders just suggested a unique way to legalize marijuana

Whether you're ready for it or not, it's election season in America. For the next 15 months we'll be hearing political ads and debates, and reading columns concerning which political candidates give our city, county, state, or country the best chance to thrive.

But what's particularly interesting about the 2020 elections is that, for the first time ever, there's likely to be a real focus and debate on cannabis reform.


3 Canadian cannabis stocks with the best U.S. strategies

It's not by accident that the biggest cannabis stocks belong to companies based in Canada. After all, Canada was the first major economic power to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis after already building a thriving medical cannabis market.

But it's also no secret that the U.S. is by far the biggest cannabis market in the world. For Canadian cannabis companies to achieve the growth that they and investors want, they must enter the U.S. market sooner or later.

Several top Canadian cannabis producers have already revealed their strategies for competing in the U.S. market. Here are the three Canadian cannabis stocks that appear to be in the best position to win in the U.S.


A state-by-state look at where cannabis is legal

The marijuana industry is fast-paced is more ways than you can imagine. Sure, growth estimates for the industry are through the roof, with various Wall Street estimates suggesting that global annual sales could grow to between $50 billion and $200 billion in roughly a decade's time. But this isn't the only dynamic aspect of legal cannabis.


More American schools offering degrees in marijuana related studies

This is a very real and emerging field. As states decriminalize the drug, an industry is springing up.

The College Fix reports:

More schools offering marijuana studies degrees

More and more schools are developing and launching programs to study marijuana, a reflection of the psychoactive plant’s growing legal status across the country.

In recent years schools such as Northern Michigan University have offered students the chance to study the controversial plant in an academic setting. Now even the Ivy League is offering such an opportunity.


Pot policy review in U.S. isn’t helping stocks: Cannabis weekly

Suddenly, the U.S. Senate is willing to talk about pot.

Rather unexpectedly, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs will hold a hearing on cannabis banking Tuesday. This marks the first time the Republican-controlled Senate has agreed to examine the so-called SAFE Act, which would allow banks to offer services to pot companies in compliance with state law.


Cannabis Canada: How a U.S. company suddenly became the biggest pot firm in the world

Curaleaf buys Greenroots for US$875M to expand footprint across U.S.


U.S. CBD sales to grow an average of 107% annually through 2023

It's no secret by now that the marijuana industry is a big-money business. Having grown from $3.4 billion in legal global sales in 2014 to hit nearly $11 billion worldwide in 2018, it demonstrates just how quickly "going green" is catching on with consumers and investors.

However, there's a potentially larger growth trend contained within the cannabis movement that investors simply have to know about: Cannabidiol (CBD).


U.S. marijuana sales should more than double to $22 billion by 2020

In case you haven't noticed, the legal cannabis industry is turning into a big-money business.

As recently as 2014, the global cannabis industry was just a seed that was beginning to find its roots. The duo of Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics notes that worldwide licensed-store sales (i.e., legal sales that don't include cannabinoid pharmaceutical sales and general store cannabidiol revenue) were "only" $3.4 billion in 2014.


Linton likely headed to U.S. next after Canopy

Bruce Linton is not going gently into that good night.

Usually, executives who get fired will go quiet for a while, taking time to repair the damage to their ego and work out what they want to do next. But no one who knows the former co-chief executive officer of Canopy Growth Corp.was surprised to see him making the TV news rounds within hours of his announced termination on Wednesday pontificating on the future of the industry.


Why the future of marijuana stocks lies in the U.S. CBD market

U.S. CBD Market a Huge Opportunity for Pot Stocks

There’s no doubt a lot of hype surrounding the future of the marijuana industry in the U.S. But sometimes that hype can blind people to the progress being made right now, and with that progress comes lucrative opportunities for the savvy investor. The U.S. cannabidiol (CBD) market is fresh and growing, and we’re only beginning to see what that will mean for marijuana stocks.

While I’ve been covering this prospect for a while now—ever since the U.S. legalized CBD, so in 2019, for all intents and purposes—but we’re starting to see some real movement on this front.


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