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How Canada’s legalization is shaping cannabis laws elsewhere

Ever since Canada became the first major country to legalize marijuana for adults a year ago, other nations have been paying attention.

The small South American nation of Uruguay was the first to legalize marijuana for adults. New Zealand, Luxembourg and Mexico are among those that have looked to Canada for guidance or lessons, while Russia has chastised it for its “barefaced” flouting of international anti-drug treaties.

Here’s a look at how Canada’s experiment is playing out internationally and where the next attempts at legalization are coming:


Canadian cannabis company Sundial sued in US for misleading investors

Canadian cannabis company Sundial Growers was hit with a class-action lawsuit in the United States over misleading investors ahead of its initial public offering in August.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of investors who purchased Sundial shares during the IPO, is based on “allegations that Sundial issued materially misleading information to the investing public,” which refers to claims that a customer returned over half a ton of poor-quality marijuana to the company.


Cannabis Legalization: Canada vs. USA

When you compare cannabis legalization in Canada to how some American states are going about it, you’ll realize that the quality and price of Canadian cannabis is nowhere near the same level. People often say “look at what Colorado and Washington are doing”, but Canada took an entirely different path.

Here’s why Canada’s legalization of cannabis was doomed to be a failure.


Vapes tainted with Hydrogen Cyanide – death toll up to 16

For the last few weeks, young and very sick people have been turning up at hospitals all over the country with troubling lung symptoms.

We recently reported that some state health officials have proposed that solvent known as Vitamin E acetate could be the cause of all this. Others have suggested certain brands and different ingredient combinations that could be responsible for the epidemic, but the CDC has yet to narrow it down to a specific product or additive for us.


U.S. pot banking bill may hurt Canada exchanges

The advancement of the SAFE Banking Act indicates it won’t be long before U.S. stock exchanges open up to cannabis listings, a potential blow to Canadian bourses that have carved a lucrative niche for pot.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 321-103 last week in favour of the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, which would allow banks to do business with legal cannabis companies. Currently, the industry is forced to conduct many transactions in cash because of its lack of access to the banking system.

The bill now faces the more difficult hurdle of the Republican-controlled Senate, but most industry analysts believe a version of it will pass by next year.


Marijuana Legalization: House Passes SAFE Act in US

Imagine operating a legitimate marijuana business in the US without banking support. You couldn’t accept card payments or wire money to your suppliers. Paying employees or tax through your banking account would also be out of the question.

The above is an unfortunate reality for legitimate cannabis businesses operating in the US. They have no choice but to conduct business in cash. According to Bloomberg, states that have legalized recreational cannabis collected $1.3 billion in related tax last year, and are expected to collect $1.9 billion this year.


Black market marijuana vapes containing substances like alcohol and caffeine may be to blame for spate of mysterious lung illnesses

A rash of mysterious, vaping-related lung illnesses has broken out across the U.S., with symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pain, and vomiting. There have been 530 cases and seven deaths reported as of September 17.


US cannabis market edging out Canada, experts say

At a recent investment conference in Toronto, the next phase of growth for the nascent cannabis industry — and the key players within it — was the talk of the event.

During a discussion at the MoneyShow conference in Toronto, equity research analyst at CIBC Capital Markets John Zamparo and Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) CEO Steve Hawkins discussed projected markers of growth for US and Canadian cannabis equities.

The expert duo also talked about the challenges for the US and Canadian markets, as the players in these sectors continue their maturation process.

When it comes down to the two countries, Zamparo said that, internationally, the US will leverage its branding know-how, while Canadian companies will ship out proficiency at the operational level.


Growers Swap 1000w DE HPS - 1:1 with NextLight LED

Thanks to improved technology, more cannabis grower are choosing LED grow lights over traditional lighting to enjoy lower costs and higher efficiency.

For instance, NextLight LED replaces any traditional 1000w DE HPS, one to one with their flagship 650w NextLight Mega. Less energy consumed without sacrificing yield or quality. This is a 35% energy savings on lighting alone, NOT including HVAC savings (due to lack of radiant heat emitted by NextLight fixtures) or savings on never changing bulbs and reflectors.


OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy as part of opioids settlement

Purdue Pharma, the company that made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, filed for bankruptcy in White Plains, New York, days after reaching a tentative settlement with many of the state and local governments suing it over the toll of opioids.

The filing was anticipated before and after the tentative deal, which could be worth up to $12 billion over time, was struck.


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