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UK: Oxford University to Launch Multimillion-Dollar Medical Marijuana Research Program

Oxford University will be at the forefront of a multimillion-pound research program, which hopes to help develop new therapies for acute and chronic conditions by examining the effects of medical cannabis.

The oldest university in England will be teaming up with private equity company, Kingsley Capital Partners who will provide up to £10 million ($12.36 million) in initial investment, which will be funded through its new biopharmaceutical firm Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCT).

The partnership is expected to bring together Kingsley's financial backing and Oxford's clinical expertise and research in immunology, neuroscience and cancer, to find ways of developing new treatments for those suffering with pain, cancer and inflammatory disease.


Oxford University on a high as Star Trek star backs medicinal cannabis research

Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart has publicly endorsed cannabis research at Oxford University, after admitting to using the drug for medicinal reasons in America.

Stewart has backed the UK’s first ever research project launched by Oxford University today which aims to explore the benefits of cannabinoid-based medicines for sufferers of arthritis like himself.

Stewart said he uses cannabis sprays, rubs his hands in ointment and swallows pills, all loaded with the substance.

The research, funded by private equity firm Kingsley Capital Partners, will be carried out by Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, a new company set up to partner with academics from the university.


UK: Hemp gummy aims for slice of €188m cannabis extract market

The European cannabis extract market could be a set for boost following the introduction of a novelty gummy, says Love Hemp.

The UK-based firm says it has sold out of its initial stock of 2,000 gummy bears infused with cannabidiol (CBD) in under 48 hours and believes its novelty product could be a hit in Europe and further afield - taking a slice of a global CBD industry worth around $200million (€188m).

The sweets are sold as a food supplement and each fruit flavoured bear contains 10mg of CBD, as well vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.

The hemp company believes some consumers are turned off by supplements containing hemp oil because of their strong taste, with gummy bears providing a sweet alternative.


Make drugs dull: legalising cannabis the Canadian way

Bill Blair, the former police chief of Toronto, slides into his restaurant chair and twinkles at the waitress. He’s 6ft 6in, white-haired now but perky. Bill has 120 years of policing behind him. He, his father and his grandfather all served 40 years in the force. Now he’s an MP and he’s legalising cannabis in Canada.

The restaurant has been here since early in Bill’s father’s time on the beat. It claims to have invented the bacon cheeseburger. We sit round a plastic-topped table and Bill tells me how he ended up pushing drug reform.


'Spice' Reaches Crisis Point on UK Streets

“People are just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it to see how much they can use. I’ve known people who have been using three to four 10 gram bags a day of Spice. We’ve had people who have gone to hospital because they’ve passed out and, as soon as they’ve come around, they’re pulling wires out of themselves to go and get another bag. That’s all they’re interested in doing. It’s like tunnel vision – that’s all they can see: their next bag of Spice.”

As project manager at the Wellspring homeless and disadvantaged shelter in the heart of Stockport, Jonathan Billings has seen first-hand the futile Spice cycle rough sleepers find themselves in.


3 Cannabis Developments to Know: GW Pharma, Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis

The cannabis sector is in the early innings of a multi-decade growth cycle that should create more millionaires than the tech boom.

Today, want to provide an update on some of the corporate initiatives at some of the leading global cannabis companies.

Leading Biotech Company Announces New CFO

GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) announced the appointment of Scott Giacobello as Chief Financial Officer. Giacobello will be based out of Carlsbad, California. The previous CFO (since 2012), Adam George is the Managing Director – UK, a newly-created executive role with broad leadership responsibilities for UK operations.


Wales: Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood Calls for the Use of Medicinal Cannabis to Be Decriminalised

The call was made with support of people who have Multiple Sclerosis.

Plaid Cymru’s leader has called for the use of cannabis as a medicine to be decriminalised.

Leanne Wood called on the Welsh Government to make the Class B drug available for people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other conditions.

She made the call during a session at the Senedd.

Members of a group of people with MS and who have set up a group calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis were present for the debate.


These people in the UK are ditching their pharmaceutical medications for cannabis

On Tuesday we reported on the newest study into the relationship between cannabis and pharmaceutical medication, after researchers from the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria found that patients suffering from chronic pain and mental health issues were ditching their traditional opioid-based medications in favour of cannabis.


What's Happening in the UK, DrugWise?

There’s no such thing as a current overview of drug trends: “By the time they’re published, most official reports are way out of date,” says freelance journalist and celebrated Narcomania author and columnist Max Daly, explaining the impetus for “Highways and Buyways.”


Are Smarter Kids Are More Likely to Smoke Cannabis Than Their Less Gifted Peers?

Claim of link between intelligence and cannabis use in adolescence provides fresh headache for researchers. Academic ability may determine whether a child will use cannabis in later years.


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