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UK: Are We Aiding Human Traffickers With Our Drug Policy?

Last October, Volteface reported on how Vietnamese children are being trafficked to the UK in large numbers and forced to work in inhumane conditions. Whilst Vietnamese girls are usually trafficked for the purpose of prostitution or to work in nail bars, boys are generally forced into cannabis cultivation. Despite this being a known phenomenon for years, police have not managed to adequately tackle the issue of child slaves hidden in plain sight all over the country.


Super-Strong 'Shatter' Cannabis Hits the UK – and People Are Blowing Themselves Up

Shatter’s also known as butane hash oil (BHO) – and users make it using large amounts of (highly flammable) butane gas.

At least two people have died and 27 people have been injured across the UK in explosions thought to be associated with the drug.

Shatter is made by using the solvent to strip THC – the active ingredient in cannabis – out of the plant, creating a glass-like or oily extract.


Why Britain needs a legal cannabis market

The legalisation of cannabis is once again in the headlines. Following the death of his 21-year-old son Rupert Green, Lord Monson has called for a ‘war on skunk’ and the legalisation of less potent forms of cannabis. According to his father, Rupert became addicted to skunk, developed paranoia and psychosis, and took his own life.


Teenager dying of cancer 'recovers after mother gives him marijuana' | The Independent

Scientists have called for further research into the effect of cannabis compounds on cancer cells after a teenage boy who was given the drug by his mother survived the disease.

Callie Blackwell said she decided to give cannabis to her son Deryn, who was suffering from a rare, aggressive form of leukaemia, to ease his pain and anxiety as he lay dying in a hospice.

After unsuccessfully requesting a prescription for a cannabis-based painkiller from a doctor, Ms Blackwell and her husband Simon met a dealer in a service station to buy some cannabis, which they prepared at home in a pressure cooker using instructions found online.


Higher Achievers Smoked More Weed When They Were Teenagers

A study published by the British Medical Journal has corroborated earlier findings that link academic aptitude with a proclivity for cannabis.

The research, by James Williams and Gareth Hagger-Johnson of University College London, found that 'high ability' students were more likely to have smoked cannabis in their teenage years compared to their lower ability contemporaries.


Keep Billy Alive: One mother's long fight to save her young sons' life after being sent home to die

A mother will always go the extra mile for her child but for Castlederg woman Charlotte Caldwell the journey to save her son Billy, who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy, was much longer.

For 11 years Charlotte has battled to keep Billy alive, after doctors sent him home to die when he was just four months old.

And this week that journey came to an end when a clinician at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast agreed to prescribe medical cannabis for Billy and take over his care from a doctor in Los Angeles.


Boy's miracle recovery from rare cancer after Mum gave him cannabis

Deryn Blackwell was diagnosed with Leukaemia and Langerhans cell sarcoma when he was just ten years old in 2010.

A 13-year-old boy who was one in only five people in the world with an extremely rare cancer that meant he had only two weeks left to live managed to make a miracle recovery – thanks to cannabis. 

Deryn Blackwell was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just ten years old in 2010.

People are giving their pets cannabis to cure their illnesses

Just over a year later he was told he had a secondary cancer – Langerhans cell sarcoma -, which only five people in the world currently have.


Eight Reasons for the UK to Legalise Cannabis

I was asked to speak on a panel this morning to give the case for cannabis legalisation, and found it a useful exercise in tidying and focusing my thoughts. My overarching point was that, if it does happen, it’s probably going to be because of a fundamental shift in public opinion of the kind that’s taking place in some parts of the United States, so at this stage it’s most useful to consider how we might want to approach decriminalisation or full legalisation. Still, the broad case for cannabis legalisation is worth making, and I tried to do so.


Cannabis Could Help Treat Stress, PTSD and Phobias

It will come as no surprise to those who enjoy the odd spliff but cannabis really could help you deal with stress.

Scientists have identified a chemical called cannabidiol which they hope to extract from marijuana plants to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias. The idea is that it helps calm you down, without you having to get high all the time.

Tackles the fear

Anxiety is driven by fear – research suggests that cannabidiol dilutes fear by changing the brain’s activity.

“Cannabis is best known for the ‘high’ caused by the chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But it contains many other chemicals with potential medicinal properties, including cannabidiol,” said Dr Carl Stevenson, of the University of Nottingham.


Meet the Scientist, 84, Who Accidentally Unleashed 'Spice' Drug Epidemic That Turns Users into the 'Living Dead' While Experimenting with Cannabis

John Huffman, 84, created a synthetic version of cannabis - now known as Spice - in his lab.

A DRUG at the centre of an epidemic where addicts are left wandering the streets like ‘zombies’ was innocently invented by an American scientist while examining the effects of cannabis on the brain.

John Huffman, 84, created a synthetic and extremely potent version of the drug – now known as Spice – in his lab at Clemson University in South Carolina in the 1990s.

But years later variations of his compound are blighting the lives of young people across the UK as shocking pictures have shown users slumped on pavements and reduced to trance-like states.


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