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On Our Own: Medical Cannabis for Mental Health in the UK

Waking up in hospital is always disorientating. You feel the hard, scratchy bedclothes and hear the peculiar sounds of machines and other patients. You look around in search of a familiar face, but often lock eyes with a uniformed stranger instead. Your body feels different – whether from the pain or the medication – and it can take a while to work out where you are – or even who you are.


UK Liberal Democrats: we would raise £1bn in tax by legalizing cannabis

Legalizing cannabis would raise £1bn in tax revenues, according to the Liberal Democrat manifesto, which backs a regulated market for the drug.

The document calls the war on drugs “a catastrophic failure” in which billions were flowing into organised crime rather than the Treasury’s coffers.

The Lib Dems said a legal, regulated market for cannabis would bring in £1bn for the government, based on Treasury figures commissioned by Nick Clegg while he was deputy prime minister.


UK: One Million Hours of Police Time a Year 'Wasted Enforcing Cannabis Prohibition'

Liberal Democrats want to legalise it, on grounds the ban is an enormous waste of time and money.

One million hours of police time are being wasted each year on policing the ban on smoking cannabis, the Liberal Democrats say.

Research by the party drawn from official figures shows a total of 87,247 police caseloads relating to the drug were opened in 2015, with the average cost to the taxpayer per case estimated at £2,256. 

The estimate says that in total £31m was spent on 1,044,180 police hours.

The party says the drug is already “freely available and widely used” and that regulation rather than prohibition makes sense.


UK: Cannabis should be legalised to protect young people and push criminals out

Some people think the Lib Dems are potty after they unveiled one of the most radical policies of the general election campaign so far.

The party, led by Tim Farron , said it would legalise cannabis and allow it to be sold openly if it wins.

The plan is to “break the grip of criminal gangs” through the creation of a “legal, regulated market” while raising up to £1billion in tax.

So is it more than just a pipe dream?


UK: The Liberal Democrats want to completely legalize cannabis

The Liberal Democrats will include the complete legalization of cannabis in their general election manifesto. 

Tim Farron’s party confirmed to BuzzFeed that if elected to government they would allow cannabis to be legally sold in licensed British high street shops and spend the tax raised from sales on funding on improving public health.

The party first agreed to adopt a policy of legalizing cannabis at its March conference in York. 


Daily Dose of Cannabis Extract Could Reverse Brain's Decline in Old Age, German Study Suggests

Regular low doses of THC dramatically boosted memory and learning in older mice, say scientists, who plan a clinical trial in humans later this year.

Researchers have come up with an unusual proposal to slow, or even reverse, the cognitive decline that comes with old age: small, daily doses of cannabis extract.

The idea emerged from tests on mice which found that regular, low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis – impaired memory and learning in young animals, but boosted the performance of old ones.


How Regulated Cannabis Will Affect Workers

Expect legalization to create drastic changes in the way canna workplaces are regulated and product is produced. In the U.S. a legalizing marketplace may mean lower wages, but it will probably mean better working conditions. Across Europe, legalization is being seen as one way to crack down on slave labor as much as standardize product.

As cannabis becomes a legal commodity in both the U.S. and Canada, the production and distribution of the market becomes more structured. This means that the industry can start to produce higher volumes. However, by definition, this also means something else. The specialised workforces that have grown up around the industry are facing massive changes. Automation is making its presence felt.


Jersey could become first place in British Isles to legalise cannabis for medicinal needs

The channel island's health minister announced on Tuesday that certain cannabis products could be available by the autumn.

But the drug would have to be prescribed by a doctor and using it for recreational purposes would still be illegal.

Health minister Andrew Green said: "This is only about legalising specific cannabis-based medicines for clinical use.

"Therefore, it is not about permitting the smoking of cannabis."

He added that taking cannabis products to the UK and France would be illegal and people could be prosecuted in those jurisdictions.

This is only about legalising specific cannabis-based medicines for clinical use


UK Study Looks at Cannabis Ingredient's Ability to Help Children's Tumours

UK research into cannabidiol (CBD) comes after surge in parents administering it to children without medical advice.

British scientists are investigating whether a compound found in cannabis could be used to shrink brain tumours in children.

The study of the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, was prompted by a growing number of parents giving it to children with a brain tumour after buying it online. The lead researcher, Prof Richard Grundy of Nottingham University’s children’s brain tumour centre, said in the last six months there had been a surge in parents administering it without medical advice in the belief it might help.


You Have A One In 23,000 Chance Of Having A Psychotic Episode If You Use Cannabis

The best remedy to treat cannabis psychosis is legalization, according to a researcher who recently pored over 50+ years of studies on marijuana and mental health. University of York lecturer Ian Hamilton says that the incidence of cannabis users experiencing psychotic episodes is relatively low, but the best way to reduce the number of those incidents even further is to legalize and regulate marijuana.


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