Frank And Oak – Canada’s Top Sustainable Fashion Brand Announces New 2022 Goals

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Frank And Oak is a certified B Corporation® since 2019. Certified B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. The brands’ new objectives include removing virgin plastic and polyester from their supply chain, implementing more carbon offset programs, using more renewable energy, and continuing to encourage their zero-waste policy. Recent catastrophic weather events proved once again that climate change can no longer be ignored.


4 reasons marijuana stock struggles won't end anytime soon

For years, marijuana has been viewed as one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. And if Wall Street's projections for 2029-2030 prove accurate, it's likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future.


Marijuana social clubs could become reality in Nevada

A bill allowing local governments to issue permits for marijuana social clubs has passed in the Nevada Senate.

The bill passed 12-9 Tuesday and next will be reviewed by the Assembly, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported (http://bit.ly/2plDbsV ).

The bill was mainly drafted for the tourism industry in Las Vegas. Tourists do not have a safe place to use recreational marijuana, which is legal in Nevada, lawmakers said.

Tourists will soon be able to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, but will have no place to use it. The law that took effect Jan. 1 makes it so people can only consume pot at a private residence.


Sir Patrick Stewart confesses he relies on cannabis spray to keep his hands working

Sir Patrick Stewart confesses he relies on cannabis spray to keep his hands working

The 76-year-old stars as an older and weaker version of the X-men founder Charles Xavier in the next Wolverine instalment Logan and he spoke out about ageing when quizzed in a new interview.

Patrick explained: "I'm reflecting on ageing anyway, it didn't take Logan to make me think about that. I think about it everyday. Not all the time. I'm not brooding on it, but I've come to a point where the numbers are against you. Physical things [make me feel old].

"You get to an age where you go to the doctor, you tell him how old you are and he just shrugs his shoulders and says: 'Oh, is that it?'"


Leading California Anti-Pot Activist Says Marijuana Causes 'Almost All' Mass Murders

Roger Morgan, who is spearheading the campaign against legalization, says cannabis really is a "killer weed."


Democratic Debate: How High Are The Candidates On Legalizing Marijuana?

As Bernie Sanders continues to cut Hillary Clinton’s lead en route to the Democratic presidential primaries, Martin O’Malley joins his fellow candidates for tonight’s Democratic debate. While the candidates will have plenty to say about very serious issues like health care, immigration, and unemployment, a politician’s stance on the use of medical marijuana and the legalization of recreational pot has become a more common issue of interest. Now that many states are legalizing medicinal (and sometimes recreational) marijuana, and members of Congress are introducing legislation to end the federal prohibition on medical cannabis, it’s a question all candidates must have an answer for.


Legal Cannabis Creates Yet Another Spinoff Industry—Wall Street-Style Data Analytics

Washington State’s newly legal cannabis capitalists don’t tend to agree on much. Ask any one of them about any current pot-business topic—the regulation of medical marijuana, indoor versus outdoor grows, whether labs fudge pesticide and potency test results for favored clients—and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a passionate harangue. But the more you talk to them, the more they seem to agree on one refrain: However volatile our market might seem, and however much investment capital is sloshing around trying to turn itself into profit, the big bucks haven’t even shown up yet.


Is the cannabis business right for you?

Could your next job be in the legal marijuana industry? It's already the fastest-growing business in the U.S. and is expected to generate $10.8 billion in sales in 2019, a huge increase from $2.7 billion seen in 2014, according to Arcview Market Research.

About two dozen states have legalized medical marijuana. Colorado, Alaska, Washington State and Washington, D.C., permit recreational use of cannabis. Support for decriminalization of pot also is surging. A recent survey by Pew found that 54 percent of Americans support the idea.


Olympic snowboarding champion Ross Rebagliati touts pot as performance enhancing drug

TORONTO — Ross Rebagliati had just finished smoking his seventh joint of the day. But he was not high, he said, or stoned, or baked or whatever else one might assume another human being would be after smoking their seventh joint of the day — by 3:30 pm.


Marijuana activists call on London police to drop zero-tolerance policy on 420

Marijuana activists are asking London police not to harsh their buzz Monday.

But police say anyone who lights up at a protest in Victoria Park could end up locked up.

The warning comes as pot proponents in cities around the globe, including London, prepare to celebrate cannabis culture on April 20, an annual day known as 420.

Organizers of London’s demonstration in Victoria Park are calling on police to drop the zero-tolerance policy enforced in the past.

“The zero-tolerance policy is expensive, unnecessary and increases the risk to public safety,” organizer Eric Shepperd said.

“It’s only going to cause more harm.”

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