Where you can smoke cannabis in Quebec after legalization

Where can you legally enjoy your cannabis in Quebec, come October 17th?

Despite being one of the strictest provinces when it comes to cannabis regulations, Quebec’s Bill 157 stipulates that consuming cannabis in public is allowed anywhere smoking tobacco is permitted – the only exception being on university and college campuses. So far vaping and smoking are treated in the same manner.


Multiple sclerosis patient calls medical cannabis trial 'a miracle'

By the time she decided to try cannabis pills, Joanne Fiorito was in dire straits.

Fiorito could barely lift her feet when she walked and sometimes used an electric wheelchair to get around. Occasionally she’d wake up in the middle of the night, riddled with pain from her tensing muscles.

The 61 year old has lived with multiple sclerosis for most of her life and, despite her use of heavy doses of painkillers and muscle relaxants, the symptoms were only getting worse.

Last winter her neurologist suggested she take a chance and participate in a clinical trial on medical cannabis.

“I had nothing to lose,” Fiorito said. “(The cannabis) was like a miracle. Within three days my legs were less stiff, they didn’t feel as heavy.


Cannabis campaign aims to educate Quebecers on dos, don'ts of legal pot

With the legalization of cannabis coming to Quebec in just two months, the provincial government launched a campaign aimed at educating the public about the nuances of pot law.

“This is an issue that has to be addressed and I think everybody across this province and across this country are waiting for something like that to happen,” said Health Minister Gaetan Barrette on Monday.

Among the issues addressed in the campaign, which will include television advertisements, is informing the public about who will be allowed to own, grow and sell pot once it’s been legalized.


Quebec wants to talk pot at agriculture ministers meeting

The Quebec government wants Canada’s agriculture ministers to talk about pot when they meet for their annual federal-provincial-territorial meeting in Vancouver next week.

In an email, Christine Harvey, press secretary for Quebec’s Agriculture Minister Laurent Lessard said Quebec officials have requested cannabis be added to the meeting’s agenda.

The Quebec government also wants to talk about the management of health emergencies when ministers meet, Harvey said.

Canada’s agriculture ministers are set to meet in British Columbia July 18-20, three months before Canadians will legally be allowed to consume marijuana. Lessard is expected to attend the annual meeting.


Why you won't be able to explore the pot of the world at your local cannabis store

Even a small liquor store offers something of a tour of the world, with wine from six or eight countries at least.

Quebec’s SAQ’s spirits alone are sourced from 61 different countries, and wine from 34.


Canada: The province of Quebec has finalized their cannabis laws

The government of Quebec has finalized their new cannabis legislation. With the new bill in place, Quebec residents can expect legal cannabis to be available by September, writes Calvin Hughes.


When it comes to cannabis, Quebec is as conservative as they come

Province doesn't see sale of marijuana as a revenue generator, but is that a missed opportunity?

When Quebec passed its cannabis legislation into law this week, Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois stressed, not for the first time, that legalizing the drug was Ottawa's idea.

"It's important that Quebecers know that the federal government took the decision, and we are making measures that we think are going to protect the health and safety of the population," she said.

In other words, the province got it done, but not by choice.

Indeed, Quebec will be among the most conservative jurisdictions in the country when it comes to the sale, distribution and consumption of cannabis.


Why Quebec doesn't want its residents getting high on their own supply

Trudeau government takes on provinces over right to ban home cultivation of marijuana.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is disrespecting "the spirit of federalism" by refusing to affirm the provinces' right to ban people from growing their own pot, says Quebec's Canada relations minister. 

The federal government on Wednesday rejected several Senate changes to its cannabis legalization bill, setting the stage for a possible showdown between the Senate and the House of Commons.

Quebec, Manitoba and Nunavut all want to forbid residents from growing recreational marijuana at home once cannabis is legalized federally.


Quebec has adopted its long-awaited cannabis law

Province lays out rules in anticipation of federal legalization.

After months of debate and revisions, Quebec has adopted a law laying out the guidelines for the sale and distribution of cannabis in the province.

Premier Philippe Couillard's Liberals, who hold a majority in the National Assembly, all voted for Bill 157. Québec Solidaire, which holds three seats, also voted in favour.

The opposition Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec voted against (more on that later).

Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois says the province will be ready when the federal legislation will be in place later this year. 

But she also took pains to stress the government is not promoting cannabis and the legislation includes plenty of restrictions on its use.


The Green Organic Dutchman announces receipt of Health Canada cultivation license for Valleyfield, Quebec

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or “TGOD”) (TSX:TGOD) (US:TGODF) is pleased to announce that, effective June 8th, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Medican Organic Inc. has received its Cultivation License from Health Canada for the Company’s breeding facility in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec (“Valleyfield”). The commissioning of this facility will allow the Company to create proprietary, organically grown strains of cannabis and cannabis seeds. 


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