A third of cannabis users in Quebec upped consumption during COVID-19

Just shy of a third of Quebecers recently surveyed by the Quebec Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) reported their cannabis consumption had increased over the last week compared to before COVID-19, while the remainder said it had stayed the same or dropped.

Polled between Apr. 16 and 28, more than half of respondents — 55 per cent — noted that weed intake had remained about the same and 15 per cent said that it had decreased, according to a report from the Canadian Press.


Lawsuit seeks to overturn Quebec’s broad prohibition of all things cannabis on products

It’s now up to a Quebec judge to decide if the provincial ban on selling products ranging from T-shirts to books simply because they include a cannabis image is too broad and restrictive, as one Montreal headshop co-owner argues it is.

Michael Chevalier, a lawyer for the shop owner, argued the all-encompassing ban on all images of weed leaves and drug-related slogans inhibits legitimate freedom of expression, according to a report by The Canadian Press.


More than 2 years after legalization, Quebec's cannabis industry lags behind

Though the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) doubled its profits last year and claims to have taken over half of the province's black market, some Quebec cannabis producers say they are still struggling to make money compared to those in other parts of the country. 

According to the latest available data, published in 2019, Ontario's cannabis industry is valued at three times more than that of Quebec. Where Ontario's is estimated to be worth $3 billion, Quebec's is less than $800 million.



Think cannabis can help kick a cocaine habit? Montreal researchers say no

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, appears to do little to effectively treat cocaine dependence and performed no better than a placebo, suggests a new study out of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal’s (CHUM) Research Centre.

The clinical trial at CHUM involved 78 participants who had cocaine use disorder, which was severe for the majority of the participants. Randomly split into two groups, one group received 800 mg of CBD daily and the other got a placebo.


Quebec police get down to slicing and dicing illegal weed grows in provincial region

It’s hardly a day that most weed lovers would celebrate, but Quebec’s provincial police got down and dirty this past Wednesday to take part in Cannabis Plant Eradication Day.


Quebec Police celebrate Cannabis Plant Eradication Day

Not everyone will be celebrating this- but it’s all part of a day’s work.

Yesterday (Wednesday September 16th) was Cannabis Plant Eradication Day in Quebec, and the SQ were in the field with choppers and chain saws.

It was a province-wide blitz aimed at dismantling illicit gardening activity in Center-du-Québec, Estrie, Mauricie and Outaouais.

The Access-Cannabis program saw officers dismantle outdoor cannabis production sites in the regions, adding to the totals of more than 27,500 plants seized and 40 arrests so far this year.

Police note that while cannabis consumption is legal, you should be buying from legitimate vendors and not supporting Quebec’s underground economy.


Canada Marijuana Dispensary Count Tops 1,000 For the First Time

In less than two years after the country legalized recreational cannabis, Canada has reached an important milestone. According to a report in BNN Bloomberg, the country's dispensary count crossed the 1,000 mark as of July 17, landing at 1,010.

Of all the country's provinces and territories, Alberta in the West has the highest number, at 494. No. 2 is the province where some of the highest-quality Canadian cannabis has traditionally come from, British Columbia (211 dispensaries).


We ranked Canada's cannabis-friendly provinces from worst to best

Canadians are clearly in love with cannabis, but not all provinces were created equal when it comes to permitting pot. While the historic Cannabis Act applies to all provinces, the rules around distribution and consumption fall to the provinces — and municipalities have some say on it, too.

That’s why for Canada Day, The GrowthOp takes a look at the growing industry from coast-to-coast — crunching the data on price, consumption habits, number of stores, public consumption options and the ability to grow at home — to find out which provinces are rolling out the red carpet for weed and which are still warming up to the country’s second favourite leaf.

Here are our findings.


Montreal police arrest 12 after raids on alleged cannabis dispensaries

The contraband cannabis section (ACCESS) of the Montreal police department announced on Wednesday it arrested 12 persons and seized five kilos of contraband cannabis and 200 grams of hashish.


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