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P.E.I. hemp growers lobby for seed with higher CBD, similar to U.S.

Some farmers growing hemp on P.E.I. want to be able to grow varieties that have higher levels of CBD.

They've been lobbying federal government agencies and politicians.

"We've sent letters to all the MPs, particularly in Prince Edward Island, we've sent letters to the prime minister," said Phillip Jennings, of Lorne Valley Ranch in eastern P.E.I. 

"We've even had people in government that have gone to Ottawa and say, put these Canadian farmers on a level playing field with the American farmers and allow them to grow some of these high CBD clones."​

Jennings and five other P.E.I. farmers are growing 300 acres of hemp under contract to Dosecann, an extraction facility in Charlottetown.

Jennings also grows 750 acres of hemp in the United States. 


P.E.I. government wants to know how Islanders feel about cannabis use

A survey is being conducted to gauge how Islanders feel about cannabis use.

Islanders over 15 can take part in the 2019 Cannabis Survey at until Sept. 16.

Participants will be asked about their attitudes towards cannabis, their current use of cannabis, and their knowledge of lower-risk cannabis use. 

The survey is anonymous. Upon completion of the survey, participants will be given the option to enter their name to win an iPad or a Confederation Bridge pass. There will be four prize draws over the next six weeks.


P.E.I. Responsible Beverage Course emphasises signs of cannabis intoxication

With the recent legalization of marijuana, the P.E.I. Responsible Beverage Course has been updated to include more information on cannabis consumption and intoxication. 

Anyone who wants to serve liquor in licensed establishments on the Island is required to take the course. 

The course is delivered by the Island Liquor Control Commission and is taught online and in-person and outlines the rules around how to serve patrons in order to keep them safe. 

"We always had, in the responsible beverage course, a section dealing with alcohol and drugs," said Jack Wheeler, who delivers the course on the Island.  


Why pot-smoking tourists may have a tough time lighting up on P.E.I.

The Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island says visitors hoping to smoke cannabis on the Island this summer may have a tough time finding a place to do it legally. 

As it stands, it's against the law on P.E.I. to smoke pot in public. It's left up to the owners of tourist accommodations to decide whether to allow guests to light up in their private rooms or in designated areas outdoors on their properties. 

CEO Kevin Mouflier said many owners he's heard from have decided not to allow pot to be smoked anywhere. 

"It's back to the [fact] that a lot of travellers do not like smoking period," said Mouflier. "Whether it be cigarette smoke or anything, they want to have that clean feeling of no smoke in the rooms or public areas."


From cannabis to baby teeth: What this P.E.I. company puts into its rings

Bradley Gallant likes to get personal with the memory rings he grinds out in his basement apartment in Charlottetown. How personal, you ask? 

For one of his first projects a few years ago, Gallant actually put a little bit of himself into his work.

"I had made a ring for my mother for Mother's Day using mine and my two older sisters' crushed baby teeth in the inlay," Gallant said. "She loved it."

It seemed there was no end to the things Gallant could memorialize in a ring. "I actually took a piece of wood from my son's first baby crib and put it into a ring."

Gallant posted some of his rings on Instagram and soon the requests began rolling in. "One woman asked me if I could put her son's ashes into a ring for an inlay," Gallant said. 


Atlantic Cannabis Conference & Expo: education through connection

The Atlantic Cannabis Conference & Expo (ACExpo), the region’s first-ever cannabis conference, is intended to clear the air—and any confusion—about cannabis in an age of legalization.


Canada's Smartest Kitchen partners with first cannabis client

New Brunswick's largest licensed grower of marijuana has enlisted Canada's Smartest Kitchen in Charlottetown to develop a line of cannabis-infused chocolate for the edible market — due to be legalized in the fall.

The grower, Organigram, currently produces 36,000 kilograms of marijuana per year and plans to triple production by December.

"Most of the market doesn't like the thought of smoking," said Organigram's chief commercial officer Ray Gracewood.

Interest in the edible market

Customers have demonstrated a lot of interest in the edible market and are looking for something that's discreet, Gracewood said.


Atlantic Police Academy adapts to legalized cannabis in P.E.I.

The legalization of cannabis has changed laws, but impaired is still impaired, say Atlantic Police Academy instructors. “It always used to be that it was a victimless crime, but that’s not the case. You can put yourself and others in danger,” said the Insp. Gord Campbell, referring to getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while impaired.

Campbell is one of the instructors at the Slemon Park-based training facility. He teaches use of force, firearms and Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) curriculum.

Cannabis became legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018.

Now, not only is there a federal act for the control of marijuana, police academy students learn about the individual provincial acts which regulate marijuana.


Atlantic Canadians continue to spend most on legal Cannabis

According to the recent release of statistics data by the national statistics agency, the highest sales numbers of cannabis are made by Atlantic Canadians. In their study, Statistics Canada agency analyzed legal cannabis purchase rates for each Canadian province for the first quarter year of pot legalization up to the end of the year 2018.

They found that the residents of Prince Edward Island spend the most on legal cannabis (average of $21.95 per capita) after then come in second the residents of Nova Scotia, who spend on average $17.87 on pot. These data coincide with the study of purchase rates for the first six weeks of legalization, where the results showed the same two provinces with the highest rates of pot sales per capita.


Purolator to provide home delivery for legalized cannabis in P.E.I.

A courier company with experience delivering medical marijuana will be bringing recreational pot to Islanders once it is legalized next month.

P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission spokesman Zach Currie confirmed shipping company Purolator has been chosen to provide home delivery for recreational cannabis in the province.

Purolator submitted one of four or five proposals, Currie said. “There wasn’t major interest.” Choosing a delivery provider brings the province another step closer to being ready for Oct. 17 when recreational marijuana is legalized across Canada. Home delivery won’t be the only way for Islanders to buy marijuana once it is legalized.


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