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Purolator to provide home delivery for legalized cannabis in P.E.I.

A courier company with experience delivering medical marijuana will be bringing recreational pot to Islanders once it is legalized next month.

P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission spokesman Zach Currie confirmed shipping company Purolator has been chosen to provide home delivery for recreational cannabis in the province.

Purolator submitted one of four or five proposals, Currie said. “There wasn’t major interest.” Choosing a delivery provider brings the province another step closer to being ready for Oct. 17 when recreational marijuana is legalized across Canada. Home delivery won’t be the only way for Islanders to buy marijuana once it is legalized.


Should provinces in the East get more cannabis retail locations?

Some of the provinces don’t have nearly enough planned cannabis retail locations, especially the provinces in Atlantic Canada.

Canada’s medical marijuana system has been set up a long time ago when keeping medical cannabis out of the hands of recreational users, or even worse kids was the priority for the governments.

Some nearly 20 years later, we are at the forefront of Canada’s cannabis industry, with the recreational market about to open in just 5 weeks.

While some of the provinces further West were more open towards the idea of legalizing recreational cannabis, Atlantic provinces were mostly reserved in regards to that idea.


Tilray receive purchase order from Prince Edward Island

Cannabis behemoth, Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY), has received a purchase order from the Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation for recreational marijuana.

Tilray will supply Prince Edward Island cannabis outlets and online channels when Canada legalizes adult-use cannabis on October 17th.


Holland College prepares for legal marijuana

You'll be able to have your cannabis on P.E.I.'s Holland College campuses when it becomes legal next month, but you won't be able to smoke it.

"The introduction of legal cannabis causes us to rethink our view of substance use and abuse on campus," said college vice president Sandy MacDonald in an interview with CBC News: Island Morning Tuesday.

MacDonald said safety was the primary concern in the school's review, noting there are programs at the school — such as commercial diving and welding — where there are serious safety concerns should students come to class impaired.

Instructors have received training in how to detect impairment, he added.


P.E.I. cannabis shops will not have product on the shelves

Canada’s smallest province will open only four cannabis stores once legalization takes place later this year, but interested consumers should expect not to see any product on the store shelves. 

Instead, consumers will have to make their purchase decision by speaking with a store clerk about a strain that aligns with their preference or by using a tablet to browse and learn more about in-stock items.  

“Customers won’t be able to actually touch the physical product. They’ll come in and they’ll have the option to go through a bit of a consultative retail experience with one of our highly trained cannabis store clerks,” said Zach Currie of the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission (LCC).


Online tools to help police prepare for legal cannabis

'They're going to have to look at this substance differently'.

The legalization of cannabis will require police officers to adjust their thinking, and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network is helping with the transition.

The Charlottetown-based group is creating some online tools to help train front-line officers in dealing with the legal change.

CPKN president Sandy Sweet said old habits will take time to change.

"There's some critical thinking aspects of policing that. Police officers are trained and they cultivate these habits during their career. They're going to have to look at this substance differently," said Sweet.


Legal cannabis won't cause major leap in usage, says P.E.I. senator

Senate passes marijuana bill with 46 amendments.

The legalization of cannabis will not result in a dramatic increase in usage, says P.E.I. Senator Diane Griffin.

Griffin made the comments after Bill C-45 passed the Senate on Thursday night with 46 amendments.

"Anyone who thinks all of a sudden the gates are going to be wide open to marijuana use is daydreaming," Griffin said on CBC's Island Morning.

"A lot of people have been using it for many years, especially young people, and they were being criminalized for it."

Griffin and fellow Island senator Percy Downe voted in favour of the cannabis bill, while Mike Duffy did not register a vote.


P.E.I. campgrounds keeping eyes on plans for pot legalization

Campgrounds will have to decide what rules to adopt once marijuana becomes legal.

As camping season kicks off on P.E.I., campground operators are expecting another busy season. And this year, in addition to regular preparations, owners and campers may have cannabis legalization to deal with.

Currently, recreational cannabis use is illegal in Canada, but campground owners are keeping a close eye on federal plans for legalization later this year.

Getting ready for legal pot

No campground CBC spoke with has put a policy in place specifically for the drug yet, except to say they will allow medical cannabis as long as users are following the province's Smoke-Free Act.


Opposition questions why PEI cannabis store clerks will make more than Early Years Centres staff

The pay gap between future provincial cannabis store workers and existing early childhood workers shows misplaced priorities, says an opposition MLA.

Clerks at P.E.I.’s four cannabis stores will be paid more than early childhood educators in Early Years Centers (EYC), an issue that Rustico-Emerald MLA Brad Trivers took the province to task over during Wednesday’s question period.

Job postings for P.E.I.’s cannabis stores advertise hourly wages ranging from $18.70 to $20.35 for clerks, $22.44 to $25.49 for senior clerks and $25.91 to $36.23 for managers.

Trivers said early childhood educators in the EYCs are paid less than that, making between $15.30 and $17.22 an hour last year while directors were paid around $21.42.


P.E.I. marijuana company to grow expansion to $35 million

Facility plans to produce 25 to 30 times more cannabis, create up to 200 jobs.

Canada's Island Garden in Charlottetown is growing its business by more than it originally planned. The P.E.I. marijuana grower is building a new greenhouse and warehouse, at a cost of $35 million.

"It's a very exciting day for me today," said Edwin Jewell, the company's president and CEO.

"I'm very pleased and very proud to think that what started out as an idea just a few years ago has turned into a successful company."

New capital


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