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If anyone believes there isn’t a healthy dose of unseemly cash-grab in the provincial government’s new cannabis legislation, then they haven’t read the proposed law.

More specifically, they haven’t read sections 72 and 69 (7) of An Act Respecting the Control and Sale of Cannabis.

That’s the section that deals with the online sale of cannabis.

In it, the province attempts to legislate the NLC (“the corporation” in the legislation) a global internet monopoly on cannabis sales.

Here are those sections.

“72. (1) A person other than the corporation shall not sell or otherwise supply cannabis online or through a website.


Businessman applying to Town of Clarenville to obtain license for medical cannabis facility: N.L.

Location already one of successful cannabis retail applicants approved by provincial government.

Clarenville businessman Ralph Duffett has filed an application with Health Canada for a license to grow and produce medical marijuana in Clarenville, according to the Clarenville Town Council.

The proposed facility will be located at 72 Marine Drive, the current location of My Rec Room, a bar owned and operated by Duffett.

The Marine Drive location is also one of two Clarenville locations on the provincial governments list of approved cannabis retailers — the other is Esso on Memorial Drive.


Newfoundland and Labrador capable of drugged-driving enforcement: police, MADD

New penalties under provincial Highway Traffic Act coming ahead of legal cannabis.

A significant aspect of dealing with legalized cannabis for recreational use is tied to policing and enforcement.

There is already a ban on drug-impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada, as RNC Const. Karen Didham noted while speaking with reporters about cannabis Monday at the Confederation Building.

Didham is a certified drug recognition evaluator — a key part of investigating those cases where there is possible driving under the influence of drugs.

“I’ve been testing specifically for drug-impaired driving for the last 12 years,” she said, explaining it begins when police have reason to believe a driver might have been exposed to drugs.


Newfoundland and Labrador Liberals roll out more details on cannabis

Four pieces of legislation detail province’s personal-use rules, which will allow homegrown marijuana.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced more of its plans for the legalization of cannabis, including allowing the growing of plants at home.

Four pieces of legislation were revealed Monday and are being debated this week — the last week scheduled for the spring session of the House of Assembly.

“I expect it’s going to be a very long week in the House,” Progressive Conservative MHA Paul Davis said after highlighting some of his lingering questions to reporters, while raising more later in the day on the House floor.


'Newfoundlanders got screwed here': Clarenville businessman blasts cannabis plan

Paul Newman says mainland corporations will benefit over locals in N.L.'s cannabis industry.

One disgruntled businessman in Clarenville is upset his application to be a licensed cannabis retailer was denied — and says the province is handing a lucrative industry to mainland corporations. 

"Basically Newfoundlanders got screwed here. This went, all this billion-dollar industry is going to go outside of Newfoundland now," says Newfoundland Puffin Co. owner Paul Newman.

"And it should have been kept here in the province."

Newman said he opened his head shop in April in hopes of becoming a licensed legal cannabis retailer when recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada this summer.


Reach for the pot: Medical grow-op planned for Barachois Brook

Cannabis company is currently renovating one structure, building another.

If things go according to plan, the Back Home Medical Cannabis Corporation will soon be providing medical cannabis — and jobs — to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The company is planning a large, high-tech pot grow operation for Barachois Brook near Stephenville, with hopes of having product available by the time it's legalized later this year.

"We've got, I think, probably as good an opportunity to be a very successful company as any on the globe," said David Callahan, the president of Back Home Medical Cannabis, which is owned by Biome Grow.

'High-tech operation' promises jobs


Biome Grow expects completion of first province-based cannabis production facility this year

Biome Grow says its 100 per cent-owned Newfoundland and Labrador-based subsidiary, The Back Home Medical Cannabis Corporation, expects to complete construction of its first in-province cannabis production facility in 2018.

Back Home is a late-stage applicant under Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, according to a prepared release from Biome.

Biome acquired Back Home April 25, however Biome’s construction and design teams have been working on this project since December of 2017.

Biome and Back Home anticipate being in a position to grow cannabis in 2018 from its first production facility located in Barachois Brook, subject to Back Home’s receipt of a cultivation licence from Health Canada.


Burin-based Oceanic Releaf signs cannabis distribution and retail partnership

Burin-based Oceanic Releaf Inc. has agreed to a distribution and retail partnership with Hiku Brands Company Ltd.

Oceanic Releaf is in the late stages of receiving licencing approval from Health Canada under federal Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) guidelines and is converting the old fish plant in Burin into a cultivation facility.

Hiku’s subsidiary, DOJA Cannabis Ltd., is already federally licensed to cultivate and sell cannabis and owns two production facilities in British Columbia.

Tyoko Smoke, another Hiku subsidiary, is aiming to operate a network of cannabis dispensing stores across Canada and currently runs non-cannabis dispensing stores selling coffee, clothing and curated accessories in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.


Flatrock pot shop rejects retail licence, says new rules bad for small business

Dee Dee's Shop owner says profit margins for standalone stores too slim.

One of the 24 retailers approved to sell marijuana has turned down its retail licence, saying N.L.'s rules favour large corporations.

One of 24 Newfoundland and Labrador retailers approved to sell marijuana once it is legal has turned down its retail license, saying the province's rules favour large corporations.

Dee Dee's Shop was approved by Cannabis N.L. to open a marijuana business in the Flatrock area of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, but owner Danielle Campbell said it decided to decline the licence after doing some research.


Loblaws plans to sell recreational marijuana at grocery store outlets across Canada

Grocery store chain Loblaw Cos. Ltd. says it plans to sell recreational marijuana to shoppers in certain locations across Canada once the recreational drug becomes legal later this year.

Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario and with more than 2,000 grocery stores nationwide, Loblaws has significant inroads into Canadian communities. And it says it now plans to sell recreational marijuana in the tobacco shops at its stores in Newfoundland and Labrador later this year, and is considering doing the same in other parts of Canada as well.


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