Independent cannabis company goes cash-only after bank bucks business

Even though it's legal, the big banks are balking at weed money, say some cannabis sellers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Thomas H. Clarke's independent cannabis shop in Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's went cash-only Wednesday after being cut off by the bank. 

Clarke opened an account with the Royal Bank of Canada before getting his cannabis licence, saying he was a cannabis accessories wholesaler. A few weeks ago, Clarke said, RBC deemed his business "high risk" and sent a letter saying it would be cancelling his account. 

That sent Clarke on a hunt for a new financial institution. But, he said, every bank he went to turned him down. 


Puff luck: Provincial pot websites have hugely uneven supply and selection

At midnight on Oct. 17, 2018—the second it became legal to sell cannabis—Christopher Duffitt was ready. His store, Puff Puff Pass Head Shop, opened its doors to a lineup of customers in Clarenville, Nfld., a town of 6,300 people northwest of St. John’s. But it quickly became clear that the business wouldn’t be open for long.


West coast cannabis plant comes a step closer to bringing jobs 'back home'

The government has released a planned legal cannabis production facility, promising to be the largest in the province, from further environmental assessment.

Back Home Medical Cannabis Corp., a local subsidiary of Ontario-based company Biome Grow, got the go-ahead to move forward with its Barachois Brook cannabis production facility on Thursday. 

"People in Bay St. George now have hope that there's something there, that not only can employ them, but might be there to employ their kids," said Dave Callahan, president of Back Home, which has a mission statement in its name. 

"Back Home cannabis is all about bringing people back home from away and creating work for people back home so we can stay here," Callahan said. 


Atlantic Cannabis Conference & Expo: education through connection

The Atlantic Cannabis Conference & Expo (ACExpo), the region’s first-ever cannabis conference, is intended to clear the air—and any confusion—about cannabis in an age of legalization.


N.L. not weighing big changes to medical cannabis coverage for injured workers

WorkplaceNL is aware of action in other provinces that could allow injured workers more access to medical-use cannabis, but there is no significant movement in that direction at this point in Newfoundland and Labrador.

"It is an area where we've had some internal discussions, but we haven't yet seen, I guess, any substantive increase in requests of this nature in this area for medical-use marijuana and cannabis," WorkplaceNL CEO Dennis Hogan said in an interview.

"So we're continuing to watch that situation."

Last year, New Brunswick was the first province to introduce cannabis guidelines for workers' compensation claims. P.E.I. and Ontario followed. Nova Scotia is expected to release its guidelines in early April.


Atlantic Canadians continue to spend most on legal Cannabis

According to the recent release of statistics data by the national statistics agency, the highest sales numbers of cannabis are made by Atlantic Canadians. In their study, Statistics Canada agency analyzed legal cannabis purchase rates for each Canadian province for the first quarter year of pot legalization up to the end of the year 2018.

They found that the residents of Prince Edward Island spend the most on legal cannabis (average of $21.95 per capita) after then come in second the residents of Nova Scotia, who spend on average $17.87 on pot. These data coincide with the study of purchase rates for the first six weeks of legalization, where the results showed the same two provinces with the highest rates of pot sales per capita.


Canada just legalized recreational pot. Here's what you need to know

People in Canada are cheering, enduring long lines and honking their car horns in support as the country's first marijuana dispensaries open their doors Wednesday.


Should provinces in the East get more cannabis retail locations?

Some of the provinces don’t have nearly enough planned cannabis retail locations, especially the provinces in Atlantic Canada.

Canada’s medical marijuana system has been set up a long time ago when keeping medical cannabis out of the hands of recreational users, or even worse kids was the priority for the governments.

Some nearly 20 years later, we are at the forefront of Canada’s cannabis industry, with the recreational market about to open in just 5 weeks.

While some of the provinces further West were more open towards the idea of legalizing recreational cannabis, Atlantic provinces were mostly reserved in regards to that idea.


B.C. - based 420 Consulting partners with Newfoundland hydroponic and garden centre to advise clients about medical marijuana

If you’ve driven past the Torbay Road Mall recently, you may have noticed that one of those big black roadside signs suggests that medical marijuana prescriptions are available inside at Home Grown Hydroponic and Indoor Garden Centre.

Technically speaking, the prescriptions are not available inside — there’s no doctor or naturopath hanging out in the back room with a pad ready to dole out scripts for high-potency cannabis strains.


Future Farm Provides update on its cannabis breeding, biochemistry and in-vitro propagation business segment

Future Farm Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “Future Farm”) (CSE: FFT) (OTCQX: FFRMF) is pleased to announce that its cannabis breeding and in vitro propagation business segment (a joint venture with Rahan Meristem and CEPG, the “JV”) is vetting top candidates to fulfill the lead scientist role for its state of the art laboratory in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 


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