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Canada: New Brunswick Government Invests $4M in Medical Marijuana Production Facility

The government of New Brunswick is giving a proposed medical marijuana facility in the province a major financial boost — investing a total of $4 million into the operation.

The money comes from the Northern New Brunswick Economic Development Fund, through both Opportunities NB and the Regional Development Corporation who each invested $2 million.

The province says the medical marijuana project could create more than 200 full-time jobs in the northern New Brunswick town of Atholville by 2021.

“We understand how important job creation, education and health care are to New Brunswickers,” Premier Brian Gallant said in a release.


New Brunswick Marijuana Dispensary Hopes to Set High Standards for Industry Ahead of Legalization

The first and only medical marijuana dispensary in Fredericton believes the standards they hold their operation to will help to erase the negative stigma that is still surrounding marijuana usage.

Despite legalization not yet being a reality in Canada, HBB Medical Inc. opened in April.

Since then they say they have brought in over 400 members, all of which go through a stringent screening process to ensure they are legally permitted to access medical marijuana.

“We want to identify that mainstream medical dispensaries do have a place in society,” said Hank Merchant, HBB president of procedures. “We set standards above and beyond.”


Licensed Growers Must Increase Ahead of Legalization: NB Marijuana Producer

The only licensed marijuana producer in New Brunswick says the number of legal growing operations in the country will need to increase before they can haldne the demand expected from recreational users legally purchasing pot.

Denis Arsenault of Moncton’s OrganiGram, the first licensed marijuana grower in Atlantic Canada, believes federal legislation allowing widespread sale could come before the end of 2017, but the just over two dozen legal producers country-wide would have trouble providing enough of the plant to go around.


Nova Scotia medical marijuana dispensary expands to New Brunswick

A Nova Scotia medical marijuana dispensary has opened up shop in New Brunswick’s. Its owner says he’s already taken on 50 clients.Malachy McMeekin operates four medical marijuana dispensaries in Nova Scotia. He opened Tasty Budd’s in Riverview on June 24.“It just shows the clear demand for it,” McMeekin said.

McMeekin says he expanded to New Brunswick because New Brunswick patients were traveling to his province to get their prescriptions filled.


Canada: Opposition Parties Call for Debate on Legalizing Marijuana

Gallant government says it is 'irresponsible to speculate' on new rules until Ottawa gives more details.

New Brunswick's four opposition political parties are calling for a public debate on legalizing marijuana as the federal government gets ready to change the rules surrounding the drug.

Green Party Leader David Coon, PC MLA Carl Urquhart, NDP Leader Dominic Cardy and People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin all agree regulations must be in place when Ottawa introduces new legislation and the public should be part of the discussions.


New Brunswick Organic Marijuana Producer Gears up for Legalized Market

'It’s clear society has evolved,' says the CEO of OrganiGram, who predicts $200 million per year in annual production.

Denis Arsenault hosted an important visitor the other day at his Moncton offices, a moment that revealed much about his company’s grand ambitions.

Arsenault is CEO of OrganiGram, producer of Canada’s only organic medical marijuana, and the only licensed grower east of Ontario.

His visitor was Brian Gallant, the boyish, 33-year-old premier of New Brunswick, who came to offer wage subsidies to help the company expand.

Arsenault, whose company aims to get a running start on a legalized recreational marijuana market, did not miss the irony of Gallant’s visit.


New Brunswick Advised to Prepare for Legal Marijuana

Dr. Larry Wolk says the introduction of legal pot in Colorado has gone smoothly.

A Colorado doctor says New Brunswick needs to get citizens up to speed on legalized marijuana well before it arrives.


Dr. Larry Wolk helped his state introduce legal pot four years ago.He says people there had many fears and state officials had to plenty of homework beforehand. (CBC)


Canada: Marijuana legalization working group struck by New Brunswick government

The New Brunswick government has launched a working group to look at how to prepare for the federal legalization of marijuana.

The Trudeau government in Ottawa has promised to legalize the drug, but regulating it will likely fall within the jurisdiction of provincial governments.


CANADA: NB Govt Announces $1 million in potential funding for a medical marijuana company

With a single announcement, New Brunswick’s premier demonstrated Wednesday how much Canada’s debate over marijuana has evolved in the last three decades.

Premier Brian Gallant announced almost $1 million in potential funding for a medical marijuana company, OrganiGram, that aims to tap into the recreational market if the federal government decriminalizes the drug as expected.


Moncton man fights to vape medical marijuana in hospital

A Moncton man dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and chronic pain is fighting for permission to vape medical marijuana while staying in the Dr. Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

Michel Arsenault says he was prescribed medical marijuana in 2005 to deal with chronic pain after he was injured on the job in 1999.

medical marijuana

Arseneault said he has tried other medication, such as methadone and morphine, but the medical marijuana is the best at handling his chronic pain. (Stephanie Skenderis/CBC)


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