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Quebec wants to clarify its right to prevent home cultivation of cannabis

The Quebec government is calling on the Senate to amend the federal bill to legalize cannabis for recreational use to make it clear that provinces have the right to forbid home cultivation.

Quebec’s Minister Responsible for Canadian Relations, Jean-Marc Fournier, told a Senate committee Wednesday that his government wants all legal cannabis to be grown by federally licensed producers, at least in the initial stages of legalization.


Guide to legalization predicts home-grown pot will be biggest municipal headache

Municipalities will have to grapple with a host of thorny issues once recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada — but it's the matter of home-grown marijuana plants that's expected to cause them the biggest headaches.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has developed a guide to legalization, released Monday, to help identify the challenges and regulatory options for dealing with them that municipal governments across the country will face once the prohibition on cannabis use is lifted later this year.

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Supreme Court's free-the-beer ruling sparks fears of cannabis trade restrictions

'What this ruling really is, is a missed opportunity to liberalize trade,' Calgary economist says

A Supreme Court of Canada ruling on interprovincial beer imports has sparked fears that provinces and territories will be free to impose restrictions on cannabis flowing over their borders at a time the industry is in its early stages of growth.

In its ruling on the so-called free-the-beer case, the top court said provinces and territories can restrict imports of goods, as long as their intent isn't to impede trade.

Despite that proviso, economists said there is enough wiggle room in the decision allowing provinces to impose restrictions on the legal trade of cannabis.

It has at least one local pot company worried.


New Brunswick Committee on Cannabis Will Hold Public Consultations in July

The legislature’s committee on marijuana legalization and regulation will hold public consultations across the province in July, the government announced Monday.

The committee made up of members of the government and opposition will use the report produced by the working group, which was released last week, as a guide for discussions with the public.

Here’s a list of the dates and locations of the hearings:


Health Canada Issues Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licence to Delta-Based Zenabis

Annacis Island will soon be home to much more than industrial sites and wastewater treatment plants. 

Zenabis West is the second company in the Lower Mainland to be issued a cultivation licence by Health Canada to produce medical cannabis, and will soon open its facility in the industrial area along the Fraser River.

The company, operated by International Herbs Medical Marijuana Ltd. (IHMML), has spent three years preparing, and is one of few in the country to be issued a licence on its first pre-licence inspection, according to a news release published earlier today.


NB to set legal marijuana age at 19, sale through crown corporation

An interim report released on Wednesday has outlined what the legalization of marijuana might look like in New Brunswick.

Recommendations include a minimum age of 19 to buy and possess marijuana, regulating and selling cannabis through a crown corporation and a personal possession limit of 30 grams.

“Your government is working to ensure a successful approach to the legalization of recreational cannabis by prioritizing public health and safety concerns while maximizing the economic opportunities presented by this emerging sector,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau in a press release.


How Knalysis Technologies Plans to Improve Medical Marijuana Treatment

A company out of New Brunswick plans to improve the outcomes of medical marijuana treatments with its new mobile app. 

Knalysis Technologies creates software that links physicians, providers and patients, offering a global approach to reporting, monitoring and care. This month, the company is releasing its Wellness Tracker App to the public. The app helps patients and their physicians track their use to find out which exact strain of cannabis treats their specific symptoms.


With legalization on the horizon New Brunswick establishes marijuana research chair

The New Brunswick government is moving ahead with plans to establish a thriving marijuana industry once the drug is legalized in Canada.

Premier Brian Gallant issued a statement Friday confirming that St. Thomas University in Fredericton will establish a new research chair on cannabis.

The government says the position is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.

The premier says the research position is expected to provide data and scholarly interpretation to guide public policy.

University president Dawn Russell says more research is needed as the province prepares for a socially complex change.


EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Greg Engel, CEO of Organigram

Organigram Holdings Inc. has appointed a medical marijuana, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry veteran as its new chief executive officer, Greg Engel. 420 Intel got a chance to sit down and talk to him in an exclusive interview.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview Greg. So you’re a month in as CEO of Organigram, how’s it going so far?

I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been great – coming from the Canadian cannabis industry is a big advantage. Plus I’ve already worked with Organigram on a number of initiatives together before this position.


New Brunswick Sees Marijuana as 'Green Gold' for Struggling Economy

New Brunswick wants to be your marijuana supplier.

The Liberal government, led by 34-year-old Brian Gallant, sees weed as green gold -- an important creator of revenue and jobs in a province that badly needs both.

It is giving producers financial incentives, has developed a community college program for cannabis technicians, and announced March 24 that marijuana is to be a pillar of its economic strategy.

Marijuana ended the career of a New Brunswick premier in the 1980s, but as Canada nears legalized weed it is taboo no more.

"The New Brunswick government is ... perhaps the most supportive provincial government in the country of the cannabis industry," said Kent Hovey-Smith, a spokesman for Tidal Health Solutions.


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