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More than half of N.B.'s cannabis stores closed due to pot shortage

More than half of New Brunswick’s legal cannabis stores are expected to stay closed Wednesday due to a pot shortage.

Disappointed customers approached one of the stores in Saint John Tuesday to be greeted by a ‘closed’ sign.

Some disgruntled customers saw the closures as growing pains, while others blamed poor planning.

“They don’t realize how many people have been buying under the table when it was illegal,” Keith Short told CTV Atlantic. “So if the government, if they keep the place stocked, they will make millions.” “I’m a little surprised that they didn’t think this far ahead,” Justin Maclean added.

“You’d think as a government corporation they would have put a little more thought into the opening month.”


Priced too high? Shoppers balk at marijuana price tag

The first shopper at Cannabis NB's Main Street location in Moncton left without a purchase.

Cannabis sales were brisk around New Brunswick on the first day of legalized retailing, despite prices on many products that appeared to be the highest in Canada.

Dameon Pettis was one of the first shoppers let into the Cannabis NB store on Moncton's Main Street but left without making a purchase.

"The prices are just not in our price range, honestly," said Pettis. "I feel they should be lowered, but I guess in time.  Nothing happens overnight."


Should provinces in the East get more cannabis retail locations?

Some of the provinces don’t have nearly enough planned cannabis retail locations, especially the provinces in Atlantic Canada.

Canada’s medical marijuana system has been set up a long time ago when keeping medical cannabis out of the hands of recreational users, or even worse kids was the priority for the governments.

Some nearly 20 years later, we are at the forefront of Canada’s cannabis industry, with the recreational market about to open in just 5 weeks.

While some of the provinces further West were more open towards the idea of legalizing recreational cannabis, Atlantic provinces were mostly reserved in regards to that idea.


Marijuana Company of America Provides Update on CBD Hemp Joint Venture Farming Project in New Brunswick, Canada

Escondido, California, Aug 30, 2018 (Newsfile Corp via COMTEX) -- MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA INC. (otc pink:MCOA) ("MCOA" or the "Company"), an innovative hemp and cannabis corporation, and its joint venture partner Global Hemp Group Inc. (cse:GHG) (otc pink:GBHPF) (GHG) (the "Partners") are pleased to provide an update on their CBD hemp farming joint venture in New Brunswick, Canada (the "Project").

Dryer InstallationDrying of the biomass is an important first step in the extraction of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The partners are pleased to announce that the Project's industrial scale dryer from Cann Systems was delivered last week and has now been installed.


NB's predicted pot revenue has gone up in smoke

People won't be smoking legalized cannabis for another four months - but the New Brunswick government says millions in revenue from cannabis sales has already gone up in smoke. 

The original plan was for sales to start July 1, but the delay will cost the provincial government and it’s affecting jobs in the cannabis stores.

Now that we know Oct. 17 will be day for legal weed, other things are becoming clearer, too.

“Although it has never been the main focus, the delay in implementation will impact our revenue projections,” said New Brunswick Finance Minister Cathy Rogers.

The provincial budget in January indicated an expectation of $7.2 million in revenue between Canada Day and the end of fiscal year.


Of landlords and legal pot: Province charts course for tenancy restrictions

Landlords will be able to restrict smoking and cultivation of legalized cannabis in their residential properties, according to the New Brunswick government.

Tenancy issues were among several topics provincial officials addressed in Fredericton on Thursday, a week and a half after the senate passed the federal government's bill legalizing recreational marijuana.

Pot will become legal to consume and grow in private dwellings on Oct. 17.

Kim Snow, the province's chief residential tenancies officer, said she has been speaking with concerned landlords who wish to prohibit cultivation and smoking.

They will get their wish, she said. Landlords can include those terms in new leases.


New Brunswick producer fights tainted cannabis lawsuit in court

3-day hearing underway to determine whether class action can go ahead.

New Brunswick's largest licensed supplier of medical marijuana is trying to fend off a class-action lawsuit at a three-day hearing that started Tuesday in Halifax.

Organigram, which employs some 300 people in Moncton, is accused of making customers sick by supplying them with cannabis that was tainted with unapproved pesticides in 2016.

"One of the things we want for people who purchased contaminated products is to get their money back," said the plaintiff's lawyer, Ray Wagner.

"The second thing is that we're also looking for punitive damages to punish Organigram for what they did, we say, knowingly or recklessly, using banned pesticides to improve commercial value of their product."


How prepared is Ontario for legalization of marijuana?

As Canada’s provinces get ready for the advent of legal recreational pot, many questions remain about Ontario’s plans to sell cannabis through a subsidiary of the LCBO. But there are no quick answers from the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp., which is responsible for both online sales and stores.

While Alberta’s premier says that province’s privately run stores will be ready and waiting for legalization, and New Brunswick’s provincial cannabis authority recently gave a tour of a store, Ontario is plodding along carefully and keeping a tight lid on information.


What it's like inside one of Canada's first legal retail cannabis stores: NB

The Liberal government and the Senate may be in the midst of a battle that further delays the legalization of recreational marijuana, but Cannabis NB is good to go with at least of one its stores.

The one in the north end of Saint John is now complete. Once the date for legalization is announced, Cannabis NB can stock the products and train the staff to be ready for opening day.

Brian Harriman, president and CEO of NB Liquor, hosted a tour of the new store with journalists, who took pictures and videos and asked questions about how the new stores will operate.


Global accreditation body formed at World Cannabis Conference in Saint John

In a move designed to increase transparency and destigmatize the soon-to-be-legal recreational cannabis market, a newly formed international accreditation body called the Global Cannabis Partnership announced its inaugural members on Tuesday.

Speaking at the World Cannabis Congress, corporate social-responsibility expert Rick Petersen said the Global Cannabis Partnership he helped create will establish international corporate social-responsibility standards around informed choice, restrictions to youth, safety, advertising, the environment and ethics.


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