Netherlands: Amsterdam mayor wants to slash medical marijuana restrictions

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan of Amsterdam wants medicinal marijuana to be more easily obtainable for people who need it, he wrote in a letter to the Dutch Senate and Ministers Stef Blok and Edith Schippers of Security and Justice and Public Health respectively, Het Parool reports. 

According to the Mayor, too many people don't have access to medical marijuana, despite it being able to improve their health. Van der Laan calls for a discussion with all stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry and health insurers. According to him, the situation around medical marijuana is too unclear in the Netherlands' current tolerance policy. 


The History of Dutch Cannabis Coffeeshops

Seattle has long been synonymous with coffee, and nowadays the city with a distinctive coffee culture is crafting a burgeoning reputation for cannabis culture. What might happen when you combine the two, coffeeshop and cannabis? Sounds like a great idea, right? Like it was meant to be?

In assessing the true potential of this endeavor, where else could we begin than with the elder statesman of not only the cannabis coffeeshop industry, but also cannabis legalization: the Netherlands. We’ll take a look at the context in which cannabis coffeeshops emerged and the changes they have undergone over time. What valuable lessons can be learned from the Dutch cannabis experience, and how might they apply in the context of the United States?


The Legal International Cannabis Trade Already Exists, and We Mapped It

While the U.S. continues to squabble state-by-state over medical and adult use legalization, over the past year cannabis has quietly grown into a truly international industry.


Regulate Cannabis Potency to Reduce Psychosis Risk, Experts Say

Policymakers should regulate the potency of cannabis products such as skunk and oil, aiming for a chemical balance that reduces the risk of psychosis without losing the drug's pleasurable effects, experts said on Thursday.

With cannabis laws becoming more liberalized in many countries - particularly the United States - there is also an urgent need for more detailed and accurate scientific studies to explore how cannabis use can be made safer, the experts said.

"Worldwide there is a trend towards liberalization and increasing consumption," said Robin Murray, a professor at King College's London's the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.


What’s Next After The New Dutch Cannabis Cultivation Bill?

Cultivation In a landmark decision, the Lower House of the Dutch parliament voted last week in favour of adding cannabis cultivation to its famous tolerance policy. A move that would decriminalize the supply aspect of the coffeeshops.

This new Dutch cannabis cultivation bill would exempt professional growers from punishment, creating a closed system from the production to the consumption of cannabis. Not legalized, not regulated but tolerated under government control.

But who is going to supply coffeeshops? Big state-controlled companies like Bedrocan?

What about growers who are being criminalized because of the illegality of the plant? Are they going to be allowed to grow and become players in the new cannabis market?


Will Marijuana-Infused Chewing Gum Become a Recognized Medical Treatment?

The medicinal value of the cannabis plant is well-known and consistently under-valued by mainstream medicine. However, it seems that the medical industry is finally catching up and is beginning to accept that yes, a plant can indeed be medicine. Thousands of studies have demonstrated the plant’s clear medicinal value in a variety of conditions. Recognition of the plant’s benefits is continuing to garner steam, so much so that we may soon see it popping up for a number of uses. In fact, cannabis-laced chewing gum may even be on the market soon.


The Netherlands Moves Closer To Legalizing Marijuana Cultivation

I will never forget the first time one of my friends went to Amsterdam. It was my best friend’s little brother in the early 2000’s. I had read all about Amsterdam in magazines like High Times, and when I got dial up internet connection, Amsterdam was one of the first things I looked up. Obviously the reviews all said that the cannabis was unreal, but what were people basing that off of? Were the reviewers used to smoking bammer/brickweed, because if so I’d imagine anything would be amazing to them.


Dutch MPs Vote to Approve Cannabis Cultivation for First Time

The Dutch lower house of parliament has narrowly voted to approve the cultivation of cannabis. 

The bill would exempt professional growers working within certain conditions from punishment.

But it is not yet law, as it must also get majority support from the Senate.

Buying small amounts of cannabis at so-called coffee shops has long been tolerated in the Netherlands, but cultivating and selling it to the coffee shops is illegal.

Coffee shops often fall back on supplies from criminal networks.


Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely: Suppressed Since 1974

After several attempts to get cannabis oil allowed through the court system with many testimonials from those who had been helped, cannabis advocate Rick Simpson realized this important harsh reality: The cancer industry does not want a cure for cancer.

Since then, Rick removed himself from Canada and exiled himself to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Now he tours the world spreading the wonders of cannabis healing to whomever is willing to listen.

You can view his full length documentary below.


Can marijuana laced chewing gum treat irritable bowel syndrome?

A study suggests that a chewing gum laced in cannabis can cure irritable bowel syndrome, reducing painful stomach cramps, control bloating and normalise stool.

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands claims CBD - a key property in marijuana - could ease the colon spasms that seem to be the root cause of symptoms, reports Dailymail.

"We are excited to see that Axim Biotechnologies Inc (AXIM) has reached another milestone in its clinical development program," said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

"This is the first advancement in cannabinoid research for treatment of IBS in medical history and gives a clear example of how far ahead AXIM is in its clinical development programs," Titus added.


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