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Don't expect to see edibles in these three provinces for at least another month


New provincial rules will enable officers to ticket for possession of illicit cannabis

New rules come into effect Jan. 1 in Manitoba that will allow officers to ticket people caught with illicit cannabis, rather than charging them and sending them to provincial court. 

The changes to the province's Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act will also make it illegal to possess cannabis that is not packaged, stamped and labelled in accordance with federal legislation, or to possess more than 30 grams of non-medical cannabis at a time in a public place, in Manitoba. 

Anyone caught could be fined up to $672. 

However, cannabis users will be allowed to remove legally-purchased pot from its original packaging for storage, says a press release from the provincial government. 


Manitoba unveils new pot possession rules

The provincial government unveiled new provincial legislation aimed at taking another bite out of the black market for cannabis.

Justice Minister Cliff Cullen proclaimed the cannabis possession rules on Monday, which will give provincial inspectors the ability to issue tickets and make seizures related to cannabis. These are the first provincial officials to be given this enforcement capabilities.

The amendment will make it an offence to possess 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in a public place, regardless of how legal the weed is. It will also be an offence to possess cannabis that is not packaged, stamped and labelled in accordance with federal legislation. The fine for all of this will be $672.


Manitoba legislature to discuss bill on public cannabis consumption

The Manitoba legislature started its winter break talking about public cannabis consumption.

The bill, which seeks to expand the province’s ban on public consumption of recreational cannabis, is in limbo until next year.

The province bans smoking and vaping marijuana in public, but the bill, introduced in November, proposes the restriction be extended to include edible products, oils, gels and all other formats.

“To prohibit consumption in public, I think, prevents that concept of having cannabis being a normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday product,” Justice Minister Cliff Cullen told The Canadian Press.

“It’s just not a very good message to send to our youth.”


Outcome of pot plebiscite lights up prospect of cannabis store in Manitoba town

A Manitoba town has voted by a narrow margin in favour of allowing a retail cannabis shop in their community.

Residents of Niverville, south of Winnipeg, cast ballots Tuesday in a plebiscite on the question of whether a pot store should be allowed to open there.

A total of 863 people opted to let Canna Cabana — a retailer selected through a provincial process — set up shop.

Another 719 voted against the move.

Town council decided to hold the plebiscite in August, when it initially denied the conditional use permits the business needed to open.

Residents on both sides of the issue put up signs around the community, with some urging people to say no to drugs.


Is Manitoba becoming Canada’s edibles manufacturing capital?

Manitoba is being touted as one of the country’s premier pot stops, offering relaxed retail cannabis laws and AgraFlora Organics International Inc. planning to pump out 1,000 cannabis edibles an hour in its Winnipeg plant.

The cannabis company also recently completed the construction of its pharmaceutical-grade research and development laboratory inside the 51,500 sq. ft. edibles factory.

The lab will allow scientists to test the microbiology in edibles and contents of liquids. It also features gadgets to carry out custom confectionery testing and a “proprietary triple shot depositor capable of producing infused chocolate or liquid filled centre in shell pieces, as well as a full vacuum pressure confectionery-cooking system.”


Cannabis edibles facility being built in Winnipeg

Work is currently underway at an as-yet undisclosed location in Winnipeg that is designed to become one of the largest cannabis edibles manufacturing facilities in North America.

Vancouver-based AgraFlora International Inc. has partnered with a Winnipeg confectionery company in an 80-20 joint venture called Edibles & Infusion that is retrofitting a 51,000-square-foot building that will create significant production capacity for the upcoming edibles market.

Brandon Boddy, chairman and CEO of AgraFlora, said capacity at the plant will be large enough that Edibles & Infusions will supply to other cannabis licensed producers. He said arrangements with other licensed producers are currently being negotiated.


Securities regulators toughen governance disclosures in cannabis industry


Securities regulators in several provinces published guidance this month pushing stronger governance-related disclosures on the cannabis industry.

The guidance — from regulators in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia — is aimed at governance-related disclosures, particularly in the context of mergers, acquisitions and other significant corporate transactions.


Manitoba cautious about cannabis, teasing ban on public use and launching safety campaign

Despite Manitoba being known for its more open cannabis laws, its government is planning to ban recreational consumption in public places as it also rolls out a safety campaign for edibles.

Justice Minister Cliff Cullen said Tuesday that the Progressive Conservative government will introduce a bill to ban any public use of recreational cannabis before mid-December, when edibles, extracts and topicals are expected to become available in retail stores.

The current law only lists smoking and vaping.


Province pledges to crack down on liquor thefts as cannabis education campaign rolls out

Justice officials has pledged to crack down on the spike in Liquormart thefts the province has seen over the last several months, said the province’s Justice Minister.

“In my perspective as Minister of Justice, we’re going to continue to work with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries as we go forward,” said Cliff Cullen. “We in Justice want to make sure we are working with police as well in terms of apprehension of these individuals and getting those people off the street. We’re working closely with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries as well in terms of processes to get these individuals apprehended.”


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