Hemp development hits stride as new markets open up

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Canada has taken on a leading role in industrial hemp production since the crop was legalized in 1998.

Initially it was grain production that took off, with food products like hemp hearts.

Other possible uses include fibre production — particularly for novel products that don’t require highly refined fibres — and nutraceuticals like cannabidiol, which became a possibility following cannabis legalization in 2018.

But now Canada is staking out a new leadership area in the hemp sector: genetics.

Why it matters: As new uses emerge for the crop, so does the need for new varieties that meet these needs, providing a new opportunity for hemp market diversification.


City of Winnipeg moves toward new rules on medical cannabis grow operations

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Residents fed up with marijuana grow operations in their neighbourhoods see a victory in a City of Winnipeg plan to limit where those operations are allowed.

A number of changes to create a new medical cannabis licensing regime are proposed in a report presented to the city's property, planning and development committee on Wednesday, following pressure by numerous residents.

Under the changes, cannabis cultivation facilities would only be permitted in manufacturing zones and would require air filtration/exhaust systems.

The changes would also require minimum setbacks between buildings where marijuana is cultivated and/or stored that are near residential properties, schools, public parks or playgrounds.


Speeding vehicle leads to traffic stop and seizure of nearly 200-kilograms of weed

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A routine traffic stop near Wahoo, Nebraska, turned into a record-setting cannabis bust for the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week.

A deputy stopped a speeding vehicle on Nebraska Highway 92 with two occupants inside on Tuesday night, reports the Fremont Tribune. A K-9 unit was deployed and caught a whiff of something inside the U-Haul trailer that was being towed by the vehicle.


City to vote on recommendations to curb some medical cannabis growth in homes

A Winnipeg city committee is set to vote on plans to crack down on homegrown, designated medical cannabis growers.

In March, city hall received a report that looked into medical cannabis production in residential areas, which found the city could set limits on at-home marijuana growth through changes to zoning and neighbourhood livability bylaws.

City councillors then put forward a motion to have the public service get more information on the changes required to amend these bylaws.


Manitobans stocked up on liquor, cannabis in pandemic's 1st year

The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a big increase in alcohol and cannabis sales in Manitoba — but casino revenues plummeted. 

In the 2020-21 fiscal year, liquor sales increased 11 per cent from the year before, to $886 million — a jump Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries attributes in part to stay-at-home orders that kept Manitobans close to their fridges, the Crown corporation's latest annual report says.

As well, cannabis revenues jumped by 56 per cent to $80.2 million in 2020-21, a significant jump from $51.5 million in 2019-20.


Hemp acres in recovery

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Three years ago, hemp looked like it was getting set for a rocket ride.

Riding a contact high from the frenzy of attention around cannabis legalization, it looked like new markets ranging from health and wellness nutraceuticals to sustainable building materials were about to take off.

That was good news for a crop that, at least in Manitoba, was at the time being predominantly grown for grain.


Delta 9 continues retail expansion with sixteenth cannabis retail store

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It said the new store is 3,200 square feet and is located at 2081 Pembina Highway in the Southwest corner of Winnipeg, the focal point for over half a million square feet of retail businesses making it one of the city’s larger shopping destinations


The first infused pre-roll just launched in Canada. What took so long?

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Infused pre-rolls are joints that have kief, hash, shatter, or other cannabis extracts added to the flower to punch up the potency. “These joints are ‘to-the-moon’ level,” is how Graham Farrar, president of Glass House Brands, which trades on Canada’s NEO Exchange, described the company’s line of infused pre-rolls that launched in California last month. (PHOTO BY CNW GROUP/SUNDIAL)

“Their flavour and effects provide the kind of rich, unforgettable cannabis experience that we aim for in everything we do,” he added. 


Delta 9 Achieves Milestone in Agreement with Element Cannabis Group

 DELTA 9 CANNABIS INC. (TSX: DN) (OTCQX: DLTNF) ("Delta 9" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that it has completed its final services milestone under an agreement with Alberta based cultivation and processing partner, Element GP Inc. (“Element”). Element is an arm’s length third party in which the Company has no ownership control or interest.


Troubled weed producer Bonify winds down operations

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Bonify, a Manitoba cannabis producer that ran afoul of regulators is now calling it quits.


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