Why Different Countries Are Relaxing Their Cannabis Laws

As the first European country to legalize cannabis, Luxembourg has called on other European countries to relax their drug laws, specifically cannabis production and consumption. According to the European state, the continent’s drug policy has not worked over the last few decades, and forbidding everything made it more attractive for people to find new ways of skirting laws.

The country’s relaxed laws will see residents over 18 years old able to buy cannabis for recreational use starting from 2020. The state will establish a cannabis agency to regulate all production and distribution. What’s more, minors between ages 12 and 17 will not face criminal charges if caught in possession of five grams or less of the drug. However, those who break the law will receive harsh penalties.


5 Countries To Visit For The Best Marijuana In World

Cannabis tourism is thriving today on account of more countries legalizing the herb. It has opened paths for enthusiasts to travel far and wide worldwide to enjoy marijuana while embracing the picturesque views. While most countries allow tourists to use the herb, not all can offer the best marijuana.

Does your dream vacation include a good amount of high-grade marijuana? Read on to know the countries that produce the best marijuana you can visit to have a magical time.

Which are the Best Countries for Marijuana Travel?

Like every other marijuana lover, you must be searching for the countries that offer the best marijuana in the world. If you are looking for your next marijuana adventure destination, you’ve reached the right place.


Foreign assets could be next on the block for cash-hungry cannabis companies

Two years ago, Canadian cannabis companies were racing to scoop up international assets, from swaths of fertile land in southern Africa to cultivation licences in Jamaica and everything in between.

Now, with fears of a cash crunch looming over the industry, some of the same producers who spent tens of millions to build an international presence have started dialling back, putting projects on hold or divesting of their foreign operations altogether.

And it’s a trend that some pot analysts expect will only intensify over the next 12 months.


5 Top holiday destinations for cannabis lovers

It’s a well-known fact that cannabis fans are always ready for an adventure and trying out new stuff. That’s exactly why weed destinations are one of the fastest-growing trends on Earth!

So, put your day-dreams into high gear and check this list of some of the best destinations for a cannabis holiday on the planet!

1. Colorado, USA

Colorado was the first US state to legalize the recreational use and sale of cannabis. Namely, the US represents the largest market for medicinal cannabis; seeing how the government also supports the cultivation of cannabis, it’s grown all around the state. 


Jamaica makes first shipment of medical marijuana to Canada

Jamaica has made its first shipment of medical marijuana extract oil to Canada.

In making the announcement, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw, “Jamaica is uniquely positioned to be a global player and we are committed to providing the leadership and resources required for opening the international markets including Canada and Europe for our licensed and regulated Jamaican companies.”

The shipment was authorised through an import permit issued by the Government of Canada through Health Canada for Jamaica and an export permit issued by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica.


$260m ganja study - Jamaica eyeing investment in medicinal marijuana market in Canada

The Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMMC) is investing US$2 million (J$264,000,000) into research on local ganja strains in order to ascertain with scientific accuracy their medicinal potential, over the next 10 years.

Professor Errol Morrison, director general of the National Commission on Science and Technology, spoke to the enormity of the project titled ‘Identification, Isolation and Conservation of Local Strains of Cannabis for Medicinal Use’ during Monday’s signing ceremony.

“What you are about to witness is the dedication of our scientific community to eventually [map] the scientific identification of our strain. Not a look, touch, smell, feel (but) DNA science to underpin what it is that we have been making claims for centuries," he said.


These are the top 4 marijuana stocks with international expansion plans

As cannabis legalization spreads across the North American continent, industry insiders and pot stock investors alike look to diversify their portfolios in the global marijuana trade.

With Canada on track to become the first G7 nation to legalize both recreational and medical cannabis nationally, overcrowding in the market is becoming an issue for stakeholders on all sides. It’s the reason why cannabis companies are starting to look for more opportunities internationally. These are the top four marijuana stocks with international expansion plans:


Rare Jamaican cannabis strains seeding a medical marijuana takeover in Canada

Toronto-based Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective has signed contracts to provide Jamaican cannabis to three Canadian LPs and letters of intent to supply seven more.

Lift & Co., “Canada’s medical marijuana marketplace,” held its biggest expo in Toronto from May 25 to 27, welcoming almost 20,000 people to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which was surrounded by a slight haze during the three days devoted to cannabis education, product placement and trend-watching.

Billing itself as the last before legalization, the event was filled with companies poised to hit the new recreational pot market when it finally comes to Canada. Their booths took up two levels of the convention floor.


Jamaica poised to become major location for investment in medical cannabis

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw is confident that the way is now paved for Jamaica to play a leading role in the rapidly growing medical cannabis industry.

According to Shaw, Jamaica is uniquely positioned to bring health and wellness to the world by developing one of its greatest assets, the herbal industry.

Shaw last week met with representatives of the Canadian Government and the Province of Ontario, as well as numerous companies and investors who shared their commitment to investing in the Jamaican cannabis industry.


Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation expands into Caribbean with investment in Herbs Holdings Ltd.

Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation (CSE: CGOC), today announced it has invested in Herbs Holdings Ltd., a large medical cannabis premium grower and retailer in Jamaica. The agreement is CGOC's first in the Caribbean and reflects the company's focus on driving long-term total return through investments in privately and publicly held companies that are aligned to its investment approach.


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