Israel Represents An Attractive Long-Term Growth Opportunity For Aurora Cannabis Inc.

A few years ago, Israel overtook Germany as the world’s largest cannabis importer and this is a market that we have been bullish on. 

A core pillar of our bullish view on Israel’s cannabis market is related to how the climate is ideal for cultivating cannabis. When compared to Canada or the United States (US), the cost to cultivate a gram of cannabis is much lower in Israel. As a result, the economics that are associated with cultivating cannabis are much more attractive in Israel and our readers should be aware of this. (Click here to view original article.)


Which Country Will Legalize Cannabis Next?

It may be hard to pinpoint the exact time when cannabis will be legalized worldwide, but it’s a safe bet that eventually, most, if not all of the planet, will end cannabis prohibition.

In theory, there could always be a limited amount of countries that stay on the wrong side of history for a very long time. However, most countries will presumably legalize at some point.

Cannabis prohibition is a failed public policy wherever it exists, and that, combined with the economic benefits of a vibrant cannabis industry, is going to influence lawmakers around the globe to step up and end prohibition in their jurisdictions.


How Can Canadian Licensed Producers Capitalize On The Worlds #1 Importer Of Medical Cannabis?

During the last year, we have noticed increased interest in the Israeli cannabis market and this is a market that we have been favorable on since inception. The climate in Israel is ideal for cultivating cannabis and we are bullish on the industry due to the economics that are associated with it.


Israel to expunge 40,000 cannabis convictions, implement Canadian-style legalization

Israel wants to be a little more like Canada.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday that he will be expunging the criminal records of vast amounts of Israelis who had been caught with cannabis and modelling its budding industry after Canada’s, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“I examined the matter and decided to advance the erasure of criminal records of tens of thousands of Israelis for personal use and possession (of cannabis), something that causes unnecessary suffering to many and is a burden on the courts,” he wrote on the social media site.


The scientist who identified THC is now working on synthetic cannabinoids

In the 55 years since he first isolated D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (better known today as THC) with colleagues Dr. Yehiel Gaoni and Dr. Haviv Edery at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has been the absolute leader in the science of cannabis. He basically started that science from scratch with 5 kilos of Lebanese hash the police donated to his research after Mechoulam’s boss put in the request.

Even all these years later, when Mechoulam talks pot, the cannabis world stops with its ears wide open. This latest announcement from the legendary scientist was no different.


How startup nation could make medical marijuana 'The next Coca Cola'

Last month, on the day the cabinet approved the exporting of medicinal cannabis, attorney Yair Geva got the green light for signing a deal with a foreign company, about to be listed on NASDAQ, which intends to invest in an Israeli company, the valuation of which instantly spiked.


Veteran Israeli medical marijuana firms weigh going public

Now that the Israeli government has approved cannabis exports, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange may be getting a new crop of medical-marijuana companies seeking a listing. In contrast to most of the speculative companies already trading on the exchange, the newcomers have a real industry track record.


Israeli Cabinet approves medical marijuana exports

Israel has given final approval to a law permitting the export of medical marijuana, a move the government expects will catapult investment in local industry and agriculture.

The Cabinet’s decision Sunday came a month after the Israeli parliament unanimously approved the decision, making Israel the third country in the world, after the Netherlands and Canada, to allow export of medical cannabis products.

Israel is home to dozens of companies active in the medical marijuana industry, and approved companies will be able to export to countries where it is legal.


Namaste closes acquisition of 10% share equity of Israeli-based cannabis producer Cannbit Ltd

Namaste Technologies Inc. ("Namaste" or the "Company") (TSXV: N)(FRA: M5BQ)(OTCMKTS: NXTTF) is pleased to announce that further to its January 18 th, 2018 letter of intent ("LOI"), that the Company has signed a subscription agreement (the "Agreement") to acquire 10% of the issued share capital of Israeli licensed producer of medical cannabis, Cannbit Ltd ("Cannbit") for NIS 2,500,000 or approximately CAD $908,000, which includes a combination of both cash and shares.


Israel's Together signs $300 mln Canadian cannabis deal

Israel’s Together said on Thursday it signed a binding two-year deal worth at least $300 million to supply cannabis products to an unnamed Canadian company.

The Canadian firm will buy from Together subsidiary Globus Pharma 5 to 50 tonnes of dried cannabis inflorescences in 2019, which is equivalent to 500 kilograms to 5 tonnes of medical cannabis oil.

In 2020, the company, which has a licence to grow, manufacture and import medical cannabis in Canada, will buy another 20 to 50 tonnes of dried flowers, or up to 5 tonnes of cannabis oil.

It will pay at least $3 for 1 gram of dried inflorescences, or a minimum of $30,000 for 1 kg of cannabis oil, Together said.

Canada approved medical pot in 2001 and will legalize recreational use by July.


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