Ireland Approves Two Canadian Firms To Supply Medical Cannabis

Two Canadian companies have been approved as the first suppliers to the recently launched medical cannabis program in Ireland.

The Irish Government signed off on the launch of its five-year pilot in June, and now Aurora and MGC Pharmaceuticals have been selected to provide its first cannabis medicine.


Vera Twomey Arrives in Netherlands for Medicinal Cannabis for Daughter

A Cork mother has travelled to the Netherlands to get medicinal cannabis for her sick daughter.

Vera Twomey's seven-year-old daughter Ava suffers from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome which can be treated with medicinal cannabis oil.

Vera has been a vocal campaigner for the treatment to be made available in Ireland and has raised over €21,000 through a fundraising campaign for Ava.

"The reason we have arrived in Holland is because the Government, the HSE, the neurologists have demanded that we would go to another country to provide evidence that this treatment would work for our daughter," she said.


Cannabis Is the Most Commonly Used Illegal Drug Among Young Adults in Ireland

(but MDMA use is on the rise)

CANNABIS REMAINS THE most commonly used illegal drug among young adults in Ireland, according to the latest European drugs report.

The 2017 report by the Lisbon-based European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) measures the prevalence of drug use, addiction, treatment and deaths in European countries.

It draws on data from various surveys and reports published in recent years.

The report found that cannabis is the most prevalent drug used among young adults in the country, with 13.8% of 15-34-year-olds saying they have taken the drug in the last year.

This is by far the most commonly used drug among this age group.


Ireland Could Be the next Cannabis Growing Capital of the World

The line-up for The Capital B this week is akin to a PG episode of narcos, it's got drugs, gold and computer hackers...

Speaking on JOE's business show Dr James Linden of Greenlight Medicines, said Ireland has the perfect climate to grow cannabis and he believes we have the potential to become the next cannabis growing capital of the world. Greenlight Medicines has so far raised €500k in funding from Irish investors  to research the potential effects of cannabis on diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and on chronic pain. Listen to the full interview with James Linden in the soundcloud link below, it's an eye-opener.


Ireland: Doctor calls for strict regulation of medicinal cannabis

The legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes would prove much safer than patients sourcing illegal cannabis on the street to relieve chronic health conditions, a Limerick doctor has claimed.

Dr Ray O’Connor, of the graduate entry medical school in the University of Limerick, said he supported proposed legislation on the drug but called for strict regulations should it pass into law.

He said “it won’t be a case of walking into a pharmacy and getting six bags of cannabis and ‘Happy days’”.

“It will be given for specific purposes for specific patients, and will need to be strictly monitored to ensure that it is not abused,” he said.


Ireland: Sales of Cannabis Oil 'Skyrocket' in Limerick, Says Shop Owner

‘It’s not quite the elixir of life, but it’s close,’ says seller of THC-free product.

The first health food store in Limerick to stock cannabis oil products says sales have “skyrocketed” in recent months following calls for psychoactive cannabis products to be legalised for medicinal purposes.

Cillin Cleere, the proprietor of Eats of Eden on Thomas Street in Limerick city, said their cannabis oil products were now among their 10 best-selling products since they began stocking a variety of products four months ago.

He said cannabis oil could be used for a “range of neurological and physical benefits” 

“The sales have been astronomical,” said Mr Cleere, who is also a biochemist and nutritional therapist.


Northern Ireland: Epic 'Cannabis Walk' to Highlight Treatment

A Castlederg woman today (Wednesday) completed her 150 mile walk to Belfast, carrying her 11 year old disabled son.

Charlotte Caldwell has been fighting for treatment for her son Billy who suffers from a rare form of life-threatening epilepsy.

The eight day walk to Belfast culiminated in a meeting with doctors at the Royal Victoria Hospital if they can take over his care, using medicinal cannabis, from doctors in LA where Billy has been treated.

For the past 50 days he has been seizure-free thanks to a cannabis oil treatment he received in Los Angeles. Charlotte Caldwell, proud mother of her ‘wee warrior’, organised the walk to raise funds for Billy’s treatment.


Ireland: What Are the Risks and Rewards of Medicinal Cannabis?

It has become a highly-charged emotional issue, debated in the Dáil and played out on social media with prominent campaigns attracting national headlines.

There is a growing clamour for greater access to medicinal cannabis for patients with debilitating conditions, and in particular children suffering from certain types of epilepsy.

Health Minister Simon Harris has come under intense pressure to make certain cannabis treatments more widely available.

Last November, the Dáil passed a bill tabled by People before Profit TD Gino Kenny to make cannabis available in Ireland for medicinal use, after the Government said it would not oppose the legislation.


Ireland: Neurologists to Draw up Guidelines for Safe Use of Medicinal Cannabis

Expert group to look at use of a cannabadiol product to treat patients with epilepsy.

Irish neurologists are to draw up guidelines on the safe use of medicinal cannabis for patients with epilepsy.

An expert group made up of consultant neurologists is to begin drawing up the guidelines shortly in order to provide clarity for doctors and patients on the issue, according to the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.


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