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Bureaucratic Red Tape Frustrates Czech Cannabis Patients

In Germany a high court decision in April gave an MS patient the right to cultivate at home and forced the government to begin creating a robust system to increase access to medical cannabis for all Germans. But until such court victories are won in the Czech Republic, the lack of supply and prescriptions and the high prices will force thousands of patients to continue illegally sourcing their medical herbs.


Copenhagen Makes Fourth Bid to Legalise Cannabis to Help Reduce Gang Warfare

Danish government unlikely to grant request for trial legalisation programme.

Copenhagen officials are trying to legalise cannabis - despite the Danish government rejecting a proposed trial three times previously. 

The city government, led by Mayor Frank Jensen, has made its fourth formal request that the capital is allowed to carry out a trial legalisation programme where sales are exclusively handled by public authorities. 


Copenhagen to once again push for legal cannabis trial

Could it be fourth time’s a charm for legal weed in the Danish capital?
After three spurned attempts to get a trial programme for legal cannabis off the ground, city officials in Copenhagen will try once again, broadcaster DR reported on Friday. 
Led by Mayor Frank Jensen, Copenhagen officials have thrice requested a trial programme that would legalize cannabis in the city, with sales handled by public authorities. Each time, including the most recent effort in 2014, the request has been rejected by the national government. 

MGC Pharma Executes Czech Republic Medical Cannabis Deal

A SX-listed MGC Pharmaceuticals has executed a new and materially better binding heads of agreement to acquire Czech-based medical cannabis company Panax Pharma in a move likely to be a big boost to MGC’s production and research capabilities.

In an update to the market on Thursday, MGC said that following due diligence it had executed the revised acquisition agreement, which would see the Perth-based company acquire up to 100 per cent of Panax –a highly connected player in the Czech Republic’s medicinal cannabis industry.


Creso increases supply of hemp protein to large Slovakian bakery

Leading supplier of therapeutic grade nutraceutical cannabis and hemp products, Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH), has delivered its second shipment of hemp protein to one of Slovakia’s largest bakeries, Pekarne Liptovsky Hradok,s.r.o. (PLH).

The 700 kilogram shipment followed the delivery of 500 kilograms in mid-August, and has effectively created an additional revenue stream for the vertically integrated group.

CPH’s Hemp Industries division is looking to forge a long-term relationship with PLH, resulting in increased shipments of hemp protein and other hemp seed based products.

However, it is early stages in this relationship, so investors should seek professional financial advice for further information if considering this stock for their portfolio.


Medical Cannabis Gets a Hearing in the EU Parliament

On the 30th of November, politicians from the European Parliament gathered with a range of patients, activists, campaigners, entrepreneurs and scientists from the European cannabis community to discuss the future of the industry at the inaugural International Conference on Medical Cannabis.

The event was organised by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left European Parliamentary Group, led by German MEP Stefan Eck and Greek MEP Stelios Kouloglou. 

The aim of the Conference was to share knowledge about the state of legislation around the world today, and to educate regulators present about the importance of building legal, regulated cannabis markets in Europe.


Amsterdam's Oldest Cannabis Cafe Mellow Yellow Set to Close in Crackdown

Amsterdam's oldest coffee shop has been shut down by the Dutch government leaving tourists and locals alike wondering if this spells the demise of the city's famous cannabis culture.

Mellow Yellow, a cannabis cafe that's been open since 1967, will shut up shop on January 1 by order of the mayor.

The shop set a precedent and led the way for countless coffee shops to pop up all over the city.

Owner Johnny Petram fears it means the end of the coffee shop culture in Amsterdam.


Potent Healing Power of Terpenes Found in Medical Cannabis

Have you ever heard of terpenes? You’re about to see why the pharmaceutical industry, mainstream media outlets and conventional medicine would like to see you uneducated about these powerful organic compounds found within medical cannabis.

You see, there is just no way that big pharma medications will ever replicate the complex interactions that occur naturally in plants – even though drug companies keep trying at the expense of patients’ health and pocketbooks! One category of substances, called terpenes, play a major role in the healing power of not only medical cannabis but dozens of other pungent herbs and plants as well.


Dutch 'Tolerance Festival' Will Bring Cannabis Activism to The Hague

Amid a growing push to reform cannabis laws in the Netherlands, a pair of activists have hatched a bold plan: Take the call for tolerance directly to the seat Dutch government with a massive show of support in The Hague.

Set for September 2017—still plenty of time to book a trip—the Tolerance Festival is the brainchild of veteran coffeeshop owner Jo Koopman and Henk Westbroek, one of the country’s best-known pop musicians.


Canadian LPs Still Best Bets for International Marijuana Investors, Says M Partners

An uncertain political environment down south coupled with international ambitions means Canadian-based Licensed Producers are still the best bet for international investors looking for exposure to marijuana stocks, says M Partners analyst Mason Brown. 

Yesterday, Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:CGC) announced it would acquire German-based pharmaceutical distributor MedCann. 

“Germans need access to high-quality cannabis and Tweed’s products are proving to be up to the very strict standards set by the federal government,” said Medcann founder Dr. P. Debs. “Working together as one team will allow Canopy Growth through Tweed, Tweed Farms, and future production sites to supply the unmet demand that has been building over the past decade.”


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