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Great Research Will Be The Cornerstone For Global Cannabis Acceptance

If you are at all interested in cannabis as a growing industry you are already aware that while the US Federal Government labels marijuana a schedule 1 drug with no medicinal benefits, they also hold a patent titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which was awarded in 2003. And while possession of the flower remains a serious criminal offence, President Obama and the US Attorney General have decided to allow individual States to determine their own set of rules within their borders.


How Childhood Stress And Trauma Spark Drug Dependence

In this video, Dr. Gabor Maté untangles the complex connections between the stresses of Western society, the prevalence of addiction and the so-called War on Drugs.

MatĂ©, an addiction specialist who was born in Hungary but spent most of his life in Canada, explains that “the heart of addiction is always emotional loss.”

When the doctor worked with people suffering from addictions in Vancouver, he says, all his female patients and many of the men had experienced sexual abuse as children. That accounts for one half of pediatrician and psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott’s theory on two things that can go wrong in childhood. The first involves the things shouldn’t happen, like abuse and trauma, MatĂ© says.


Whonnock water worries still on their minds

Merle Chambers, holding sign, says medical pot plant in Whonnock is the wrong place.

The question Liisa Cormode wants answered is why, when Tantalus Labs was looking for a spot for its medical marijuana operation, the city would have put Whonnock on the list of possible locations.

“Why did somebody from the municipality recommend this site given the water issues here?”

She was referring to statements made by Dan Sutton, of Tantalus Labs earlier that Maple Ridge staff had presented the company with a half dozen locations, one of which Tantalus chose as its site for a greenhouse operation to grow medical marijuana.


Decision hanging over medical marijuana facility

The governing council of the Rural Municipality of Wilton has an interesting proposal on their plate, following a public hearing that was held by the council on Thursday.

The topic of the hearing was an application by representatives of Agro Greens Natural Products Ltd, who are seeking the approval of a development application for a medical marijuana facility.

According to Glen Dow, reeve of the RM, the owners of the business approached council six months earlier, and asked about the council’s possible reaction to the business proposal.

“They stopped in and said ‘we’re considering this, does council have any absolute prohibitions to say get out of here, don’t ever come back?’”

“Council said no,” said Dow.


Three Skills CEOs Need Most

As part of the exploratory dialogue for one of my recent executive coaching assignments, a C-level executive of a decades-old business frankly admitted, “I don’t think I have the skills to lead the business to the next level.”

In his late thirties, the CEO in question had successfully led his organization to profitability from the brink of disaster in less than five years (after an experiment with professional management did not yield the desired result). By all accounts, he was a dynamic, motivated and purpose-driven leader with aspirations to build a great institution. He was skilled at empowering people and willing to give them space to operate. And yet, he was mired by self-limiting beliefs.

I probed him with the following two questions:


Staying in touch with your cannabis community has never been easier

CannaSOS have recently launched their new app to help consumers stay in touch with medical marijuana information on the go.

The app aims to allow users to ask advice and seek answers from peers, medical professionals, activists and marijuana experts. Share your knowledge and experience with like-minded people. Share your publications, news, success stories, educational posts and other articles with the cannabis community and more.

Their following blog entry explains more:

Hello our mobile friends!

We understand the importance of being able to access CannaSOS on the go. Good news for all, as we have launched the CannaSOS app for Android and iOS will follow soon.


Protest held over marijuana medical marijuana grow-op in Maple Ridge

VANCOUVER – More than 150 people gathered in Maple Ridge Friday to protest a proposed medical marijuana facility at 272nd Street and Bell Avenue.

They say the greenhouse would be too close to homes and schools and that the facility is going to be much bigger than the 40,000 sq ft they were initially told it would be. It appears the facility will be 115,000 sq ft.

Medical marijuana company Tantalus Labs, which is building the greenhouse, has not yet received a license from the federal government but a building permit has been approved by the City of Maple Ridge.


RCMP seize marijuana and $35K cash from Igloolik home

RCMP seized more than 400 grams of marijuana and $35,000 cash from a home in Igloolik, Nunavut, on Wednesday. (RCMP)

Three people have been arrested in Igloolik, Nunavut, after RCMP seized more than 400 grams of marijuana and $35,000 cash from a home in the community.

Police​ executed a search warrant on Wednesday.

Drug paraphernalia were seized along with the marijuana and cash. Police say the drugs were meant for resale in Igloolik.

One woman and two men were arrested. The woman has been released and will appear in court. The two men remain in custody in Iqaluit.


A Visit To Vancouver Island’s Broken Coast Cannabis

Broken Coast Cannabis is a medical cannabis producer on Vancouver Island, growing inside a 12,000 sq ft envelope about halfway between Nanaimo and Victoria. With 14 growing rooms on two floors, they currently produce 11 varieties in a rotating harvest schedule. 6 strains are currently available and the company plans on releasing several others in the coming months based on customer feedback for various strains and profiles.


RCMP dismantle marijuana grow-op in "hazardous" operation

RCMP have raided a commercial garage in Alonsa, west of Lake Manitoba, and dismantled a marijuana grow operation in a two-stage operation.

An RCMP statement described conditions inside the garage as "hazardous" and said officers from nearby Ste. Rose du Lac first had to vacate the building on Wednesday and disconnect power to ensure it was safe to go inside. 

Officers, bolstered by the RCMP Federal and Serious Organized Crime Unit, entered the property on Thursday and dismantled the grow-op, seizing 65 plants and drug paraphernalia.

A 45-year-old man from Alonsa, was arrested and charged with production of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. He has been released from custody and will appear in Dauphin Provincial Court on September 15.


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