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From labour to cannabis: What we're watching when Canada's agriculture ministers meet


This year’s gathering of agriculture ministers comes in the midst of an escalating trade war. Several countries, including Canada, have imposed retaliatory tariffs on a laundry list of U.S. products after the Trump administration levied a 25 per cent tariff on steel imports and a 10 per cent tariff on aluminum imports.

Canada’s retaliatory tariff package, which took effect July 1, is valued at $16.6 billion. Many food items made the list, including gherkin pickles, pizza and quiches, soup, salad dressings, ketchup and mayonnaise. But no primary agriculture products are on the list at this time due to fears of unintended consequences on producers here at home.


Marijuana growing rules aim to protect BC farmland

The B.C. government has announced plans to protect farmland from being alienated by concrete-floored “industrial bunkers” built to grow recreational marijuana.

New marijuana structure projects had to have been under construction, with permits, by today (July 13, 2018) to be immune from a new regulation allowing local governments to prohibit them in the Agriculture Land Reserve, the B.C. agriculture ministry says.

The federal government has allowed non-medical marijuana in “bunkers,” some of which were built as secure locations for growing licensed medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana growing, possession and use become legal Oct. 17 across Canada, due to federal law passed this spring.


Health Canada 'concerned' by cannabis companies sponsoring music events

OTTAWA -- Health Canada is prepared to crack down on licensed medical marijuana producers who are sponsoring music festivals and other events.

The federal department says it's "concerned" about some companies that have engaged in corporate sponsorships and other promotional activities that go against the Cannabis Act.

It says the government has made it "abundantly clear" what isn't permitted under the laws, such as marketing to young people.

Health Canada issued a statement that says cannabis companies have been dabbling in various forms of marketing that raise red flags -- though it highlighted music festivals as a particular point of concern.


Sarah Leamon: Here's why an American law makes Canadian cannabis workers ineligible to enter ...

Crossing the border may become much more difficult for a certain group of Canadians come October 17, 2018.

While marijuana users have been gearing up for potential issues at the border for some time, it now appears that people working in the cannabis industry may also be affected—regardless of whether they use the drug or not. 

Under U.S. law, anyone associated with the cannabis industry could be banned from entering the country for life, even after it is legalized in Canada nationwide. If it seems harsh, that’s because it is…but it’s all in the context of the war on drugs. 


First recreational pot store in BC will be in Kamloops: provincial regulator

KAMLOOPS (NEWS 1130) – B.C.’s first government-licensed pot store will be in Kamloops and it’s expected to employ at least 20 people.

Viviana Zanocco with the Liquor Distribution Branch says the shop at the Columbia Place Shopping Centre is slated to open in October when the federal legalization of recreational marijuana takes effect.

“Kamloops City Council has been very proactive in terms of setting out areas where they would like to see cannabis retail and so that’s a huge advantage for us,” she says, hinting that Burnaby might be using a similar tactic and could be have the first Lower Mainland store.


How Nova Scotia's business community is preparing for cannabis legalization

The countdown is on until cannabis becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

The new law comes with mixed feelings and perspectives for members of the business community.

“It’s happening to us, it’s happening whether you like it or not. It’s happening in the models that have been chosen and we didn’t lobby for it for instance in our world but we really want to do it well and do it responsibly,” said Tim Pellerin, NSLC’s senior vice-president and CEO.

Pellerin was one of the people selected to discuss the potential impacts cannabis legalization will have on businesses throughout Nova Scotia at a luncheon in Halifax Wednesday.


BC Selects THC BioMed to Supply Recreational Adult-Use Cannabis

VANCOUVER, July 11, 2018 /CNW/ - THC BioMed Intl Ltd. ("THC" or the "Company") (CSE:THC) announces that it has been selected by the province to supply British Columbians with adult-use cannabis. THC has entered into an agreement through its wholly-owned subsidiary, THC BioMed Ltd. to supply non-medical cannabis to the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch following legalization.   

THC is very proud to be given this opportunity to have its products available for sale in British Columbia, beginning October 17, 2018.


3 Top Canadian Stocks for US Exposure

Holding stocks with strong operations in the United States is one way to hedge your portfolio against potential trouble in Canada. Let’s take a look at three Canadian stocks that offer solid U.S. exposure. Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO)(NYSE:BMO) Bank of Montreal’s major foray into the U.S. market began in 1984 when it purchased Harris Bank. A number of additional transactions have since occurred, and BMO Harris Bank, based in Chicago, now has over 600 branches serving retail and commercial customers, primarily in the U.S. Midwest. Bank of Montreal reported adjusted fiscal Q2 2018 net income of $1.46…


Ontario injured workers shut out of medical pot coverage - told to take opioids instead

Many injured workers in Ontario are being given an ultimatum: take potentially addictive cocktails of opioids and other pharmaceuticals, or pay for your own help, a CBC Toronto investigation has revealed.

Insurers like Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) are frequently refusing to help injured workers who want to turn to seemingly less harmful drugs like medical marijuana.

"We have an opioid epidemic here in Canada," said Maurice Sagle, 60, a former carpenter. 

"I'm thinking [the WSIB] better get out of the past."

For it's part, the WSIB says it's reducing the number of drug claims for opioids and deals with requests for medical pot "on a case-by-case basis." 


Pot industry not of one mind over outdoor growing

The federal government’s move to greenlight the growing of commercial cannabis outdoors will allow Canadian producers to compete globally, but it also carries risks, those in the industry say.

At least one medical marijuana grower in Southwestern Ontario – one of the country’s richest farm belts, where seven indoor pot producers now operate – says his company is cautiously exploring the new outdoor option, while another was quick to rule it out.

The mixed reaction comes as the federal Liberals prepare to lift the outdoor cultivation ban on medicinal and recreational cannabis – the drug could previously only be grown in greenhouses or indoors – in a bid to create a competitive industry and battle the black market ahead of legalization on Oct. 17.


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