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Tecumseh council votes to reverse ban on cannabis retail

The Town of Tecumseh has become the final municipality in Windsor-Essex to opt in to cannabis retail stores.

In a notice posted on its website, the town said council adopted a motion allowing cannabis businesses to set up shop Tuesday night.


In April, council members voted to reconsider the ban on marijuana stores that had been in place since 2018.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara said that prior to Tuesday's vote there was an evenly split response to the town's call for feedback on the idea.


Illegal cannabis often contaminated with pesticides, B.C. study finds

The B.C. government is warning cannabis buyers to avoid illegally grown products, after a pilot study found most samples from unlicensed sources were contaminated with fungicides and other hazardous substances.

The samples were taken from dried cannabis seized by B.C.’s dedicated cannabis community safety unit and tested in a lab to see if they met federal standards for legal sales. A total of 20 samples from six illicit storefronts around Metro Vancouver were collected in February and tested, and 18 of them contained pesticide residues. Only three samples were found to be consistent with the standards for legal sales.


Former pot purveyor in North Vancouver slapped with top fine for 21 bylaw offences

The owner of a North Vancouver cannabis retail store who faced 21 municipal bylaw offences has received the maximum fine of $252,000.

Kevin Anderson, who previously owned The Herban Art Collective, reportedly flouted municipal rules for years, according to North Shore News.


Books, backpacks and bud: Could UBC get Canada’s first on-campus pot shop?

Burb Cannabis is hoping to be a hit with the student body, but first needs the green light to set up shop at a University of British Columbia (UBC) campus.

It is believed that any such approval would make Burb Cannabis the first cannabis retail outlet to be located on university property in Canada, according to Mugglehead Magazine.


District of West Vancouver votes to allow cannabis stores to apply for business licences

The District of West Vancouver has approved a bylaw to allow cannabis stores to apply for business licences in the municipality.

While the federal government officially legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, municipalities have been developing their own policies to regulate its sale within city limits.


West Vancouver's interim policy, approved by council vote Monday evening, proposes to consider allowing a maximum of one store in each of the following town centres:


Vancouver's own Seth Rogen on comedy, his debut book and where cannabis legalization went wrong in Canada

Seth Rogen talks to Q’s Tom Power about his hilarious new memoir, Yearbook, and his famous use of weed.

"As someone who has done this a very long time, nothing is valued less on this planet — creatively — than comedy," he told host Tom Power in an interview on CBC Radio's Q."It is by far the least valued creative output. My wife has done puzzles that have gotten more praise than entire comedic films that we've made.

Despite that, Rogen added he only cares about the approval of his audience.

"We're not as much chasing the approval of our peers, for better or worse," he said, followed by his signature laugh.


How this Vancouver company’s plan to be a game-changer hinges on human trials of cannabis vapes

Looking within and without is essential in the cannabis industry, whether a company is setting its sights on improving user experiences, identifying potential foreign markets, cementing its position at home or trying to figure out what makes for fair compensation in an ever-evolving sector.


Nextleaf Solutions starts human trials of cannabis vapes



B.C. saw a dramatic increase in pre-conception cannabis use after legalization

Cannabis use among women who were about to conceive children nearly doubled following B.C.’s legalization of cannabis in 2018, a new study from UBC finds.

The findings show a 71 per cent increase in self-reported cannabis use by those in the preconception period (the three months before becoming pregnant) after adjusting for factors like age, education, relationship status, income and history of mental health disorders between two sample groups.

Cannabis use during pregnancy remained statistically unchanged.

“I was very surprised when I saw the huge increase in preconception use,” said Dr. Hamideh Bayrampour, the study’s lead author. “It’s a very dramatic change over a period of less than two years.”


How cannabis helped this Okanagan woman walk again

image of woman

Jayna Pooley says it took her two and a half years to regain the strength to walk after moving from pharmaceuticals to cannabis. Photo by Kelsie Kilawna, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Sitting in a little cafe in Syilx territory in downtown Vernon, Jayna Pooley clinks her spoon against her cup as she gingerly stirs her coffee. The sun is out and she’s preparing for a meeting later that day to talk about cannabis with the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs. 

Pooley has been sharing her story, one of personal perseverance, as a way to inspire others to explore the healing properties of cannabis, a medicine she credits for helping her walk again. 


Vancouver Island mom hopes to destigmatize cannabis use for parents

A West Shore mother is making waves on the internet after sharing a social media posting asking why cannabis use is met with considerable stigma, while other substances – like alcohol – are seen in a different light.

Jannine MacKinnon, who runs the popular "eeasymomroutines" Instagram page, expressed her views on responsible cannabis use to her more than 21,000 followers in February.

The post quickly became one of her most popular, resonating with almost 400,000 people.

"I actually sat on it for about a month before posting it," she said. "I was very nervous with how it was going to come across. I hadn't talked about cannabis at all on my account."


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