Lacombe bylaw proposes banning cannabis consumption in public places

ALBERTA -- City council in Lacombe has given first reading to the community’s first smoking bylaw, one with heavy restrictions on where tobacco and cannabis can be consumed in public.

The proposed bylaw prohibits cannabis smoking, vaping or consumption in any public place – including parks, trails and playgrounds – as well as private property frequented by residents (business or mall parking lots, for example).

Tobacco smoking would be allowed in parking lots provided a person is at least 10 metres from any doorway.


Aurora Cannabis signs loan deal for up to $250 million with Bank of Montreal

Aurora Cannabis Inc. has signed a loan deal with the Bank of Montreal for up to $250 million.

Aurora chief executive Terry Booth called it the largest traditional debt facility in the cannabis industry to date.

Under the agreement, Aurora will receive a $150-million term loan and a $50-million revolving credit facility, both of which will mature in 2021.

A short period after Ottawa's legislation to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana comes into effect in October, the company may request an increase of up to $45 million for the term loan.

BMO will also provide up to $5 million in other credit instruments.

The debt facility will be primarily secured by Aurora's production facilities.


Olds leads the way as medical marijuana market booms

Terra Life Sciences shows the power of value-added processing in its cannabis cultivation facility and pharmaceutical plant.

Terra Life Sciences would look like any other manufacturing plant if not for the security guard parked out front.

He’s the gatekeeper here. You’ll find another one just like him at the other gate, checking in visitors, scrutinizing IDs, buzzing through the people who pass muster.

But these guards are just your first glimpse of the Fort Knox-style security system at the Olds-based pharmaceutical company. As you make your way through the greenhouse and manufacturing plant, you’ll see plenty more — hundreds of cameras lining the walls, passcodes on nearly every entryway, alarms that wail when you leave a door open a little too long.


Chinatown residents rally against cannabis stores: AB

With the legalization of cannabis likely only months away across Canada, some residents in Calgary’s Chinatown community voiced their displeasure on Saturday over the prospect of cannabis stores opening in their neighbourhood.

Hosted by the Calgary Chinese Union, the rally also included a petition that will be sent to the city.

“We want to keep the Chinatown clean, and healthy, and safe,” said Calgary Chinese Union Vice President Cynthia Shi.

A main sticking point is that they don’t think cannabis stores are a fit for Chinatown, and they feel they were not consulted enough.


'One of the greatest paradoxes': Indigenous communities grapple with the costs and benefits of legal weed

Bill C-45 is testing whether Trudeau can make good on one signature promise, to legalize cannabis, without losing ground on another — advancing reconciliation.

In the heart of Alberta’s oil sands, there’s a new opportunity on the horizon, one that isn’t at the mercy of oil prices and pipeline politics.

The Fort McMurray #468 First Nation hopes to open a new marijuana production facility next year on its land south of the city, in partnership with cannabis company RavenQuest BioMed. The operation could eventually produce 15,000 kilograms of cannabis a year, estimates Brad Callihoo, the First Nation’s CEO.

“My mandate is a self-sufficient nation for the next seven generations,” he said.


Committee votes to keep Calgary weed stores 30 metres from churches, pawnshops, payday loan stores

'They are not going to walk an extra 60 feet? I am trying to understand the rationale'.

Recreational weed stores aren't in Calgary yet, ahead of federal legalization, but city council is looking at adding more restrictions on where they can be located.

A council committee voted Thursday to ensure there's a 30-metre separation between cannabis stores and places of worship, pawn shops, and payday loan stores.

That's on top of existing rules which cover minimum distances between cannabis stores and places like schools, emergency shelters and even other cannabis stores.

City administration had recommended a 10-metre separation from pawn shops and payday lenders.


Public input helped shape marijuana related bylaw: County Planner

The County of Grande Prairie has started to make some decisions regarding marijuana.

At a council meeting this week, bylaw amendments were approved regarding production and distribution as well as cannabis retail sales.

County Planner Baily Lapp says they looked to the responses from a public consultation survey to form the changes. There were 1,852 completed submissions which outlined proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw.

"The topic itself is a hot topic. I think it drew people into doing the survey. I think people are interested in completing a survey about cannabis and having input on what the final results are on the county's policy," said Lapp.


Council examines cannabis store buffers

City of Camrose administration is proposing a 150-metre buffer to be put in place between any school or health care centre and businesses selling cannabis.

The regulations were brought forward to the committee of the whole meeting on June 4 for discussion. Council will now seek public input at two open houses, this past Tuesday and on June 19 at the Recreation Centre.

The guidelines policy has become necessary as the federal government is set to legalize the use and retail sale of cannabis sometime this summer. It has been left up to the provinces to determine distribution regulations, much like alcohol, and Alberta, while maintaining control of distribution of cannabis and online sales, is moving forward with private sector sales.


First Reading granted in land re-designation for cannabis facility in Clearwater County: AB

Clearwater County Council has granted the first reading to a bylaw to clear the way for a 55,000 sq. foot micro-climate controlled cannabis facility southeast of Caroline.

Element GP Incorporated submitted an application to have the 157-acre location along Highway 22, just north of Secondary Highway 587, re-zoned from Agricultural to Light Industrial.

The applicants say the facility aims to source all electrical power, heat and air conditioning from Shell’s Caroline Gas Plant, which is only six and a half kilometers away.

The facility plans on using complex technology to destroy odor, recycle water, and a controlled CO2 system to improve plant photosynthesis.


Banff, Lloydminster vote to ban smoking and vaping weed in public

'To a 5-year-old, smoking is smoking, whether it involves tobacco, cannabis, cigarettes or vaporizing'.

More municipalities around Alberta are crafting bylaws to deal with the issue of smoking and vaping marijuana in public places once recreational cannabis becomes legal later this year.

On Monday, the Town of Banff banned vaping and smoking pot in all public places once cannabis becomes legal, and the City of Lloydminster went one step further, banning the smoking or vaping of all substances in public.

"We applaud the City of Lloydminster for making public health a top priority by banning all forms of smoking and vaping in indoor and outdoor public areas," said Les Hagen, executive director of Action on Smoking and Health.


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