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Hindu & Judaic Influences on the Rastafari Movement

Hinduism, Judaism, and the Rastafari movement of Jamaica may seem on the surface to have nothing in common with each other. But if we take a closer look there are things that the three spiritual traditions have in common. These commonalities grew out the colonial experience of Jamaicans.


How close are we to legalising cannabis?

How close are we to reform, and what would be the effects?


Uruguay calls out to cannabis growers to join govt's pot project

Published time: August 02, 2014 11:53
Edited time: August 02, 2014 19:27

AFP Photo / Miguel Rojo

Uruguay’s authorities have called on private pot growers to send in applications if they want to farm the plant in a government-run field as the country is taking a step closer to selling recreational drug.

The tender was issued from the Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), a newly formed governmental body which oversees the marketplace for marijuana. Open until August 18, it seeks up to five cannabis farmers who will get a license allowing them to grow the plant at a government-run field.


North-east's first major pro cannabis rally to take place in Redcar this weekend

A pro cannabis rally is taking place in Redcar on Saturday.

Supporters are to campaign for a change in the law, as well as those wanting to find out more about their efforts.

As part of their campaign organisers Teesside Cannabis Club - which has joined with Tyne & Wear Cannabis Club to host the event - seeks to see the drug legalised for medicinal use.

It is the first major cannabis-based event to be held in the North-east and will take place from 12pm - with further details available on the Facebook event page.

It will feature a number of speakers and the opportunity to meet other campaigners.


Australia Leading the Industrial Hemp Race

Hemp is a fast growing, water efficient crop, which can thrive in the worst soil and can be used for a bevy of products, including paper,food, and medicine. It was around thousands of years ago and it’s still being grown today, just not as much since being banned in the US decades ago. It’s got a bad reputation, being guilty by association since its cousin crop is marijuana.


5 Facts about hemp you won’t believe!

Current hemp newstells us that industrial hemp is on the rise in America. More states are beginning to grow their own industrial hemp, just as it was centuries ago. But here are a fistful ofhemp facts I think will blow your minds! If anything, it’s a good read to kill some time. And yes – I know the more seasoned industrial hemp veterans already know these facts, but it’s always nice to remind ourselves just how important this crop can be/is, and let’s face it, everyone loves reading facts. Just ask Snapple.


Baking bad — poppy seed alert

Poppy seeds widely used in bakery products may contain potentially hazardous levels of morphine (Getty)

FIRST it was the hash cake. Now cookery programmes such as The Great British Bake Off could be in danger of hitting a new high with opium muffins.

Poppy growers in Britain are to be issued with new advice on cultivating and processing their crops after scientists warned that seeds widely used in bakery products may contain potentially hazardous levels of morphine.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the guidelines were intended to minimise any risk to consumers and that “morphine-like” effects had been observed in some cases after poppy seed consumption.


Nepal's ex-crown prince nabbed in Thailand, again

BANGKOK (AP) — Nepal's former crown price, notorious for his flamboyant lifestyle, has been arrested for marijuana possession in Thailand for a second time in two years, police said Wednesday.

Paras Shah was taken into custody last week after officers found marijuana in his Bangkok hotel room, police Col. Chutrakul Madee said. He was released on bail Monday.

"The officers were initially called to investigate a quarrel between him and his girlfriend and then they found the marijuana," Chutrakul said. "He will be brought to a Bangkok court for prosecution."

Shah was in Thailand on a tourist visa.

In 2012, he was arrested for marijuana possession on the resort island of Phuket in southern Thailand. It's unclear how that case was resolved.


'World's first' recreational marijuana ad takes on prohibition policies (VIDEO)

Published time: July 15, 2014 15:39

Screenshot from youtube by Crop King

Crop King Seeds, a breeder of marijuana in Canada, has released what the company calls "the world's first” recreational pot commercial. Cue the uncontrollable laughter.

The Vancouver company has posted the part advertisement, part pro-marijuana public service message on YouTube, but has yet to air the spot.

“We wanted something that not just advertise [sic] our company but also something that promotes a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco,” Crop King Seeds said in a statement. “We want to break the stigma that marijuana has earned from years of media brainwash and manipulation.”


Investing in Washington State Marijuana

Why Washington State's Pot Industry Could be the Most Profitable

The dominos are starting to fall.

Just six months ago the state of Colorado became the first jurisdiction to legalize the recreational consumption of marijuana. This week it was the state of Washington’s turn to drop its pot prohibition, handing-out its first recreational marijuana retail licenses this Monday. And there are at least eight other states lined up behind them that are either considering or are already in the process of doing the same.


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