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Cannabis Cash: How Much Money Could Your State Make From Marijuana Legalization?

On Nov. 4, citizens in Alaska, Florida, Oregon and Washington, D.C., will cast their ballots on marijuana initiatives, and other states are also likely to consider legalization in upcoming elections. Colorado, the first state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, is expected to take in $60 million to $70 million this year in taxes from legal pot sales, according to the Denver Business Journal. Cash-strapped states stand to collect millions if they legalize the drug.


St Lucian gov’t wants ganja issue debated at CARICOM level - News

St Lucian gov’t wants ganja issue debated at CARICOM level

Thursday, September 18, 2014    


Move quickly on marijuana tourism, group urges St Lucia govt - News

Move quickly on marijuana tourism, group urges St Lucia govt

Saturday, September 13, 2014 | 1:05 PM    


Judge: ‘I would not be able to live with myself if I sent you to prison’ - The High Community (THC)

“You know that ordinarily a custodial sentence would be considered and might even be inevitable for this sort of offence but I would not be able to live with myself if I sent you to prison,” said Judge William Hart.

It would seem the justice system are having a change of Hart after a man was caught growing cannabis twice to treat his throat, damaged after undergoing radiation treatment.

This man was a humble 65 year old called Jonathan Yates, diagnosed for tongue cancer a few years back. He went on to go through dangerous radiation treatment for the cancer which left his throat badly damaged and in pain every day.


News24 Interviews BTL About Dagga Legalisation

News24 Live’s Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath hosted Below The Lion for a brief discussion about medicinal and recreational cannabis legalisation in South Africa.

[embedded content]


Why not let cannabis ease sufferers' pain? - Telegraph

The letters columns of The Daily Telegraph do not immediately spring to mind as a rallying point for the liberalisation of this country’s drugs laws. But two correspondents yesterday drew attention to what must be the most irrational and unjust restriction of all: the ban on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.


Drink and drug addictions 'blighting lives of classical musicians'

Addiction is blighting the lives of many classical musicians as they grapple with performance anxiety and antisocial hours, a cellist has said.

Rachael Lander features in a Channel 4 documentary that brings together classical musicians whose careers have been derailed by drug and drink problems.

The cellist, who was addicted to alcohol and prescription pills, said the problem was rife in the classical music world.

Lander, who began drinking to self-medicate her concert hall panic attacks, told Radio Times: "Addiction problems are widespread among classical musicians, for many reasons.


We're on the verge of victory in the fight for medicinal cannabis

By Peter Reynolds

The last British politician to have the courage to follow the evidence on drugs policy and introduce radical reform was Margaret Thatcher.  Now Norman Baker isn't normally in the same category as Thatcher but they have both demonstrated courage in the face of opposition from their colleagues and widespread bigotry and ignorance in parliament and Whitehall.

Tory cabinet members in 1986 must have been spluttering into their claret and very large whiskies when they heard Margaret was insisting on introducing clean needle exchange for injecting drug users. She was absolutely right to do so and her action saved thousands of lives. Many other countries followed her lead and it slowed the spread of HIV dramatically.


Fox 29 Announces New Marijuana Drug That Looks Like Lip Balm Hits Atlanta


Police say a potent new drug that looks like lip balm is exploding in popularity in metro Atlanta.

According to police there are several names for the drug including Honeycomb, Butter and Wax.

“It can be carried around in a bag, hidden in plain sight basically,” said Roswell Police Officer Zachary Frommer.

The drug is made from the oils of marijuana plants and has a very high concentration of THC.

“Joints you'd smoke could equal a dose of the wax,” said Frommer.

Roswell Police discovered 80 grams of Wax during a major drug bust at a home.


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