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The Disunited State of Cannabis

As Colorado celebrated a year of cannabis legalisation, Founders Fund, a venture-capital firm with $2 billion in assets that backed Facebook, has announced an investment in Privateer Holdings, a marijuana outfit behind names such as Leafly and [Bob] Marley Natural. Four states and Washington, DC, have now legalised recreational weed. A further 21 allow medical consumption under differing restrictions. Legal recreational and medical sales amounted to $2.6 billion last year, most of them in California and Colorado. That is just 6% of the estimated $40 billion still going to criminals (over $200 billion a year is spent on tobacco and alcohol). Cannabis venture capital was a tiny $104m in 2014 and opportunities remain limited because of federal restrictions.


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :

Marijuana caution

Sunday, January 18 2015

RECENT events in the news locally hint at a significant use of illicit marijuana by university students, a topic likely to be raised now by anxious parents with their youngsters in households across the country.

We think it is an apt time to sound a note of caution as to the drug’s harmful effects. At present, Trinidad and Tobago, like much of the rest of the world, faces a very confused picture as to how the drug should be viewed.

It is still illegal in most countries including ours, but has been decriminalised in places such as Uruguay and the State of Colorado and Washington DC. Even as in Europe some police forces now merely warn but not prosecute users.


Fresh Investor in a Thriving Cannabis Industry

Investor Insight: Brian Sheng, New York, NY

If you’re kid in class getting all the A’s, you quickly realize you have something to offer to those who aren’t. This is where entrepreneurship began for Brian Sheng of Fresh VC. From there, he experimented with an array of businesses and eventually came to find his strengths being utilized best in the art of venture capitalism! He has an eye for success and now dedicates his time to finding that in the growing companies of the cannabis industry. You won’t find one generic answer in our interview with him, he’s here to give it to us straight.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?


Oregon Marijuana Legalization Too Close to Call as Campaigns Enter Final Stretch

PORTLAND, OR – While U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley has endorsed Oregon’s Measure 91, which would legalize recreational marijuana,  voters in the state remain divided, with the outcome too close to call. “I lean in support of it,” Merkley told Talking Points Memo. Merkley is the first U.S. senator to endorse marijuana legalization. “I think folks […]


Medical Marijuana for Bipolar? Getting High is NOT the Object

  • On January 1, laws making legal the use of recreational marijuana went into effect in Colorado and the state of Washington. Fifty-six percent of Americans now favor legalization and regulation of marijuana.

    In the meantime, there are 20 states plus Washington DC where medical marijuana is legal, and four states with pending legislation.

    “Medical marijuana” is something of a misnomer. A physician does not write a prescription for a specific compound at a specific dosage that a patient fills at a pharmacy. Indeed, the physician’s only involvement may be in issuing the requisite medical marijuana card. 

    The card allows users to shop at marijuana dispensaries. It also amounts to a “get out of jail free” card


Venture Investing in Cannabis Technology Companies

Investor Insight: Shri Ganeshram, San Francisco, CA

Being in the business of the cannabis industry is a multi-dimensional experience. There are many different players involved, there are countless variables, and it’s a business that is not for the weak-willed or faint-of-drive. We, at Cashinbis, are dedicated to providing you unparalleled insight into this captivating industry and giving you the story behind every face. And as we are sure you already know, there are always two sides to every story; this one is no different. You’ve met the entrepreneurs and their innovations, now it’s time you meet the people who are taking those innovations to the top: The Investors.

The Chamber of Commerce for the Cannabis Industry

David Rheins: MJBA

The business world is no stranger to him – He’s been the face of countless empires, namely Rolling Stone, AOL, SPIN magazine, and Time Warner to name a few. He’s plowed his way through the weave of the corporate world, but where will we find him now? Look no further than the evolving cannabis industry. When an entrepreneur like David Rheins, founder of MJBA, is focusing his efforts on our industry, we know we’re on the right track.

What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?


The Cannabis Spa Movement Is Taking Off With Marijuana-Infused Massage Oils, Lotions And More

“Right there. You feel that?” my partner whimpers in the dark. The pain and exhaustion in her voice are audible.

I press my fingers hard into her outer thigh and massage in an expanding circle, over ripples of sculpted rock. Her rectus femoris barely loosens as I knead harder, using my knuckles.

“Sssssssss,” she hisses. “Right there…You can press harder.”

Reaching toward the nightstand, I scan a line-up of spray bottles, lotions and balm jars sitting in the dim light. I grab the smallest jar, said to be the most potent, and scoop a large dollop with my index finger and rub it into her hip and get to work. It smells of herb and mint.


Getting in Shape with a Cannabis-Infused Life

If you’re like most Americans, losing a few extra pounds is your goal for 2015. With holiday season in the rearview mirror and all of the leftovers finished, it’s the perfect time to get in shape.  While the idea of working out and using cannabis seem like diametrically opposed concepts to the anti-legalization crowd, it’s a movement that’s gaining steam in Denver—and people are seeing results.

The Pro Athlete

Clifford Drusinsky, 39, is the opposite of the “typical stoner” stereotype. With his own gym, a line of edibles in the works, and three Australian Shepherds, he’s a busy guy. He also placed at nine different triathlons in 2013. What separates Drusinsky’s workouts from others? Cannabis-infused edibles. 


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