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No increase in traffic injuries following cannabis legalization, study shows


The study reviewed Alberta and Ontario emergency department data.

With some Canadians poised to give the gift of legal weed for a fourth year in a row this holiday season, a new study has found no increase in traffic injuries in Alberta and Ontario following cannabis legalization. The University of British Columbia (UBC) study reviewed all Alberta and Ontario emergency department data from April 1, 2015, to Dec. 31, 2019. Based on this data, the research team concluded there was no evidence of significant changes in emergency department visits due to tragic injury immediately after cannabis legalization. Russ Callaghan, professor in the UBC school of population and public health, said in a press release the study’s findings are “somewhat surprising.”


'Copycat' cannabis edibles resembling candy causing serious harm to kids, Health Canada warns

health canada flyer

Health Canada has issued a warning over “copycat” cannabis edibles that closely resemble popular candies and snack foods, saying it is aware of several instances of children being hospitalized after consuming the illegal products.

The warning, issued Wednesday, mentions several unregulated cannabis products with flashy packaging, pictures and catchy names or symbols that mimic popular brands such as “Stoneo,” packaged to look like Oreo cookies, or “Medicated Sour” Skittles packaged to look like the popular candy.

“Examples of copycat illegal edible cannabis can include cereal and snack foods such as chips, cheese puffs, cookies, chocolate bars, and a variety of popular candies in colourful packaging,” reads the warning.


Can A Tolerance Break Help Reboot Your Relationship With CBD?


CBD acts as an antagonist when it comes to its relationship with your cannabinoid system, the opposite of what THC does.

Tolerance breaks are synonymous marijuana use. These breaks allow people to reboot their endocannabinoid system, ensuring that the drug affects them in ways that are efficient and that provide tangible results.

Like any other substance, developing a tolerance for marijuana, specifically THC, is problematic for those who consume it regularly. Seasoned users find themselves buying and consuming more cannabis, trying to experience the effects they used to have with just a few hits. While always annoying, this is complicated for people who use the drug medicinally.


3 years of legal cannabis

canadian woman

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada for a little over three years now. Since then, cannabis has become an everyday part of Canadian life in multiple aspects. Whether it be through recreational use, medical use, or through a business, it’s become just as prevalent as alcohol and tobacco.

So how exactly has cannabis impacted daily life of Canadians?

Recreational use is one of the most obvious ways cannabis has become part of Canadian society. 23% of Canadians reported having used cannabis in 2020. Most of those were younger adults, with 36% of users being aged 18-24 and 38% of users being 25-34.


3 Reasons Bowls And Bongs Are Now Obsolete


As technology around personal vaporizers continues to develop, it’s fair to assume that the likelihood of people leaving their glass paraphernalia in the past will only increase.

The world of cannabis consumption has expanded well beyond the realm of bowls and bongs. The advent of vaporizers have added a significant amount of variety when it comes to the choices of smoking paraphernalia on the market.

A lot of cannabis enthusiasts have a comfort level with their glass accessories that can be hard to break. That’s the case even though there are a handful of reasons to leave glass in the past.  


Exhibition celebrates half a century of cannabis culture in the Kootenays


The Grow Show exhibition at Touchstones Nelson museum runs until Feb. 27, 2022

Former activist Paul DeFelice still remembers what he calls the good times at the Holy Smoke Culture Shop, a legendary cannabis dispensary in Nelson, B.C., that he co-founded in 1996 where people could freely smoke weed and have a chat.

The shop, established to defy the laws against marijuana, was shut down after being busted by local police in 2006.

But more than three years after Canada legalized recreational cannabis, its legacy is highlighted in a local museum exhibition — and that's got DeFelice feeling nostalgic.


Under $50 ideas: Give the gift of cannabis this holiday season


From advent-inspired cannabis calendar to THC hot chocolate, here are nine suggestions from The GrowthOp.

This holiday season, amid an ongoing pandemic and with supply shortages hitting everything from televisions to turkeys, there’s probably never been a better time to give the gift of cannabis. 

Last month, the world’s largest cannabis buyer, the Ontario Cannabis Store, launched more than 120 new products onto the market, many with a holiday focus.


3 Popular Ways People Like To Consume Cannabis Products

cannabis cookies

In recent years, there have been some studies that show that there are promising health benefits that cannabis has. Further studies still need to be made to learn more about its benefits and whether there are side effects to it. Nonetheless, many people find it to have highly effective therapeutic effects on different health conditions that other medications failed to treat.


Unauthorized people not allowed in or out of former U.K. cannabis factory

police car

Residential property has been sealed after police cleaned out the 300 plants growing in multiple rooms over three storeys.

U.K. police have received court approval to seal a former weed factory in a residential part of Smethwick, the second such closure for the area in recent months, to “stop the antisocial behaviour often associated with cannabis farms.”

The magistrate’s Dec. 8 order allows the West Midlands Police (WMP) “to arrest people who go into the house” until Mar. 7, 2022, the police service reports.


Marijuana Growth Stages: How Much Time is Needed to Grow Marijuana?

just plant

Cannabis plants undergo some stages when they grow and mature. Each step requires a different level of water, nutrients, and light. Knowing the marijuana growth stages and their duration is crucial because you can tell when to prune, train, trellis, and harvest the plant. 

If you intend to grow marijuana, the article will help you know the growth stages. Each of them needs a specific environment and unique demands in every growth stage. The growth takes from three to five months.

Four Major Marijuana Growth Stages

A marijuana plant growth undergoes the four main stages below:


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