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Sales begin at Ontario's first marijuana retailer

Karen Hamilton was No. 1 in line at Weedology, Ontario’s first marijuana retailer, when the doors opened for sales Friday. 

David Schelhorn was second. 

Hamilton is a physician, and used to practice medicine in Seattle. She recommended medical marijuana to her patients suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and saw good results.  

“That’s why I’m really big on this for veterans,” she said.“That’s why I want to get it legal in Idaho.” 

Schelhorn, a drywaller from Idaho, has PTSD and is a recovering alcoholic, and he said that he credits marijuana with helping him stop drinking for the past 23 years. 

“This is a plant,” Schelhorn, said as he stood in line next to Hamilton. “God gave it to us for all of these reasons.” 


Do cannabis products over promise and under deliver?

It is safe to say by now that most of those who follow the what’s what in the grand scheme of the marijuana movement have encountered just about every fathomable medical claim associated with cannabis. All one needs to do is get into a quick Google search to find several sources suggesting that medical marijuana is useful in the treatment of severe health conditions from Alzheimer’s disease to pain.


Cannabis shops finally open in Lacombe

There’s a new green scene in downtown Lacombe as a total of four cannabis dispensaries are in the midst of opening.

Fuzzy Budz became the first to open last week, and will soon be followed by the opening of Merry Guanas on Thursday, Aug. 1, thanks to the Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) Commission’s lift on the retail cannabis licence moratorium at the end of May.

The four stores, which also include Canna Cabana and MJAYZ Cannabis Corp., will actually give Lacombe and it’s 13,000 residents more cannabis stores than nearby Red Deer with over 100,000 residents.


Amherstburg puts 'teeth' into new cannabis retail bylaw

Ahead of the lottery for the next round of retail cannabis stores in Ontario, Amherstburg council is putting some extra "teeth" into the town's cannabis retail bylaws.

Council unanimously passed a "cannabis retail nuisance bylaw" Monday night, which includes standards and protocols for any store that opens in the future.

The town doesn't have any pot shops yet -- administration says it's just trying to get ahead of the game.

That’s because earlier this month the provincial government announced it would issue another 50 licenses to any community that's opted in. 11 of those will go to the west region and that includes Amherstburg.


Osheaga allowing legal cannabis on site for this weekend's music festival

With this weekend’s wildly popular outdoor music festivallooming, Osheaga organizers are reminding guests that only government-bought cannabis will be available on site.

Since the festival takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau, smoking cannabis will be permitted as provincial law allows smoking in public parks.

More like OsheGANJA, right?

(Sorry, we still have time to work on that pun.)

While live music, herds of people, and cannabis may pair together nicely, Osheaga officials are warning festival-goers that only sealed containers from a government source will be allowed.


Vancouver Island's 1st government pot shop to open in Campbell River

Campbell River is the first community on Vancouver Island where residents will be able to purchase weed directly from the province. 

A government-operated B.C. Cannabis Store will open July 31 at the Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre, located in the 1400 block of the Island Highway.

A government store will also open in Cranbrook on the same day.

They'll be the third and fourth provincially run stores to open in B.C. since the federal government legalized recreational cannabis in October 2018.


Did you know you can't use cannabis in these areas?

Cannabis has been legal to use recreationally in Canada for a while now, but some may still not be aware of the specific areas where its use remains prohibited.

As there can be some hefty fines and charges for those caught breaking the law, it’s good to be aware of where you can and can’t enjoy cannabis.

Since its legalization, residents have typically been allowed to consume the drug in private residences including porches and backyards, most outdoor public places including sidewalks and parks, designated smoking guest rooms in hotels, motels and inns, and residential vehicles and boats that meet specific criteria (they have permanent sleeping accommodations and cooking facilities, and are parked or anchored).

So, where can you not use cannabis?


The score on Toronto’s legal cannabis dispensaries

Nova Cannabis, 499 Queen W.

BUZZ Airy. Most user-friendly of Toronto’s legal pot shops.

COOL Emphasis on the consumer experience; cannabis education sessions offered every Thursday; helpful cue cards on display with info on strains; decent selection of accessories for your smokables – the other places try too hard; you can order using giant touch screen.

NOT COOL Website. You can subscribe to their newsletter but otherwise little information on what’s available in-store. 


Quebec to ban sweet pot edibles ahead of next legalization phase

Quebecers hoping to buy cannabis chocolates, jujubes and other sweets after they become legal in Canada will be out of luck as the provincial government has decided to ban their sale.

Judging the measures planned by Ottawa to regulate the upcoming legalization of cannabis edible sales insufficient, Quebec unveiled its more stringent rules Wednesday.

The province announced it would ban the sale of cannabis candies, confections, desserts -- including chocolate -- and "any other product that is attractive to minors."


Everything you need to know about marijuana legalization 2.0

Last year, Wall Street and investors witnessed history being made many times over. In the U.S., we observed additional states legalize medical marijuana, pushing the total number of states to have given the green light to cannabis in some capacity to 33, and saw the Food and Drug Administration approve the very first cannabis-derived drug. Meanwhile, Canada became the first industrialized country in the world to approve the sale of recreational weed in October.

But there's plenty of history yet to be made, with the next game-changing cannabis launch due later this year in Canada. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to marijuana legalization 2.0.


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