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Red Eyes? Here’s Why It Happens When You Smoke Weed



Bloodshot eyes are a pretty good indicator that someone is high. Here’s why this happens, and what you can do to prevent it.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of a marijuana high is those glaringly red eyes. Despite putting on perfume, washing your hands, and acting your heart out to look as normal and sober as possible, red eyes can easily break your cover. Fortunately, they are temporary and painless — they just make you look high as hell. Why does this happen?


What Method Of Smoking Weed Gets You The Highest — Is There One?

couple getting high

If you decide to change your smoking methods because you feel you’re not high enough, you might not experience any difference if you do not confirm the quality of your product.

Do you ever ask yourself if you’re smoking weed the right way? Or do you have a favorite way of smoking pot but you have that nagging feeling that you’re not doing it the right way?  It’s not just you. Everyone cannot have the same ‘best’ way of smoking cannabis. Your best high may not be the same as mine.

The goal of many recreational marijuana users is to get high the best way possible, and when high, they aim to get the highest. The more they find themselves rolling or inhaling smoke from their delivery devices, the more doubt they’ll have.


Top cannabis-friendly cities in Canada

couple smoking joint

Whether you’re visiting, celebrating something special, or just want to indulge in the cannabis world, these are the Top cannabis-friendly cities in Canada to have an amazing time. Canada is one of the two countries in the world that have completely legalized cannabis, so it’s a paradise to those who want to enjoy the plant freely and have a unique travel experience. It’s not difficult to find a cannabis dispensary in Canada, especially not in the online space. Naked Cannabis is easily one of the best! But once you have your preferred cannabis product, what should you do next? Well, you can go on a tour of the most cannabis-friendly cities in Canada and immerse yourself in the culture! To help you decide where to go, here are the top 3 cannabis cities to visit.


Seth Rogen shares thoughts on beating black market weed in Canada

gloved hand holding cannabis plant

Canadian actor Seth Rogen, who recently launched his own cannabis brand in partnership with Canopy Growth, believes that the Canadian government should reconsider its strategy against combating the black market for marijuana.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, the Pineapple Express star described Ottawa’s current efforts as “not incredibly helpful if their actual goal is to destroy the black market.”

According to Rogen, people have less incentive to sell weed legally due to the complex and expensive procedure for setting up dispensaries. 


7 Ways To Get A Bad High Under Control

Bad highs can be very stressful situations and it’s important to learn how to cope with them. Here are some ways to come down from a bad high quickly.

Bad highs are a normal part of life, but that doesn’t make them suck any less. These intense experiences can make us feel paranoid and like we’re not in control of our bodies. They tend to occur when people are trying out a new cannabis method, when they’re with people they don’t feel comfortable with, or when located in a strange situation.

While sometimes a bad high occurs because our bodies weren’t feeling great or because we smoked a strain that isn’t doing it for us, in order to prevent them, it’s important to try to control some of the outside factors that can produce them.


Why Your Marijuana Tolerance Break Isn’t Working

passing a joint

The amount of time you allow for your T-break is important, but how you spend that time away from THC can also affect the effectiveness of your respite.

Tolerance breaks, often referred to as T-breaks, are a great way to reset your body and reawaken the long-forgotten feeling you had when you first started using cannabis. If you use marijuana regularly, its effects can alter and weaken over time. When you need more and more weed to feel the same effects, you might be one of many cannabis users who could benefit from a T-break.


Viola Brands Launches Nationwide in Canada through the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ online platform

Avicanna products

 Avicanna Inc. ("Avicanna" or the "Company”) (TSX: AVCN)
(OTCQX: AVCNF) (FSE: 0NN), a Canadian biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of plant-derived, cannabinoid-based products, announced today the distribution of Viola cannabis products across Canada on the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers online platform, a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.™, Canada’s leading health, beauty, and convenience retailer. The well-established equity focused brand will also be made available across adult use channels including Ontario and New Brunswick imminently.  


Not your grandmother's recipe? Cannabis cookies hit P.E.I. shelves


P.E.I. Cannabis now offers two flavours of cannabis-infused cookies. (P.E.I. Cannabis)


There is a new location to get baked goods on the Island — cannabis cookies are now being sold at P.E.I. Cannabis retailers.

"We're very excited about it," said Colin MacDonald, brand and communications manager for P.E.I. Cannabis. "It is an addition to our current portfolio of edibles which have been available in our stores for two years now."

Edibles such as gummies, mints and chocolates were already being sold at the store, but the first supply of baked goods only hit the shelves earlier this week. People have been quick to sink their teeth in.

"The uptake has been quite good so far this week," MacDonald said.


Canadians want affordable weed. Retailers are listening

rolling a joint

Exclusivity, discount bud and a Costco-style membership model are a few ways retailers are competing with the illicit market.

Around October of last year, the legal cannabis industry reached a turning point in Canada’s most populous province.

For the first time, the price of pot from the provincial wholesaler, the Ontario Cannabis Store, dipped below the average price on the illicit market. According to the latest quarterly report from the OCS, that gap has continued to widen . The average gram on the is now $6 versus $8.51 on the illicit market and $8.28 at brick and mortar retail shops.


Happy meal: McDonald's food delivery 'contained bags of cannabis'

scooter pulled over by police

The man was arrested for drug driving after testing positive for cannabis.

A takeaway delivery rider was caught carrying five bags of cannabis together with a McDonald's meal, police say.

The 18-year-old man from Reading was stopped by officers on Wednesday and arrested for drug driving.

In a post on Facebook the roads policing team said: "I'm fairly sure your burger and fries don't come with a free bag or two of cannabis edibles."

Though the drugs were kept in a Deliveroo bag the moped rider was not working for the company at the time.


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