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Abandoned greenhouse bust nets $2.7M in illegal cannabis in Leamington

police car

OPP say investigation is ongoing

Ontario Provincial Police say about $2.7 million worth of marijuana was located in a bust in Leamington.

Police and bylaw officers had a court order to to dismantle what they called an abandoned illegal grow operation at a greenhouse, OPP said in a media release on Friday.

Almost 500 pounds of dried cannabis, and well over 2,200 plants were found at the site, located in the 1000 block of Mersea Road 2.

"Joint enforcement is appreciated and crucial in successfully curtailing the ongoing illegal cannabis enterprises that continue to immerse themselves in our communities. We will continue to utilize whatever resources are available to stop these prohibited grows," OPP Sgt. Chhieu Seng said in a media release.


Ottawa moves to loosen restrictions on cannabis drinks

cbd drink

The federal government in Ottawa has proposed new regulations that would loosen restrictions placed on cannabis infused beverages, paving the way for more cannabis drinks to soon be available to Canadians.


Fast-tracking of pot legalization came with a cost on roads

woman with marijuana behind the wheel

A study found that ­combining cannabis and alcohol impairs driving ability to a far greater extent than either substance used on its own does.

While the recent court case involving a Central Saanich man who struck and killed a woman and critically injured her sister almost four years ago was unfolding in Victoria, new findings on how cannabis affects people’s driving abilities were also being released.

In B.C. Supreme Court, Anthony Thomas pleaded not guilty to six ­driving offences, including impaired driving and dangerous driving causing the death of Kim Ward, 51, on Aug. 27, 2018, and impaired driving and dangerous driving causing bodily harm to her sister, Tracy Ward.


Cannabis industry steps up to support Ukraine


Businesses in the cannabis industry are stepping up to help Ukraine as it battles to repel the Russian invasion.

As war wages in Ukraine, cannabis industry businesses across the United States are doing their part to help those caught in the ravages of the conflict. Russia invaded its smaller neighbor Ukraine on February 24 after massing on the border between the two nations for months, leading to a humanitarian crisis.


RCMP seize over two pounds of cocaine at Canada-U.S. border; one person arrested


RCMP federal policing have arrested a man and seized over two pounds of cocaine, a weapon as well as illegal cannabis at the Woodstock-Houlton border crossing.

On February 18, 2022, the New Brunswick RCMP responded to a call for service at the Woodstock-Houlton border crossing, where a Canadian traveler had been denied entry into the United States and was being detained by the Canada Border Services Agency.

A 47-year-old man from Toronto, Ontario was arrested by the New Brunswick RCMP. A search of his vehicle led to the seizure of more than two pounds of cocaine, a weapon, money, as well as one pound of illegal cannabis. His vehicle was seized and he was released pending a future court appearance.


Ontario government makes delivery, curbside pickup permanent for cannabis retailers



Only a retail store authorization holder or its employees can make the deliveries. Third-party delivery is not permitted

It’s official: the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has announced the provincial government has permanently green-lit the ability of cannabis retailers to offer delivery and curbside pickup services.


Costa Rica's Congress has just approved cannabis for medicinal use

Costa Rica

"[This] will bring investment and generate employment"

Costa Rica's congress has just passed a bill which would legalise medical cannabis.

Following three years of discussions and a presidential veto on an older iteration of the bill, Costa Rica's Congress approved a measure on Tuesday (March 1) that will allow medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp cultivation.

The measure was signed by legislators from Costa Rica's ruling party and many opposition organisations, and President Carlos Alvarado praised it as "of great benefit to Costa Rica."

Cannabis cultivation and sale for recreational purposes will remain prohibited in Costa Rica.


Veterans Affairs Canada paid for nearly $116 million worth of cannabis for medical purposes in 2021


Although the number of veterans in Canada covered by Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC) medical cannabis reimbursement program continues to increase every year.

Veterans Affairs Canada’s cannabis for medical purposes reimbursement policy allows approved veterans to be reimbursed for up to three grams a day at a fixed cost of nor more than $8.50 a gram. 

Although the program initially had no limit on how much cannabis could be reimbursed, the three-gram policy was implemented in November 2016, in large part to address rising costs and very high daily gram totals from some who were using the program. 


All eyes on Germany as marijuana startups pull in funding

German flag

Investors bet on recreational pot 

Europe’s cannabis startups are raking in investor funds at an accelerating pace on the prospect of recreational marijuana becoming legal in Germany. Medical use — already legal — is also seeing tremendous growth.

After a slowdown in venture-capital deals in 2020, the cannabis industry recovered last year, and 2022 is also off to a good start as investors position themselves to cash in on the region’s promising cannabis market, according to Stephen Murphy, co-founder and chief executive officer of Prohibition Partners, a research firm focused on marijuana.


Cabbie busted for cannabis while parked in lot of collision reporting centre

OPP officer

Driver faces charge of operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs

A 60-year-old taxi driver has been charged with drug driving after some sharp-nosed, off-duty officers sniffed out the smell of weed coming from his parked vehicle at a Collision Reporting Centre.

The cabbie was in the parking lot of the reporting centre in Azilda, Ont., located about a 15-minute drive from Sudbury, at around 10 a.m. on Feb. 19 when he attracted the notice of officers.

The driver had reported a rear-end collision involving the cab, notes a statement this week from the Greater Sudbury Police Service.


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