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Marijuana legalization sparks concerns about DUIs, enforcement for McHenry County police chiefs

Police chiefs in McHenry County have concerns about residents driving under the influence and how to properly enforce the law now that Illinois is poised to become the 11th state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana.

Since marijuana first was legalized in Colorado in January 2014, the state has collected about $6.4 billion in total sales, according to data from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Conversely – despite downturns in a number of marijuana-related crimes – traffic fatalities involving a driver who tested positive for cannabis compounds increased from 55 in 2013 to 139 in 2017, according to a 2018 report from the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice’s Office of Research and Statistics.


Marijuana stocks to watch after FDA hearing

Last week the FDA held its first-ever hearing on CBD, the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis. It has long-been used for medical applications and now that it’s being put into food items and sold on a mass-scale, the FDA is requesting more information. The hearing lasted nearly 10-hours and saw more than 100 speakers testify about the wide range of experiences and segments of the industry over the years. At the end of the day, everything seems to come down to compliance yet the FDA still has to determine how it will regulate CBD.


Will Canada follow Denver’s lead in decriminalizing magic mushrooms?

In May, the Mile-High City proved it’s still leading the charge against prohibition, even in less-well-trodden, perhaps even taboo, spaces.

Though Denver’s vote to decriminalize the use of magic mushrooms for anyone 21 and over only passed by a hair, residents in one of the first canna-friendly cities south of the border no longer have to worry about serving jail time for owning or using psilocybin mushrooms. 


StatsCan in talks with provinces, retailers to improve cannabis sales data

Statistics Canada is in talks with provincial regulators to obtain up-to-date information from cannabis retailers that would provide highly accurate sales data for the legal marijuana sector.

James Tebrake, assistant chief statistician for economic statistics at Statistics Canada, told BNN Bloomberg on Wednesday that the statistics agency plans to obtain the level of granular data for the cannabis sector that it already receives for some food items when it compiles its monthly inflation figures.


Next round of pot store openings coming soon, says Fedeli

You will soon know whether a pot store is coming to a town near you. 

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli told North Bay's CKAT that the government will be announcing details in the near future on where the next round of cannabis stores will be located.

He says the government took a "measured approach" at first by going online only, but now has 20 stores open.

"We're doing very well. We got our first reports on how they're progressing but the shortage of product is still the largest stumbling block."

He says low supplies of cannabis have been a big concern, and he places some of the blame on Ottawa.


Cannabis stocks fall after FDA hearing on CBD finds conflicting views of substance

Cannabis stocks were mostly lower Monday, as investors digested the first reports from Friday’s regulatory hearing on cannabis and its ingredients and the news that Illinois is legalizing weed for adult recreational use.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted its first-ever hearing on cannabis and its nonintoxicating ingredient CBD all day Friday with more than 100 speakers offering views, including researchers, health professionals, advocates, manufacturers and opponents.


Canadian cannabis shortages resolving more quickly than expected: BMO analyst

The Canadian cannabis industry is beginning to solve the supply shortages that have plagued it since legalization came into force, according to an analyst at Bank of Montreal (BMO). Tamy Chen, an equity research analyst for BMO Capital Markets, says the chronic issues are being resolved more quickly than projected. “It appears that the industry supply is improving sooner than we had anticipated,” Chen wrote in a letter to clients on May 30.


Canada's ending of cannabis prohibition parallels alcohol in big ways

When Canada legalized cannabis in October 2018, it ended a ninety-five-year long prohibition.

This has catapulted the government into a new era of cannabis regulation. Federal, provincial, and municipal authorities are all rolling out their own methods of adapting in a post-prohibition environment.

But if history has taught us anything about ending a prohibition, it’s that they don’t go out easily.

Take British Columbia’s liquor laws for example. Many of the inane provincial and municipal laws that we have on the books today were developed as a result of alcohol prohibition and the attitudes that people carried as a result of it.


Cannabis regulation in Canada’s 10 provinces: Here’s what you need to know

When Canada’s plans to legalize recreational marijuana sprung into existence, people did not take it seriously, as many citizens thought it was a political scheme to convince voters. It was not until Wednesday, October 17, 2018, that many were convinced as Canada became the second country globally to accept the use of said plant.

As stores make their way, those interested need to bear many things in mind. For instance, what might the cost of purchasing marijuana be from province to province? Other factors worth mentioning here include supply and demand, age requirements, amount allowed in one’s possession, etc.


Cannabis edibles legalization in the works in Alberta

Earlier this month, TheCannalysts and Grant Thornton brought the WeCann Conference to Edmonton, Alberta. Various speakers and panels were invited to the conference to discuss important topics related to cannabis, from marijuana agriculture up to its retail. The gathering aims to recognize and commemorate the cannabis industry’s development and economic growth throughout the years and to explore more on its many possibilities. 

During the one-day event, there was one topic that got the attention of multiple panels –  the second stage of the implementation and the legalization of cannabis edibles into the market. 


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