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Expect no quick end to Canada-wide cannabis shortages, producers warn

The supply shortages that have plagued many provinces in the first month of legal cannabis will likely persist for years, industry insiders say.

Provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have all reported varying degrees of shortages.


Ontario Cannabis Store delivery times 'back on track,' finance minister says

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is “back on track” according to the province’s finance minister, with legal pot now expected to arrive on doorsteps within one to three business days of the order being placed.

The government-run online retail store has been plagued with problems since its launch on Oct. 17, the day marijuana was legalized in Canada. Some customers experienced long wait times for delivery and others had incorrect orders arrive at the door.

Immediately after the online store opened, it received more than 100,000 orders in 24 hours. Within days, customers were warned that deliveries would be delayed up to five days.


Cannabis edibles, drinks will mark '2nd wave' of legalization

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, producers are looking forward to what they're calling the "second wave" of legalization — edibles, drinks and vaping products expected to become legal starting next year. 

Bruce Linton, the founder and co-CEO of Canopy Growth, said new products developed by Tweed — the cannabis brand owned by Canopy and based in Smiths Falls — represent the next big opportunity.

"I think if you're not preparing things two years in advance, you're never ready," he said. 

"Right now, none of the chocolate or gummy bears or beverages can be prepared or sold, but we're doing experiments on how to make them."


Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:

Pot earnings

Cannabis producers Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, Tilray and Chronos will report their final pre-legalization financial results next week. The rollout of legal pot has been uneven across the country, with significant supply and delivery problems reported in Ontario and Quebec.

TransCanada talk

TransCanada Corp. will host its annual investor day in Tuesday. The company said on Friday it remains committed to the Keystone XL crude pipeline project despite a Montana judge’s ruling that it must pass a further environmental review.


What drivers and passengers need to know about B.C.'s legal weed laws

By now, we should all know that driving a motor vehicle with cannabis in your body could result in harsh legal penalties. But what about driving with cannabis in your car?

Now that cannabis is legal, adults are able to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis or its equivalent in public places. However, when it comes to your motor vehicle, there are a number of restrictions about how that should be done in order to properly comply with the law.


Dry spell: Canada runs low on legal marijuana just weeks after its approval

Canada is running low on legal pot three weeks after the government approved the use of recreational marijuana, a shortage that is sending some frustrated consumers back to the black market, writes Dan Bilefsky.

At least three provinces — Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick — are facing a dearth of legal marijuana and two of them have seen outlets selling cannabis temporarily shut down for lack of supply.


U.S border patrol warning travelers from Canada with marijuana

U.S. Customs and Border protection says border officers in Montana are intercepting travelers from Canada who are in possession of marijuana.

Two Americans were also recently arrested after admitting to having a marijuana pipe and biying marijuana in Canada. Hash oil and other declared items were also in their vehicle.

Border officials say although recreational marijuana may be legal in Canada and some U.S. states, it is reminding travelers that pot remains illegal in most of the U.S.

It says Canadians working in the marijuana industry coming to the U.S. for reasons unrelated to the marijuana industry will generally be allowed entry.


Cannabis legalization could force hike in car insurance rates

The legalization of cannabis on October 17 was a huge day for Canada, but for drivers it has created a lot of questions. Like alcohol, cannabis is considered a substance that impairs your ability to drive, but what constitutes ‘impairment’ is somewhat unclear right now, and impairment rules differ between police forces across Canada.


What legal cannabis means for Canada's economy

Canada is buzzing after the legalization of recreational cannabis, with long lines at the few retailers already open, a supply shortage, impaired driving fears, people taking to the streets in joy ... 

But what does legalization mean for the Canadian economy? How much is the market potentially worth?


Canada's rocky legal-marijuana rollout has been plagued by product shortages, out-of-control lines, and distribution issues — and people are turning to the black market

Canada officially legalized marijuana on October 17, but Canadians across the country have had a tough time getting their hands on the product — legally, that is.

Patrick and Michael, 26, roommates in downtown Toronto, have had a somewhat typical post-legalization experience. (Their last names withheld because they purchased marijuana illegally.)


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