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Arson investigation leads to discovery of Cannabis Act violation in Ontario

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is investigating an arson that led to the discovery of a violation of the federal Cannabis Act, reports CTV Windsor. 

Officers with the OPP’s Kingsville detachment, south of Windsor, were dispatched to 1300 block of Road 3 East on Monday morning, shortly after 4 a.m.

Ontario’s Office of the Fire Marshal has been called in and is investigating the fire as arson. According to reports, the preliminary investigation also led to the discovery of a violation of the Cannabis Act.


'It's very Darwinian': Experts predicting shakedown in Canada's cannabis market

After a boom in the cannabis industry following legalization in 2018, experts are predicting a rough patch for the sector in the coming years.

Alberta has 611 cannabis stores, more than any other province in the country.

“There’s clearly a demand for cannabis,” said Trevor Fencott, the CEO of Fire & Flower, one of the largest cannabis retailers in Canada.

“We have a vibrant retail industry in Canada, we have a vibrant ancillary services industry in Canada for legal, accounting, all that other stuff that we built in there, that’s important.”

In the two-and-a-half years since legalization, the marijuana market has had some struggles. The initial hype was followed by a high demand that producers and sellers initially couldn’t keep up with.


Hey Prohibitionists. This Is All You Need to Know About the Cannabis Plant

Fifty years ago, "420" became part of the public lexicon and eventually grew into a worldwide celebration of cannabis and its culture. What began as a slang term among California high-schoolers is now a widely renowned expression that comprises everything from the plant and its cultural use to the multibillion-dollar industry it has nurtured around the globe.


Most Canadians not ready to expand drug legalization beyond cannabis

Canada has had just over two and a half years of legal marijuana. The 4/20 commemorations that used to captivate large audiences in some municipalities are gone, especially now that we are being urged to stay away from each other because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more than a decade, Canadians voiced support for the legalization of cannabis. Those who consumed it saw it as an opportunity to enjoy it in different settings and forms. Those who did not partake regarded it as a welcome chance to raise funds that could be used to pay for other things.


Lawsuit seeks to overturn Quebec’s broad prohibition of all things cannabis on products

It’s now up to a Quebec judge to decide if the provincial ban on selling products ranging from T-shirts to books simply because they include a cannabis image is too broad and restrictive, as one Montreal headshop co-owner argues it is.

Michael Chevalier, a lawyer for the shop owner, argued the all-encompassing ban on all images of weed leaves and drug-related slogans inhibits legitimate freedom of expression, according to a report by The Canadian Press.


How Marijuana Legalization Will Greatly Benefit The Criminal Justice System

Prohibiting marijuana hurts the legitimacy and credibility of the criminal justice system. Such prohibitions are undemocratic, racially discriminative, costly, ineffective and a blatant waste of resources.

Cannabis users and enthusiasts always want to focus solely on the medicinal and recreational benefits of the plant, which is excellent, but there is more to understand about marijuana.

For example, you cannot separate marijuana usage from the policy-making process, including legalization and the criminal justice system. These governmental aspects are fundamental because they affect how we all use cannabis.


How Cannabis Laws Impact Professional Sports

Throughout history, professional athletes have been punished by teams, leagues and the law for cannabis consumption. Several high-profile examples are listed below, showcasing just how serious such actions were viewed within the world of professional sports.


Meet the Next Big Disruptor to the Cannabis Industry

It’s no secret the cannabis industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth these past few years — from a market perspective and a political one.

Consider the political and policy changes we’ve seen in recent months. The House of Representatives recently passed historic legalization legislation (the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act).

Thirty-six states now have programs for recreational use, medical use or both. With these changes and a new, cannabis-friendly administration, we’re on track to see federal legalization within the next few years and continued leaps forward in this industry.


The second coming of cannabis legalization in Canada

Three years ago we celebrated legalization in Canada with the first legal 420. Huddled under tarps, tokers lined up in the rain to sample the wares on offer from the first legal cannabis retailers in Ontario. Still, it felt like two steps forward, one step back, as lounges and cannabis events remained illegal, and cannabis edibles wouldn’t be available for another year. In the green rush to scale quickly, Licensed Producers unfortunately also forgot about quality.


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