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Cannabis facility on McGill?

Kamloops building

The City of Kamloops is considering issuing a permit for a small cannabis processing facility to operate along McGill Road.

At its meeting Tuesday afternoon, city council voted in favour of having staff distribute a notice of intent to consider issuing the temporary use permit. (Photo by: Tim Petruk)

According to city staff, if the permit is awarded, the business — which would operate in an existing building located at McGill Road and Concordia Way — would be allowed to prepare and package small batches of dried cannabis and extract oils for use in topicals, edibles and other products.

Two delivery trucks will take products created in the facility to retailers. No retail space would be set up at the facility itself.


Calgary Cannabis Club launches petition challenging public consumption bylaw

woman smoking cannabis

The Calgary Cannabis Club, a registered non-profit focused on cannabis education and aiding medical and recreational consumers, is challenging a city bylaw that prohibits public pot consumption.

“It is unjust for elector voters of the City of Calgary to have no public area to consume cannabis,” states a petition created by Neil Linton, the events director of the Calgary Cannabis Club.


OPP seizes cannabis worth an estimated $35M

Five people have been charged with possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution and cultivating illicit cannabis following last week’s discovery of about $35 million worth of cannabis east of Cobourg, Ont.

Citing the Northumberland County detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, Global News reports that both cannabis plants and products were discovered during the raid last Friday.


OPP seize nearly $1.5 million in illicit cannabis and cannabis products

cash seized by investigators

(TORONTO, ON) – An investigation into illicit cannabis production and distribution in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has resulted in the seizure of nearly $1.5 million in illicit cannabis and illicit cannabis products, as well as charges against Toronto residents under the Cannabis Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and the Criminal Code of Canada.


Charges against Ontario teen include multiple counts related to cannabis

OPP officer in uniform

Cannabis-related charges include possession for the purpose of distributing, a person under 19 years possessing cannabis and driving a vehicle or boat with cannabis readily available. / PHOTO BY OPP

A 16-year-old Cochrane resident is facing a number of charges following a traffic stop on Highway 11 west of Cochrane by officers from the James Bay Detachments of the Ontario Provincial Police on Monday.

After stopping the vehicle and speaking with the driver, the 16-year-old was arrested and charged.


RCMP Police Dog Sniffs Out Drugs During Traffic Stop

police dog sniffed out drugs

Saskatchewan RCMP say a police dog helped officers seize 300 grams of crack cocaine during a traffic stop near Maidstone. On Sunday afternoon, a Saskatchewan RCMP Roving Traffic Unit officer pulled over a vehicle on Highway 16 for having excessive windshield damage and window tint. RCMP Police Service Dog Kilo helped in a search of the vehicle and with his help, officers report finding 300 grams of crack cocaine and seven grams of illicit cannabis. The Saskatchewan RCMP note that 300 grams is about 600 daily doses.


Proposed Cannabis Class Action Goes Up in Smoke

vape smoke

In Badesha v. Cronos Group, 2021 ONSC 4346, the court refused to certify an action alleging securities misrepresentation because there was no reasonable possibility that the alleged misrepresentations caused any loss. The plaintiff argued that thousands of alleged misrepresentations in the defendant’s financial statements should be treated as separate misrepresentations, but failed to establish—or even plead—that anyone relied on any one of them.


Questions about cannabis facility at town hall meeting


A town hall meeting about a proposed cannabis production facility at the abandoned Blackwater Factory in Foymount showed while there were still some concerns about the proximity of the playground, water contamination, odour and traffic, other area residents are just plain excited about jobs and new opportunities in the abandoned industrial park.


Long-serving Tory MP says Scheer dropped him from critic role over pro-cannabis position

Scott Reid, an Ottawa-area and long-serving Conservative MP says that under outgoing leader Andrew Scheer he was “sacked” from his role as critic for democratic institutions after breaking ranks and voting in favour of cannabis legalization.

In a blog post sharing his ideas for the future of the party given the upcoming leadership contest, Reid also opens up about his 2018 experience of being ousted as the Conservatives' leading voice on democratic reforms, in making his case for why he thinks the party has become too “dictatorial” when it comes to centralized caucus discipline.


Study: No spike in traffic-related injuries after Canada legalized recreational cannabis

traffic light

Neither Ontario nor Alberta — far and away, the leaders for the number of cannabis stores in the country — have witnessed a significant rise in emergency visits from traffic-related injuries since weed got the green light three years ago.


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