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Regulate Pot? Uruguay's been there, with whisky

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — The government of Uruguay makes Scotch whisky. It also makes and sells rum, vodka and cognac, and has done so for nearly a century. Many people consider this sideline of the state to be an historical accident — a wasteful and even eccentric contradiction.

But President Jose Mujica says Uruguay's long experience at the center of the nation's liquor business makes it more than capable of dominating another substance: marijuana.

Final Senate approval of Uruguay's marijuana law is expected by late September, and the government plans to license growers, sellers and users as quickly as possible thereafter to protect them from criminal drug traffickers, said ruling party Sen. Lucia Topolansky, who is also Uruguay's first lady.


Uruguay president to defend marijuana plan at UN

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Uruguayan President Jose Mujica plans to defend his government's groundbreaking marijuana licensing plan in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in September, his spokesman said Friday.

By then, the marijuana proposal is expected to be the law in this land of 3.3 million, with bureaucrats preparing to issue the first licenses to grow, sell and smoke government-approved pot.


Moroccan Marijuana Fix Sought to Cultivate Exports

At least 800,000 Moroccans live off illegal marijuana cultivation, generating annual sales estimated at $10 billion, or 10 percent of the economy, according to the Moroccan Network for the Industrial and Medicinal use of Marijuana, a local charity. Photographer: Abdelhak Senna/AFP via Getty Images

Mustapha Tahiri, a cannabis farmer in northern Morocco, looks forward to the day he can sell his crop without worrying about being jailed. If lawmakers in the Islamist-led government have their way, that isn’t too far off.


Tonight at 9: "Pot Moms" tell all

As part of a special "Piers Morgan Live" entitled "Gone to Pot: America's Marijuana Obsession," tonight Piers Morgan welcomes Cheryl Shuman, January Thomas, Amie Machado and Glenda Gurrlen, collectively called the "Pot Moms," to talk about their experience with cannabis and why they choose the drug over many others.

“Marijuana is the slang name and cannabis is actually the true scientific name... It deserves some respect,” declares Shumam, known as the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana." “The bottom line is cannabis is here to stay, the toothpaste is out of the tube,” says Shuman, the creator of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.


15 Surefire Ways To Please Customers

You have one way to grow: surround your customers with value. Here's how.

n this economy of stagnant demand and constrained spending, you have one way to grow: surround your customers with value.

But what is value? It’s anything that enhances your customers’ experience with your company or your products. Consider this list:


Government stands its ground on dagga - Crime & Courts | IOL News

myrtle clarke and julian stubbsINDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERSMyrtle Clark and Julian Stubbs are challenging legislation which criminalises the use and possession of dagga. Photo: Jennifer Bruce

Legislation prohibiting the use and possession of dagga should not go up in smoke, as these laws protect people against the use of this addictive drug.

This is the argument by the government in opposing an application by a dagga-smoking couple.

The pair are challenging legislation which criminalises the use and possession of dagga.


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