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Class is in session at Canada's first 'pot school'

The school year may be two weeks old, but there's still a buzz at one college in southern Ontario over a program not available anywhere else in the country.

"I never thought five years ago, maybe even two years ago, that we'd be here in this classroom starting a course on commercial cannabis production," said professor Bill MacDonald.

MacDonald is the head of Niagara's College's new cannabis program. On the first day of school, he not only had students huddled around him, but also reporters and cameras.

The root of the excitement is that Canada is just over a month away from making pot legal for recreational use, and licensed cannabis producers across the country are hiring greenhouse staff as they ramp up operations.


Canadian ‘weed tech’ company Trellis hopes to replicate stateside success at home

Pranav Sood took his cannabis tech company to California to learn from one of the world’s largest legal marijuana markets, and now the Canadian is bringing his software back home to capitalize on the legal recreational market here.

Founded in Canada in 2014, Trellis Solutions Inc. is a cannabis software company that allows growers to track plants as they move through the supply chain, from cultivation to distribution. The software generates regulator-mandated compliance reports and analytics, such as plant-mortality rate and cost per gram, that help licensed producers optimize their operations.


6 Trends to watch out for post-legalization in Canada

Experts give insights on crucial developments that will make the cannabis industry globally competitive and incredibly lucrative

October 2018 will give rise to numerous opportunities that could position Canada as a world leader. When it comes to key trends, experts highlight the top six.

1. Focal point: Consolidation between craft industries and large-scale LPs

Bruce Linton, Founder and CEO for Canopy Growth Corporation.


First saliva screening roadside test for THC approved for Canadian law enforcement

In preparation for legal cannabis sales nationwide, Canadian Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould has approved a new roadside test to check for drug impairment.

The Drager DrugTest 5000 will be the first equipment for saliva screening to be used by Canadian law enforcement. It has the ability to test for THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana.

The Liberal government has promised $161 million in funding for drug-testing equipment and for police training over the course of the next five years in conjunction with a public awareness campaign about the risks of driving while high.

The new equipment will be made available to law enforcement across Canada but police forces will be able to decide on their own what equipment they use.


3 Companies that are capitalizing on CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a going to be a massive market and represents an unprecedented growth opportunity for companies. CBD does not get you high, has incredible health benefits, and can be used an input product in a wide variety of consumer goods.

From food products to cosmetics, CBD has vast applications and this makes the opportunity incredibly exciting. We have been closely monitoring this sector since inception and have a strong understanding of the opportunities available.

Today, we are going to highlight three companies that have been capitalizing on this opportunity and are worth watching. These companies have been aggressively advancing business plans and have recently made some significant announcements.


4 Canadian marijuana stocks set for big revenue growth?

 Today we have identified four Canadian marijuana stocks that have acquired their license to sell cannabis within the past five months. Although there are more than 100 cannabis-related companies in Canada, there are significantly fewer companies with a license to sell, which gives companies like those we have weeded out today a distinct advantage when recreational use of marijuana is legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018.


Can blockchain technology disrupt the cannabis black market?

Come mid-October 2018, both medical and recreational cannabis will be legal across Canada.

When first introduced, the Trudeau government made it clear that the intent of legalization is to stamp out the country’s entrenched black market — one-third of which is supplied by organized crime.


March Networks intelligent video solution to secure Canadian retail cannabis dispensaries

 March Networks®, a world leader in the delivery of video surveillance and video-based business intelligence solutions to the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that one of Canada's largest cannabis producers has selected its complete cannabis video solution to provide security, loss prevention and operational insights for its retail dispensaries.


Legal marijuana to create thousands of new jobs in Canada, from scientific research to lab analysts

Canada’s budding marijuana industry is set for rapid job growth as recreational use will become legal in October.

A flourishing weed business has led more and more Canadians to search for opportunities in the sector. Job hunting related to pot has more than quadrupled compared to a year ago, The Globe and Mail reported last week. For instance, in the province of Saskatchewan, marijuana grow-ops, distribution centers, warehouses and retail stores will likely create about 700 new jobs by the time recreational use is officially legalized this fall, CBC reported.


3 Canadian LP's that need to be on your radar

The summer has been a rough time for Canadian cannabis stocks and Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ.TO) (HMLSF) has fallen approx. 25% from its late June highs.

This weakness has taken place on light volume and we have been closely monitoring this trend. Although the decline has been painful, it does not come as a surprise. During the last three years, we have seen the cannabis sector pullback during the summer months and this year has been no different.

We expect the selloff to end very soon and investors need to be monitoring the cannabis sector. Today, we have issued an update on three Canadian licensed producers that are worth highlighting.


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