Cannabis Jobs

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News about careers in the cannabis industry. 


Cannabis industry leaves bad smell with some counties

While much of the country is focused on cannabis as it relates to consumers — the countdown to legal weed on Oct. 17, protocols for marijuana retailers, penalties for impaired drivers, and so on — municipalities along Ontario’s south coast are busily trying to manage the growth of a nascent industry.

Here, the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and the arrival of industrial-scale production have sprouted concerns that will only thicken in years ahead. After all, the time remaining before the recreational marijuana market opens up in Canada is about the same as the life cycle of a cannabis plant.


Ottawa's National Access Cannabis hiring up to 700 national staff ahead of legalization

The buzz around Canada’s legal marijuana market has turned Ottawa’s National Access Cannabis (TSX-V:META) into a “bees’ nest of activity” – and the prospect of private pot retail in Ontario is only sweetening the local firm’s honeypot.


Got experience in cannabis and customer service? The BC government is hiring

Kamloops will be home to British Columbia's first government-run cannabis store this fall — and it's now looking for staff.

A job fair is being held this week for positions at the shop ahead of the legalization of recreational marijuana in October.

"We are on the lookout for quite a few people," said Kate Bilney of the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch, which is overseeing the sale of cannabis in the province. About 20 people are needed for the first store, she said, from managers to assistants to cannabis consultants.

Experience in a legal grey zone

In any job posting, previous experience is a must. But when it comes to the budding cannabis industry, it's a challenge.


Cannabis grow-op proposed for turkey farm near Carbonear

A former turkey farm near Carbonear may soon have a new lease on life — as a marijuana production facility.

A local businessman has partnered with a mainland company to try to make that happen.

"About two years ago I met some people who came down to see Targa and they approached and asked me would I be interested in get involved in a project. I love projects. That's what I do," said Robert Giannou, who is best known for starting Targa Newfoundland — a 2,200-km rally race through eastern and central parts of the island.

​I'm scared to death about what's happening in the economy ... we cannot afford to turn one job down in this province.- Robert Giannou


From casinos to cannabis: how a tiny First Nation forged a big business empire

It's a blistering July afternoon at the Edmundston Truck Stop. The air vibrates with the low rumbling of a dozen idling 18-wheelers burning fuel.

For Chief Patricia Bernard of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, that's the sound of money. The big rigs have 600-plus litre tanks — and the band-owned gas bar is a popular spot to fill up before truckers hit the Quebec border. 

The Edmundston Truck Stop is a small part of the retail Grey Rock Power Centre. 

"See all those?" Bernard said. "Every time one of those big trucks fills up, that's a thousand dollars."


Noel's Turkey Farm land sold, to become marijuana production facility

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR -- There’s a new cannabis business making its way to the province, and it could mean another 200 jobs in the Freshwater area, near Carbonear.

FSD Pharma announced an agreement to purchase 51 per cent of Atlantic Island Cannabis Thursday morning — what they are calling a “strategic investment of $40 million to bring economic benefits to the province of Newfoundland” with a “phased expansion plan in place to create 200 local management and construction jobs.”

The first phase of the project involves setting up an indoor cannabis production facility in Freshwater, on the current Noel’s Turkey Farm land. Owner Kerry Noel signed a land sale agreement with Atlantic Island Cannabis on Wednesday.


The Tragically Hip sing the praises of cannabis

CREEMORE, ONT.—One really couldn’t script a more “of the moment” Canadian story: The Tragically Hip has quietly re-emerged into the public eye for the first time since frontman Gord Downie’s death from brain cancer last October, and broken an almost-total radio silence imposed for the past three years to talk about … marijuana.


Cannabis Company To Create Up To 136 Jobs At $40-Million Fredericton Facility

FREDERICTON – Canopy Growth, one of the largest cannabis producers in the world, is investing $40 million in a new production facility in Fredericton. The Smiths Falls, Ont.–headquartered company will also create up to 136 jobs over the next six years.

Canopy Growth will be looking to fill various positions, including lab supervisors, technologists, growers, post-harvest crews, quality assurance experts, maintenance crews, and shipping and on-site retail staff.

So far, the company has hired five people and will host a job fair soon.


How Colombian firms with Canadian cash want to move beyond the drug war – by growing cannabis

A couple of years ago, a slick group of strangers showed up in the office of Edward Garcia, mayor of this sleepy town in a lush agricultural valley in central Colombia. They wanted to talk about marijuana.


NB's predicted pot revenue has gone up in smoke

People won't be smoking legalized cannabis for another four months - but the New Brunswick government says millions in revenue from cannabis sales has already gone up in smoke. 

The original plan was for sales to start July 1, but the delay will cost the provincial government and it’s affecting jobs in the cannabis stores.

Now that we know Oct. 17 will be day for legal weed, other things are becoming clearer, too.

“Although it has never been the main focus, the delay in implementation will impact our revenue projections,” said New Brunswick Finance Minister Cathy Rogers.

The provincial budget in January indicated an expectation of $7.2 million in revenue between Canada Day and the end of fiscal year.


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