High Tide expands into Saskatoon with opening of new Canna Cabana cannabis store, 126th in Canada

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High TideĀ has begun selling recreational cannabis products and consumption accessories for adult useĀ atĀ its Canna CabanaĀ retail cannabis store located at 2102 22 Street WestĀ in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This opening represents High Tide'sĀ 126th branded retail location across Canada, and 10th in Saskatchewan, selling recreational cannabis products and consumption accessories. The store is High Tide's first location in Saskatoon, which is the largest city in Saskatchewan with a population of over 266,000 people. (Benzinga)

"With this organic store opening and expansion into Saskatoon, we are bringing our innovative discount club model directly to thousands of consumers who have not previously had the chance to shop with us in their home city. High Tide's organic growth strategy focuses on gaining additional market share and developing a strong foothold in provinces where we already operate. This includes markets such as Saskatoon, where we anticipate opening additional locations throughout the rest of this year and into 2023," statedĀ Raj Grover,Ā president and CEO of High Tide.

"The Saskatchewan government's approach to the cannabis industry has made it one of the most attractive provinces to do business in, and because of this, we plan to meaningfully increase our presence in the province as we grow our business further. Saskatchewan's regulatory environment has also made it the ideal province to launch our Cabana Cannabis Co. white label products. We expect to begin sales of these products in Saskatchewan next week, and I will update the market at that time with an nticipated schedule for rolling out Cabana Cannabis Co. products in additional jurisdictions," added Grover.


by Vuk Zdinjak

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