Alberta-based agricultural technology company HEMPALTA(TM) experiences immediate sales traction with Hemp-Fresco(TM) food preservation product

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Hemp-Fresco food preservation pads available in Alberta market and globally online with new branding and packaging

Hempalta Inc. (“HEMPALTA” or the “Company“), a Canadian agricultural technology company focused on innovative hemp processing and product creation, has unveiled its revolutionary new branding for Hemp-Fresco™ food preservation pads and begun selling into local Alberta stores and through online properties. The supermarket giant Sobey’s Inc. is carrying the Hemp-Fresco product initially in its Alberta stores prior to an expected national rollout. Sobey’s is one of Canada’s largest food retailers with over 1,500 stores including its own flagship Sobey’s stores, as well as Safeway Canada and IGA supermarkets. Calgary Co-op, one of the largest retail co-operatives in North America, began carrying the product in its Alberta store network this month. Amazon and Loblaws are also currently retailing the product online. Hemp-Fresco is the first product of its kind in the market and the only natural food-saving pads made with 100% Canadian-grown hemp core granules, which are naturally antibacterial. The Hemp-Fresco pads absorb excess moisture and ripening gases and naturally prevent bacterial growth – in turn preventing premature spoilage and helping fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. Unlike plastic containers or other freshness-preserving materials, Hemp-Fresco is packaged in recyclable materials and filled with premium, 100% compostable hemp.

“Launching Hemp-Fresco into the market has been an exciting time for HEMPALTA and certainly aligns tightly with our sustainability-minded focus,” said Darren Bondar, President and CEO of HEMPALTA.

“This remarkable food preservation product combats the enormous amount of food spoilage as up to 60% of food is spoiled or wasted in Canada.1 Studies have established that hemp, due to its natural antibacterial properties, can be used to store and significantly prolong the shelf life of foods. Using HempTrain™ technology, we’re able to process industrial hemp from Alberta fields and create a product that keeps food fresh longer so that people can eat better. Hemp-Fresco is also a cost-effective choice, which is a key focus for consumers, because of its proven effectiveness in keeping your food fresher longer using the natural properties of hemp.”

Bondar was previously the Founder and CEO of Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd., the public company which built Spiritleaf into Canada’s leading cannabis retail brand.2 HEMPALTA was launched earlier this year and has been named one of the most innovative Alberta-based agriculture technology companies.3 Bondar set his sights on the industrial hemp industry due to its dynamic growth opportunities as its global market value is projected to grow from US$4.7 billion in 2020 to US$14.6 billion in 2026.4

HEMPALTA is focused on the hemp fiber component of the crop and the Company’s ability to apply new technology to commercial-scale hemp processing to deliver a variety of consumer products and supply processed hemp for industrial applications. HEMPALTA uses the state-of-the-art, patented HempTrain™ processing plant to process industrial hemp into clean, high-value bast fiber, green microfiber and hurd (the woody interior of the hemp stalk). These outputs are being used to create a variety of products such as the Hemp-Fresco food preservation pads, HempyCat™ cat litter, HEMPALTA premium animal bedding, and Hemp-Pak™ all-purpose soil amendment.

“We currently make great products with hemp as our feedstock, and we see opportunities to broaden and grow the markets for these products. The way we process hemp provides us with countless opportunities to enter additional markets and expand our product lineup. The Company’s operations also contribute to sustainability efforts by utilizing what is considered one of the world’s most sustainable crops as hemp is a renewable, reusable and recyclable resource. The 100% natural hemp feedstock used by HEMPALTA is grown sustainably in Southern Alberta. Our production facility effectively converts all hemp feedstock into high-value product streams, so it operates as a near zero waste manufacturing facility,” said Bondar.

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