Navaya Launches Two Cannabis Product Brands In Quebec

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Navaya Inc. has launched its first brands, Cactus, and Atti2D, now available at Société québécoise du cannabis stores across Quebec, both in retail locations and online. (Article originally appeared on Benzinga)

The launch is the culmination of over two years of hard work and dedication by the team at Navaya with the goal to deliver consistent quality cannabis, to Canadians of legal age.

“We are incredibly proud of our team's hard work,” Sophie Denis, director of operations at Navaya, said. “Focused entirely on quality production, we’ve created two brands that will meet the demands of the market.”

Cactus and Atti2D products are produced in Boisbriand, Quebec, with the most comprehensive and powerful vertical industrial hydroponic solution in the market, unique to Navaya and optimized for the cultivation of cannabis for consistent and reliable quality products.

The launch of both brands and products at the SQDC comes after Navaya received its license to sell in October of last year.


Cactus offers a dried cannabis, high in THC which may contain CBD. It’s a strong, resilient, and powerful cannabis product, being authentic in potency as it is in taste and smell.

The first strain called Black Triangle has a sweet earthy vanilla flavour resulting in a mouthful of citrusy pine upon exhale. Black Triangle is a cross between Triangle Kush and ’88 G13 Hashplant and 24% THC or higher.

Cactus products are available in 3.5 gram packaging. 


Atti2D offers a dried cannabis with medium intensity THC which may contain CBD. Atti2D launched two new strains.

The first strain called Critical Mass offers a sweet and earthy smell and a slight herbal taste. The strain is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1 with 18% - 24% THC.

The second strain called Purple Punch has a sweet vanilla and blueberry flavour, slightly tangy, has an earthy smell and a slight herbal taste.

Purple Punch is a cross of a classic Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple and 15-21% THC. Atti2D products are available in 3.5 gram packaging.

Article originally appeared on Benzinga

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