Lifeist Wellness' Cannabis 2.0 Roilty brand wins Canadian LP brand of the year award at 2021 ADCANN Awards

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The win comes only months after the initial launch by Lifeist’s wholly-owned subsidiary Cannmart Inc, and the launch of sister company CannMart Labs Inc

Lifeist Wellness Inc has announced that its Cannabis 2.0 consumer-focused house brand Roilty has won the Canadian LP Brand of the Year award at the 2021 ADCANN Awards. 

The company said the annual industry awards, which are voted on by both industry peers and the public and saw over 100,000 votes cast nationwide, celebrate the best in marketing and advertising across Canada’s cannabis industry. 

The win comes only months after the initial launch by Lifeist’s wholly-owned subsidiary Cannmart Inc, and the launch of sister company CannMart Labs Inc that produces live resin products. The company said that this confirms the significant potential that it sees in both the brand and Labs. 

“Winning LP Brand of the Year for Roilty is a great accomplishment for our cannabis business,” said Meni Morim, Lifeist CEO in a statement.

“This award highlights the solid momentum that we are delivering in our recreational-focused B2B cannabis business CannMart now supported by distributing the output of sister cannabis entity CannMart Labs.” 

Morim noted that many investors may associate Lifeist’s cannabis business strictly with its B2C public-facing medical platform at CannMart. 

“It is the B2B business that has been, and is expected to continue to be, the driver of growth and value creation for our cannabis business, supported by cannabis 2.0 production at labs.”

CannMart maintains supply agreements with provincial government cannabis control boards and retailing bodies in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan, and most recently added Yukon, North West Territories, and Nunavut, constituting access to around 73% of adult Canadians, the company said.

“In calendar 2021 we focused on strengthening and growing our licensed revenue stream through distribution agreements with licensed producers, while simultaneously increasing revenue generated by our own in-house brands such as Roilty,” said Daniel Stern, CEO of CannMart in a statement.

“This achievement of winning LP brand of the year, which was voted on and selected by industry peers and the public, is a huge testament to the focus, hard work, and dedication of the entire CannMart team. 

Stern added: “Focus for 2022 remains exactly the same. We believe CannMart is well placed to serve growing consumer demand, as illustrated more and more in provincial control board product calls, for high-quality cannabis products from curated high-quality producers, by serving the individual needs of exactly those producers, and by producing high quality 2.0 products of our own at Labs to be distributed and branded in consumer resonating in-house brands such as Roilty.”

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