Gaia Grow's Canadian Cannabis Laboratory TRU Extracts Receives January Pre Roll Processing Service Order Totaling $519,000

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Gaia Grow Corp. is excited to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, TruExtracts Laboratories (“TRU”), has received its first processing service order (“PSO”) of 2022 in relation to its agreement with an arms-length Canadian cannabis producer (“the producer”) to manufacture approximately 30,000 cannabis pre-rolls per day. TRU will be manufacturing 2 strains of 10 x 0.3g Pre-Roll Packs.

TRU will be responsible for purchasing and processing the biomass in accordance with the processing service orders provided by the producer and will deliver final retail products in accordance with shipment instructions coordinated and supplied by the producer. The Company expects to see further PSO’s over the coming weeks.

These are the first lots to be processed by TRU. The agreement with the producer is expected to generate revenue of up to $8,369,000 during the initial 12-month term. The assumed revenue is based on production of 30,000 pre rolls per day that will be packaged into 10 packs for retail sale.  Actual revenue will vary depending on final production.  The Cost of production by TRU is dependent on the commoditized price of dried flower and labour at its facility.  The producer will coordinate the logistics of the delivery of retail products and ensure that the retail products are in accordance with the Cannabis Act and all regulations made thereunder, all Health Canada requirements, any requirements particular to the provincial or local government, and the producer’s client’s reasonable standards.

“These PSO’s are the first of many” said Frederick Pels, CEO of Gaia Grow. “I am happy to be working with an established brand and their top selling products. TRU will quickly be showing further revenue growth as production and brands continue to roll out of the facility. I look forward to updating shareholders with our progress.”

“This is an important milestone for TRU,” said Andre Sinclair, COO of TRU.

“These PSO's show not only our ability to quickly ramp up to these levels of production, but also the trust an established brand has in our organization to be able to do so. We look forward to continuing to grow with these products, and numerous other SKU’s in development.”

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