Nextleaf says Glacial Gold CBD and THC products now available nationally in Canada through its medical cannabis distribution partner Mendo

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Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (CSE:OILS, OTCQB:OILFF) announced that its Glacial Gold Distilled CBD 200 Oil is now available nationally in Canada through its medical cannabis distribution partner Medicibis (Mendo).

Glacial Gold CBD and THC vapes and distilled oils are available through Mendo, via an online portal for medical patients that ships across Canada.

Vancouver-based Nextleaf launched Glacial Gold CBD and THC products for the medical market through Mendo as part of its commitment to improving access to medical cannabis, it said in a statement.

"The team at Mendo are experienced operators with a unique approach in Quebec that has been a major catalyst for the growth of their distribution platform," said Paul Pedersen, CEO of Nextleaf. "Nextleaf is pleased for Glacial Gold vapes and distilled oils to be available to medical patients coast to coast through the Mendo platform.”

Jay Schwartz, Mendo’s COO, told investors that the group has made the process of obtaining a medical cannabis document and becoming a member of Mendo “a quick and easy one.”

"Canadians that visit our online platform simply follow a link and schedule a consultation with one of our licensed medical professionals. This is done from the comfort of their home by telephone or video conference,” Schwartz said.

“In most cases the applicant's account is approved within 24 to 36 hours at which point they may begin to place orders for medical cannabis delivered to their home as early as the next business day. We are delighted to offer all Canadians a carefully curated menu of products with compassion pricing, as well as swift access to receive their medical document at no charge."

Nextleaf is a federally regulated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis vapes and oils under the Glacial Gold brand. The company's multi-patented ingredient processing technology transforms cannabis and hemp biomass into high-purity distillate at an industrial scale.

The firm is also a low-cost producer of cannabis oils and supplies THC and CBD ingredients to qualified wholesale partners across Canada.

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