Top cannabis-friendly cities in Canada

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Whether you’re visiting, celebrating something special, or just want to indulge in the cannabis world, these are the Top cannabis-friendly cities in Canada to have an amazing time. Canada is one of the two countries in the world that have completely legalized cannabis, so it’s a paradise to those who want to enjoy the plant freely and have a unique travel experience. It’s not difficult to find a cannabis dispensary in Canada, especially not in the online space. Naked Cannabis is easily one of the best! But once you have your preferred cannabis product, what should you do next? Well, you can go on a tour of the most cannabis-friendly cities in Canada and immerse yourself in the culture! To help you decide where to go, here are the top 3 cannabis cities to visit.

Top cannabis-friendly cities in Canada

  1. Montreal

Let’s start with the obvious choice. The beautiful city of Montreal is also one of the best cannabis-friendly spots in Canada. As the second largest city in the country, it is home to an ever-growing number of dispensaries and cannabis-friendly hangout spots. Marijuana use in the city is legal here, of course, as it is in the rest of Canada. And if indoor-use isn’t your thing, there are plenty of beautiful spots both in and around the city where you can smoke and enjoy nature at the same time.

  • Vancouver

Vancouver is easily the most cannabis-friendly city in Canada. The cannabis culture thrives there and the number of available dispensaries will blow your mind. Additionally, there are many amazing places to visit while high, that will make your travel experience that much better. Stanley Park is a beautiful place to visit and there are also many beaches you can enjoy, such as Sunset Beach, English Bay, and Kitsilano Beach. If you prefer the mountains, you can visit the North Shore Mountains. Needless to say, you can light up in any of these public places if that’s your preferred method of consumption.

  • Calgary

Calgary is another great place to visit and it’s a cannabis-focused city with a growing cannabis industry in Alberta. Though you can’t smoke in public except in Lethbridge, Alberta, which is two hours south of the city, many tourist attractions will be a joy to visit while high. Banff National Park is a breathtaking place and visiting Lake Louise will easily be the highlight of your trip, and there are many fun things to do there. You can also visit Calgary Tower, go to the Calgary Zoo, walkthrough Island Park, visit museums, and more.

  • Toronto

In Toronto, you can smoke in many public spaces, especially in cannabis-friendly areas like the Kensington Market, the Trinity Bell Woods Park, and Cherry Beach. If you visit in June, you will be able to experience the 420 Festival, the Global Marijuana March, and the Cannabis Lift Expo. Additionally, many tourist attractions will be a blast to visit, such as the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Niagara Falls, and the Entertainment Industry, where you’ll find a ton of options for entertainment and good food. Canada is a truly wonderful place to visit, especially if you are into cannabis culture because there is a lot to discover here. Visiting any of these cities will allow you to have an unforgettable experience. An online dispensary such as Naked Cannabis makes it very easy for you to access your favourite cannabis products and have a blast while you explore the many tourist attractions, natural wonders, and more. Though you should visit at least one dispensary in person, this online dispensary can save you time, which is precious when you’re traveling!

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