IGNITE Pulls Out of Cannabis in Canada

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IGNITE International Brands, Ltd. (CSE:BILZ, OTCQX: BILZF) (“ IGNITE ” or the “ Company ”), a global consumer packaged goods company, today announced that it is discontinuing its cannabis business in Canada.

Dan Bilzerian, CEO at IGNITE, stated, “As we expand our portfolio of products around the world, our sales are booming except for cannabis in Canada. We applaud the Canadian government for leading the way in legalizing cannabis, but unfortunately, there remain too many barriers to build a successful cannabis business. Currently, very few Licensed Producers in the cannabis industry are making money and the government’s excessive restrictions of the marketing, sales and distribution of products has diminished the business opportunity while simultaneously making the consumer experience less than optimal. Whenever the government decides to remove and/or reduce the restrictions in marketing, sales and distribution and allow the business community to properly serve the consumers, IGNITE will consider returning to the market. By discontinuing our cannabis operations in Canada, IGNITE will be in a much better position to introduce and promote its vodka, tequila, seltzers, energy drinks, vapes, and apparel products to the Canadian market. Due to our involvement in cannabis, IGNITE was forced to block Canadians from accessing the ignite.co website. Now we can launch our ignite.co website and reach out to our Canadian customer base, allowing them to enjoy our unique portfolio of quality products.”


John Schaefer, IGNITE’s President & Chief Operating Officer, stated, “IGNITE’s third quarter sales were the highest in the history of the company. Although the fourth quarter has only just begun, I am highly confident fourth quarter sales will significantly exceed third quarter’s sales and be another record-breaking quarter. The sales of Dan’s book already qualify it for a spot on a bestseller list. Our single greatest challenge is having enough copies printed to satisfy demand.”


IGNITE is a global lifestyle brand that combines premium quality products with innovation and an uncompromised standard of excellence. Inspired by CEO and founder, Dan Bilzerian, IGNITE is the gold standard in a range of broadly appealing consumer products categories including CBD products, nicotine and synthetic nicotine vape products, premium performance drinks named ZRO, apparel, and spirits featuring tequila, premium vodka and seltzers.

Shares of IGNITE are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol “BILZ” and quoted in the United States on the OTCQX under the symbol “BILZF”.

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