Senior driver faces charges after RCMP traffic stop leads to big seizure of cannabis edibles

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A 68-year-old man from Twillingate, Nfld., is facing charges after Nova Scotia RCMP officers seized a “significant quantity of cannabis edibles” along with a shipment of illegal tobacco during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

The unnamed man’s vehicle, heading east along Highway 105, was spotted swinging between the shoulder and the demarcated lines by an RCMP officer on patrol, who subsequently pulled over the suspect in Wagmatcook, N.S.

Although the man did not appear to intoxicated, the officer opted to search the vehicle, which yielded a substantial haul of illicit products. According to an RCMP press release, the seizure included:

  • 152 cartons of un-stamped tobacco;
  • 1,412 grams of what appears to be homemade edibles (cannabis resin);
  • 966 grams of what appears to be homemade cannabis butter;
  • 32 grams of cannabis;
  • three packs of cannabis cotton candy;
  • 37 packages of cannabis chocolates (variety of types); and
  • 37 packages containing what appears to be homemade cannabis candy (approximately 3 grams of candy in each package.

The driver is now facing multiple charges, including possession of unstamped tobacco (charges under the Criminal Code, the Revenue Act and the Excise Act), and possession of cannabis (charges under the Cannabis Act).

The driver could face penalties of up to 14 years in prison under the Cannabis Act. He is set to appear in Wagmatcook Provincial Court on May 6.

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