Saskatchewan cannabis sales top $13 million per month

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Saskatchewan posts second-highest sales growth in the west as Canada-wide cannabis sales hit a record for second straight month

Legal sales of cannabis in Saskatchewan reached $13.4 million in April, up 5.4 per cent from March and the second-highest month-over-month sales increase among western provinces.

Statistics Canada’s latest sales data shows that national marijuana product sales hit a record high of $309.7 million in April, 3.8 per cent higher than a month earlier, which was the previous record month for sales.

British Columbia led all western provinces with a 13 per cent increase, month-over-month, to $47 million in April. Alberta sales flatlined at a west-leading $58 million in cannabis sales, unchanged from March, Statistics Canada reports.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba both posted substantial sales increases, with Manitoba’s online and in-store marijuana sales rising to $11.5 million, a 2.7 per cent increase from a month earlier.

Saskatchewan, which has no cap on the number of cannabis stores, has seen a profusion of new outlets opening in the two years since the 40-unit limit was lifted.

While large retailers, such as Edmonton-based Fire &F lower and the Ontario-based Tweed chain have nine and eight stores, respectively, smaller one-location storefronts continue to open.

Among the latest is Peace of Mind Cannabis that opened July 9 as the first legal cannabis retailer in downtown Estevan.

Owners Gary Cheney and Teresa Dyer said they are excited to have the store open. Dyer is a life-long resident of Estevan, while Cheney has been there since 1990.

While it took a lot of work to get the store open, it’s proven to be worth the effort, Chena said.

Peace of Mind Cannabis offers a variety of products, including creams, seeds, cannabidiol (CBD), dried flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, drinks, bath bombs, and anything else they can legally sell. They even have products for pets. 

“We have some really good suppliers, wholesalers, that are giving us products,” said Cheney. “I’m dealing with five or six wholesalers right now on a daily basis.” 

Adults of all ages have been part of their client base.

All of the major work competed in the store and for the storefront was handled by local contractors, Cheney said, and they have hired five retail staff.

A grand opening will happen on July 30, and Cheney said a website should be operational in a couple of weeks for online shopping for customers across the province. 

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