N.B. RCMP seizes illegal cannabis edibles after tip from Canada Post

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A Canada Post distribution centre was instrumental in the New Brunswick RCMP seizing cannabis edibles, some of which looked very much like popular candy, and dried flower earlier this week in Dieppe.

The RCMP did not specify how much candy was confiscated, but did report that officers also discovered “a significant amount of illegal dried cannabis.”

The shipment of illegal cannabis products were identified at a Canada Post distribution centre, staff at which informed the Codiac Regional RCMP on June 1. The several packages of the products originated in B.C. and were destined for a number of locations in N.B. and PEI, according to police.

“The cannabis candies seized would be indistinguishable from regular candies that are sold in stores,” says Cpl. Hans Ouellette of the New Brunswick RCMP, pointing out that “one package imitates a popular brand of candy” while another was in an unmarked resealable bag.

Ouellette emphasized “the only legal way to obtain marijuana products is to purchase it from a licensed provider.”

According to Canada Post, drugs, including narcotics and other controlled substances “can only be mailed in certain circumstances and subject to various restrictions.” Legal cannabis can be shipped between adults of legal age in Canada, but “shipments must follow federal, provincial and municipal government regulations.”

Additionally, maximum weights vary based on cannabis product type, shipments must have odour-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof inner and outer packaging and there can be no marking or advertising indicating the package’s contents on the outer packaging, Canada Post reports.

Beyond weed edibles, the packages also contained “a significant amount of illegal dried cannabis.” /

Beyond weed edibles, the packages also contained “a significant amount of illegal dried cannabis.” / PHOTO BY NEW BRUNSWICK RCMP

Smuggling weed through the mail has proved an issue around the world. Just last month, police in Pennsylvania arrested a 49-year-old man for allegedly mailing 385 kilograms of cannabis to 13 separate addresses over four years. In March, Irish Revenue intercepted packages with $213,000 worth of illicit cannabis from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Spain.

Incidents of cannabis edibles packaged to look like non-weed candy also continues to rear its head.

This spring, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation issued a caution to parents after its regulatory compliance and enforcement department received custody of hundreds of packages of cannabis chips, candy and cookies. Canada Post also provided a heads-up in this case.

With regard to the recent seizure in N.B., the RCMP probe is continuing. Once completed, all confiscated products will be destroyed.

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