Canada’s Unsold Cannabis Inventory Levels Off At 1.1 Billion Grams

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Canada’s unsold cannabis inventory remains close to an all-time high, but the glut may be showing signs of easing as production fell sharply in December.

The amount of unsold dried cannabis held in stock by cultivators, processors, wholesalers and retailers levelled off in December at 1.14 billion grams, down slightly from a month earlier, according to the Health Canada data.

Some 96,000 kilograms of dried cannabis were produced by cultivators or processors and added to inventory in December 2020, close to a one-year low, according to the latest monthly data provided by the Canadian government.

The figure is 4.2% lower than December 2019’s 100,237 kilograms, and 56% lower than October 2020’s high of 220,461 kilograms.

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