5 Reasons Minis Are Having a Moment

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Prerolls make up 10 percent of California's cannabis market, and their popularity is growing. The last few years have shown excessive growth for mini joints in particular. With one-gram singles historically dominating the category, it's great to see more consumer choice regarding serving sizes.

Minis, often known as dogwalkers, offer more options. The joints range from .25 gram to .5 gram and several infused versions. Additionally, minis have served us well over the last year as COVID changed when and where we consume and brought new consumers into the fold. The combination of events makes me think the mini moment is here to stay. Here's why:

They take the edge off

It's no secret that everyone's "vice" consumptions got a nice lil boost this year, and that's especially true for cannabis. We've all experienced our fair share of stress this year, and many people are turning to cannabis to help make these uncertain times a bit more bearable, whether it's to relax, sleep, or take the edge off. Mini joints are a great introduction into the world of prerolls and give consumers the ability to customize their dosage. Start with a few pulls on a mini, see how you're feeling, and polish that bad boy off. The best part of all - weed gives you the ability to make every night a Friday night with no hangover to cope with before your 9 AM Zoom call.

They're all about community

There's an incredible sense of community you get from sharing a joint with someone else— the sacred puff-puff-pass. Of course, amidst a pandemic, we can't freely pass around a shared joint to take on together. To the rescue? A pack of minis that covers the small party. Everyone gets their own little joint, making your BBQ a little safer and a little more fun. This allows us to smoke, commiserate, and laugh amongst friends while still respecting CDC guidelines and protecting ourselves.

They come in single servings

The smaller size of the mini makes the dose and experience more intuitive, giving consumers the perfect amount for a bit of buzz while also reducing the risk of going overboard. Many people can't finish an entire 1 gram preroll and end up wasting the weed (no Bueno!) or having to put the half-smoked j back in their bag. Minis are made to be smoked in one sitting, leaving you hands-free and without any lingering odor. Gone are the days of the dirty doob-tube or smelly purse lining. 

They're grab-and-go

A smoke sesh used to be inviting a friend over to hit a bong together. In these COVID times, we've had to rethink how we spend time with our loved ones and now meet up in parks, at the beach, or open outdoor spaces that make it difficult to bring your entire stash with you. Minis packs come discreetly packaged and include multiple prerolls that are super easy to drop into your pocket or your fav tiny purse. The convenience of not having to grind and roll at the windy beach will start your high off on the right note.

They pack a punch

I used to hear people call infused minis contradictory, but this year's explosion showed how the market is changing. People will forever love to get super high, but it doesn't take a lot of weed to do that, especially when it's infused with distillate and rolled in kief. The mini does the trick and can often be more convenient to have a quick smoke when we're solo or on the go. I love the tiny punch these babies pack--an extra buzz over my usual routine, but I'm also not left with a big ole canna-gar burning up. It's again a perfect serving size but in this case of a more potent product.

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