A guide for Canadians looking to try cannabis this Valentine's Day

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“In high school, my nickname was Miss Bakes. I guess it’s true what they say; old habits die hard,” says Katie Lake, who is currently working as a budtender at Shop Cori, a cannabis store located in Toronto.

“Initially, working in the cannabis industry was supposed to be a temporary gig,” Lake says in an email. The transition occurred as her business took a hit during the pandemic. But as time went by “I was enthralled with learning all I could about cannabinoids, wellness-focused consumption, the operations of the producers we carried, the strains they grew, the products they produced, which companies were conscious cannabis brands, and all relevant information I could access.”

For Lake, sharing her research and anecdotal experiences to help clients make informed decisions has been the most rewarding part of the job. In today’s column, she aims to do the same for those looking to use cannabis to make the day extra special.

What type of pot products are still best-sellers on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, duh! A classic Valentine’s Day tradition with a little personalized touch.

A gift you’re going to want to consider for your her is Wink’s ‘MMMOSA’ and a gift you’re going to want to consider for your him is The Good Organic Dutchman’s (TGOD) ‘Organic Sugar Bush’ or ‘Equinox’. Partners are always considering accessories as a gift option for their significant other on special occasions. With the rise of wellness-focused consumption, dry herb vaping is becoming more and more common. The Pax ‘3 Complete’ is always a best seller on Valentine’s Day.

For first-timers, what type of products are ideal to try as a couple?

We all know the famous slogan “start low and go slow” but for individuals experimenting with THC products for the first time that reminder is so important.

‘bliss’ by dosist is a 9:1 THC to CBD disposable pen that I’d be quick to recommend. Disposable vaporizers are foolproof; activated literally by the push of a button. Cannabis vaping is a great introduction for any newcomer to the scene.

When it comes to edibles, it’s become more and more common for licensed producers’ to hire world-renowned chocolatiers to produce their products. Canadian Master Chocolat icon, Bernard Callebaut has partnered up with the good people over at Legend. Of all the products I’ve tried, ‘raspberry milk chocolate’ is my favourite.

For Katie Lake, sharing her research and anecdotal experiences to help clients make informed decisions has been the most rewarding part of the job. PHOTO BY GÜNCE AKPINAR

Which products would you recommend to boost female sexual health?

Blissed’s ‘Breathe Oil’ is a high CBD tincture that has been a lifeline for me. I was first introduced to it in 2019 with the intention of calming my nerves and aid in muscle recovery as I prepared for my first jiu-jitsu tournament. Since then, I’ve grown to use it to help with period cramps as well as stress and anxiety management during the pandemic.

If you’ve yet to pamper yourself after a stressful day with a cannabinoid-infused bath bomb I’ve got news for you: Eve’s ‘The Dreamer Bath Bomb’ is a heavenly experience. Latitude by 48 North is holding a big monopoly right now with the only cannabis-infused lube on The OCS marketplace at this present time. Their ‘Sex Pot Intimacy Oil’ enhances pleasure for women through extra lubrication and a very orgasmic, tingling sensation.

What would be the perfect mix for a gift basket?

In true Katie spirit, all products mentioned have been tried and are trusted by yours truly and are produced by conscious companies with community values. This way your Valentine’s Day basket can be gifted with pride and regarded as the gift that keeps on giving.

TREC Brands has set the golden standard in the Canadian cannabis industry: “10 per cent for good”. One of the brands they manage is Wink. Wink’s ‘Chalice’ is a broad-spectrum sativa-dominant 510 cartridge that will be sure to spark some playful creativity. Msiku is majority-owned by The First Nations Mi’maq tribe and their cookies cross sativa strain ‘Peggy’s Pride’ is excellent.

The Aztecs are believed to be one of the first civilizations to draw a link between the cocoa bean and sexual desire but they certainly weren’t the last to consider chocolate to be an aphrodisiac. Kolab Project’s mission is focused on environmental sustainability. Their ‘Cherry Cola Pop Chocolate’ tastes like something best described by a Lana Del Ray song. Meanwhile, Tidal’s ‘Tullia Balanced Lotion’ makes for the most epic massage experience.

What questions do customers ask when looking to use cannabis in the bedroom?

This is a taboo topic for many customers. I receive more calls on the sensitive subject than in-person interactions. They often sound like, “This is probably a really odd question but are you familiar with any arousing strains you carry in your store?” My reaction is always the same: answering their question with excitement and eagerness to share my research on the subject and anecdotal experiences.

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